San Bernardino, Ca. Shooting Still Active & Obama Calls For More Gun Control

San Bernardino, Ca. Shooting Still Active & Obama Calls For More Gun Control
San Bernardino, Ca. Shooting Still Active & Obama Calls For More Gun Control
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USA –  -( With San Bernardino, California local police, as well as state police and FBI, still scrambling to determine what happened after three gunman shot up a county employee Christmas party, our so called commander & chief goes straight to playing the gun control card.

“President Obama addressed the fatal shooting in San Bernardino, California Wednesday that left at least 14 dead, saying it continues a disturbing pattern of gun violence in America that has “no parallel.”

“The one thing we do know is that we have a pattern now of mass shootings in this country that has no parallel anywhere else in world,” Obama told CBS’ Norah O’Donnell in an interview.

Obama added that there were “steps we can take, not to eliminate every one of these mass shootings, but to improve the odds that they don’t happen as frequently,” he said. “We should come together in a bipartisan basis at every level of government to make these rare as opposed to normal.”

The president, briefed on the shooting earlier in the day by his Homeland Security Advisor Lisa Monaco, and is receiving regular updates as the situation develops, just can not be bothered to comfort Americans and only interested in making “gun control [the] top issue of [ his ] final year “.

Gun Banners Pile On

Not one to let a crisis go to waste, Obama sycophant and New Jersey Senate President, Democrat Steve Sweeney tweeted in response to the shooting the same false flag that American guns were to blame.

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If these people are so dangerous to socirty why are they on the street , why does the government keep allowing terrorists inside the border. Their backround check is a farce to keep taking from the people , rights and money . Property tax will be the undoing of America . 13 years of education , a lifetime of paying for other peoples kids. Government spending our money and giving away money to foreign countries needs to end . People need to take care of themselves.

Street Survivor

They all can kiss my wasp arse.You want em .Come n get em. Froggy get off the fence.


Hey BHO, don’t forget to shovel up the camel dung from OUR house; before you leave!


I had researched some (Gun laws in Congress) on gun laws and think Democrats really don’t care if they pass new laws anyway. One thing that stuck in my mind was why couldn’t politicians at least pass laws that the NRA agrees with. I.E., laws that look to limit those with mental disorders from purchasing guns? I did see that on the NRA website. In fact, I found only one relatively recent gun-control bill that congress attempted to pass. Can’t recall the details off hand, but it was voted down, and I couldn’t understand why. Then I actually read the… Read more »

Bob Noxious

The shooters didn’t even buy the guns themselves. They were purchased by someone else and “transferred” to them 4 years ago. No gun laws could have changed that. Barry Sotero needs to own up to being a Muslim and his lame call for “more gun control.”


The idiot in the White House is right about one thing anyway…we DO need more sensible gun laws! How about these for a start: 1) A national ban on all “gun free zones” except in prisons, jails, police stations, and courthouses 2) Free “shall Issue” concealed carry licenses with reciprocal recognition in all states required 3) State or Federally subsidized shooting instruction available in all states, for anyone who wants to enroll, and is not prohibited from gun ownership 4) A nationally recognized (in all 50 states), Open Carry Law – Better yet, let’s just honor the Second Amendment and… Read more »


Words are inadequate to express the hatred we feel toward that waste-of-human-skin.

I absolutely DO respect the office, but the village idiot who now occupies that office damned-well does NOT respect it. He has committed outright treason… and you want me (an every other sane citizen) to exercise “political correctness” ??

I heartily invite you (and every other liberal idiot who voted for that worthless incompetent) to engage in – what is for you, a biologically impossible – act of autoeroticism.


John C., Who are YOU to tell ME what I can, or cannot, say? As far as I know, I am STILL able to take politicians to task in the U.S. If my denigrating obama for his stupidity puts me on a “hit” list, then so be it. I am a patriot and will continue to take idiots like obama to task for their failings. And, as another respondent said, he is not MY president. Thankfully, he will be gone in a little over 13 months. Too bad we can’t, or won’t, impeach him now. It would save this country… Read more »


Why isn’t anybody asking why the President wants to Disarm Americans and greets terrorist with open arms while calling Republicans more dangerous? Sounds to me like the Real Enemy is Obama.


Of course we would never be told if it happens to be true, but what if any of the weapons used just happened to be from the fast and furious program?After all other Americans have been murdered by weapons from obungles and holders program.


president f-tard needs to understand that he needs to make people responsible for their actions rather than blame them on something else.



From your remarks it appears you are a traitor to this nation. Your boy, soetoro-obama is an unconstitutional usurper to the office of POTUS. You, in your ignorance, defend this piece of Muslim garbage. Be aware, he is NOT my president. Any criticism he receives is well-deserved. When the troubles begin, which side will you be on ?


Go fook yourself JohnC. You are a fing moron if you respect this clown. Until he earns it, Respect the office not the man


I continue to be amazed at what many readers here say about our President. If you believe yourselves to be patriots, do not attack our President with such a disrespectful and amazing level of hatred. Some of your responses should and may put you on the terrorist list.


Obama is starting to sound like a broken record! Guns, skip, Climate Change, skip …. In the 2016 elections we need to say goodbye to ‘Skippy’ and the rest of his ilk!


From people that I have talked to this was all a set up by the mazlamz who committed the terrorist act, and terrorism this was. All the players that were involved were and are of course mazlamz and what has isis been saying for the last few weeks that there was going to be a number of terrorist hit in this country; well this was just one of the first so far. We can expect to see even more of this type of thing happening as we get closer to CHRISTMAS, expect the next one to either hit a big… Read more »

David W

What is funny about this is that this POS came out and instead of sending prayers and condolences to friends and families politicizes it immediately. And that was the case for all the dems that came out and said something, republicans were not doing anything to politicize this just as always.

Jim Barns

He has to be the dumbest SOB I have ever known.

David. M

Obama needs to control himself rather than the law abiding supporters of the 2nd Amendment. It was him and Holder who illegally ran guns to Mexico in Fast and Furious, all to set up a straw man for gun control.


Dave from San Antonio may be onto something. Considering this story hadn’t made it into the newspapers before The Obamanite came on with his broken-record diatribe, and that he has confessed previously he only learns about current ongoings after they’ve been reported, the timing of his diatribe is remarkable.

Dave from San Antonio

Why…it almost seems that 0bama…had “advance knowledge” of this incident and what was going to happen. The same with CAIR.


Umm pipe bombs are prohibited. We can’t even get it straight what weapons were actually used. Get facts before spouting off about new laws Mr POTUS.

Steven Long

There is a pattern here. The mentally ill, gang bangers, and radicals have access to guns, knives, screwdrivers, cars, fertilizers, crock pots, matches, box cutters, and etc….. Stripping law abiding citizens of a lethal tool to defend themselves with is absurd. Address the real issues. Quit using the gun as a scapegoat. Was it the guns fault that an unarmed, Laquan McDonald was shot over a dozen times after posing no threat to the Chicago police officer just recently? No, it was a mentally disturbed cop! Why not blame the gun on that one. Seems logical in any other case… Read more »


The Kenyan might only have a year left stinking up our White House but it’s never too late to impeach the POS muslim !