Secret Liberal – Greens Preference Deals Threatens Shooters

Secret Liberal – Greens Preference Deals Threatens Shooters
Combined Firearms Council of Victoria
Combined Firearms Council of Victoria

Australia -( During the week we exposed a massive preference deal the Liberal Party had negotiated with the Greens for the 2018 Victorian State Election.

The implications of this deal for shooters is far reaching. It would not only increase the odds of the Greens picking up even more upper house seats – handing them the balance of power – but be at the expense of Labor and the National Party who have historically provided shooters with better outcomes.

As a result, we went on the warpath exposing the deal, and encouraging shooters to email the Liberal Leader, Matthew Guy, asking that he scuttles the deal. Click here to see our post.

Since then we had word that Mr Guy got your message We’re assuming he will follow this up with his hierarchy and have this deal scuttled. We’ll check in January and if it hasn’t been scuttled, we’ll ramp thing up. However for the time being we’ll give the Liberals time to digest our protest, and do the right thing.

Forum invitations sent out

During the week we sent out invitations to the Victorian Shooting Industry Forum to all of Victoria’s shooting organisations.

The forum, which will be held in February, will go over many of the political challenges facing the shooting industry and give those who may not be part of our group, an overview of what we intend to do in the lead up to next year’s federal election and the Victorian state election in 2018. This is the first forum of its type in Australia, and one we’re confident shooters would say should have happened decades ago.

We’ll keep you posted as the forum looms!

About Combined Firearms Council of Victoria:

The Combined Firearms Council of Victoria represents five of Victoria’s major shooting organisations – Field & Game Australia, Firearm Trades Association, Sporting Shooters Association of Australia, Victorian Amateur Pistol Association and Vintagers: Order of Edwardian Gunners.

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