Rep. Steve Israel: Democrats Will ‘Shame’ GOP into Passing Gun Control

By AWR Hawkins

Anti - Gun New York Democrat Steve Israel
Anti – Gun New York Democrat Steve Israel
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -( On December 7 2015, Rep. Steve Israel  (D-NY-3) said Democrats have various tools they can use to “force and even shame” the GOP into bending the knee on gun control in the wake of the San Bernardino terror attacks.

The primary focus of the Democrat push at this time is to get the GOP to agree to include the no-fly list in background checks, although CNN reports neither San Bernardino attacker was on the no-fly list, and the Los Angeles Times claims adding the no-fly list to background checks is philosophically at odds with the U.S. Constitution.

But according to Politico, Israel sees the gun control movement benefiting from the trepidation caused by jihadis. In fact, he believes “the U.S. is approaching a ‘tipping point’ on guns because of the fear of lone attackers and the frequency of mass shootings.”

Israel said, “House Republicans have absolutely no defense on the issue … and we intend to use every single tool in our toolbox to force and even shame House Republicans into making it harder for terrorists to kill Americans.”

He revealed that the Democrats plan to add gun control to a measure already introduced by Republicans, thereby forcing the GOP to vote against its own bill to defeat gun control.

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25 years after Kuwait , Still fighting in Iraq . 14 years in Afganistan , starting all over again. The fleecing of the middleclass . Made poor by a government serving the 1 percent. They all should be shamed.


This pathetic sissyfied chicken shyt, will let his family go defenseless because he is a ph-cking coward! He would rather kiss obamas ass than protect his family or allow you to protect yours…all I have to say to this disgusting coward is MOLON LABE, you cowardly son of a bitch, COME AND TAKE IT!

GB Baker

These jackasses (fitting Demorat symbol) will not rest until they force us to use the guns for exactly what the Founders intended the 2nd Amendment for…… TO PROTECT OURSELVES FROM OUR GOVERMENT!


This demoncrat is delusional. Too much crack intake in his capitol hill office. Gun sales are booming since Obama and the actions of his entire administration and Hilary Clinton became the “unofficial” spokespersons for the NRA and nationwide boost in gun sales.

Big Bil

The No-Fly list is made up of… Hmmm, there’s a problem here. We don’t know who’s on the list, why they are on the list, or how anyone can get off the list. The list is a list of names, not identifications; We know that because several people have been stopped from flying because their name was on the list, but it wasn’t THEM on the list. Probably. Maybe. No one really knows. But we should be SHAMED into letting the left keep anyone who’s name is on the list from using their God-given right to buy a gun. Because… Read more »


If you eliminate Republicans who’s left to help us !!!!!!!!


NEVER Vote For A Dem.

Koncealed Kerry



Trump calls for ‘complete shutdown’ on Muslims entering US:

Mention one more time isis is Islam:

Does anybody else need another reason for supporting DONALD TRUMP?


Uh, what exactly do we have to be ashamed for, again?

Tim Gieck

Israel, you are a nitwit, it is a crying shame that you bring dishonor to the name Israel. The right of Americans to self defense and to stand up to illegal govt’s like hussien obama’s, are a God given right, protect from stupid people like you, by the second amendment.
It amazes me that pussies like you scream for gun confiscation from behind armed security!
If you shame any Republicans into voting with democrats, you will cost them their seat at the next election.
There is a special place in hell for evil people like you, Israel.


He’s kidding right. Even if the Republicans cave, there is still the PEOPLE to contend with.


They better not! There is Truly a Civil War brewing as I write this. They come for the guns that will be the straw that breaks the camels back! What part don’t you leftest Politicians don’t understand on the 2nd Amendment! These rights SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED! Remember History, We literally threw England Out!!! America Better Wake Up! If we loose the Second Amendment, We will nodoubtabaly loose the Constitution of the United States!


This one time at band camp a terrorist was shooting up San Bernardino and the policeman told him they were breaking the law and they said “oh I’m sorry” and they put their guns down and went home. What a bunch of dumbasses. I think it went more like this, one time in a gun free zone terrorist we’re shooting up the place and the police showed up with GUNS and made them stop. If a police officer needs a gun to defend my life then I need a gun to defend my life until the police officer gets there,… Read more »


I’m inclined to agree with Mr. Israel that the American public is reaching a “tipping point,” but MY belief is that when that point is passed, HE and his ilk are the ones who will be “shamed” by the majority of ordinary Americans wanting the right to defend themselves. All recent polls I’ve seen show that the majority of the public is now in favor of less gun control, is not afraid of, or concerned about sharing space with, armed citizens with concealed carry licenses, believes that armed people in the public square tends to make terrorist shootings there LESS… Read more »


Another career politician that needs to be put on the unemployment line. The American people can easily set term limits with their vote. A tool that they, for some reason unknown to me, are reluctant to use. My home state of New York is run by some of the worst political criminals in America; something that is apparently acceptable with an apathetic, complacent populace. I believe that there is hope for many of our United States to change for the better and follow the Constitution, but states like New York, New Jersey, California, Maryland, Illinois, Rhode Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts… Read more »


My sentiments exactly. We need to dump the Republican Party. Its no longer a party of Conservatives.


why dont Dems believe in self defense?. self defense self defense self defense…100 million plus have their guns for self defense…we need our guns to stop an attack..thats all we need to say…

Robert D Epps

Yes,I Thank we real Americans should some way find a way to let our Numbers be known and what they will be up against when we are pushed too far! Robert Epps


And the Republicans should shame the Democrats and their policies of the last seven years that have brought us to this juncture.


The G.O.P. no longer has the testicular fortitude to defend our rights. Trump 2016.


What a MORON!!! Shame, the only shame here is that he is a democrat and hasn’t learned any better. At some point these idiots are going to realize that arming law abiding citizens actually decreases the crime rate not increases it.


This clown always has been and always will be just another scumbag in an expensive suit.

Randy H

Set up a shoot house like this: You are about to enter a shopping mall. There is a jihadist somewhere in the mall. You have a table in front of you and you can choose one defensive item from the table before you enter: 1) a 1911, 2) a t-shirt that says “peace and love” in twenty languages or 3) a sign that says “Gun free zone”. Now get every media reporter, Democrat and socialist to go through the house and make a choice. Perhaps then some minds will change. We found out and the rest of the world found… Read more »


When a politician says that you don’t need a gun…you need a gun.

James the II

The thing this turd polisher seems to not grasp is that the one thing that would make us safer from terrorists is the ability to shoot back! And who says stupidity isn’t elected?! Sheesh!

chris cliff

really???? he must be cuomo’s boyfriend, or he’s been drinking way too much ovomit aid.

Clark Kent

IMHO a Democrat talking about ‘shame’ is like a prostitute talking about ‘virtue’. If this bozo had any sense of shame he would not be a Democrat in the first place.


The House Republicans have no defense to this issue (tyranny) ? How about the constitution,specifically the 2A ? This black list would become a hit list to disarm law-abiding Americans,not terrorists. The liberals (socialists) have already said we (firearms owners) are terrorists. They want the government to include the NRA as a terrorist organization. The socialist trash will never get this and if the muslim try’s to pull some executive fiat [email protected] it won’t be enforceable.


I wonder how much of our taces dollars go to protecting our electted representatives, and I wonder if the budgets for their heavily armed protective details have seen an increase in in the last few months. Or the last week. With the billions of hollow point rounds our government jas hoarded in the last couple of years, those details can afford plenty of range time. Can you?


Mr. Israel, like the rest of the democratic party, aims to disarm the sheep to stop the wolves from attacking?