So-called ‘Terror Watchlist’ Gun Ban Poses Greatest Danger of Any Current Proposal

By David Codrea

President Barack Obama
Guess who Obama wants to put on his ‘terror watchlist.'

USA – -(“Right now, people on the No-Fly list can walk into a store and buy a gun,” Barack Obama told the country as he attempted to find a scapegoat for his Homeland Security Department totally blowing letting the “better half” of the San Bernardino terror tag team into the country. “That is insane.

“If you're too dangerous to board a plane, you're too dangerous, by definition, to buy a gun,” Obama explained, continuing with misdirection about killer “motives” and setting the stage, naturally, for further infringements of the Second Amendment.  “And so I'm calling on Congress to close this loophole, now.”

That “loophole” is a pesky thing called “due process,” and the presumption of innocence until proven guilty due every American.  As for foreigners, if they’re too dangerous to let on a plane, what’s insane is allowing them to be here moving freely among us in the first place.

But, following “progressive” Opposite Day “logic,” if we assume Obama actually believes it, anyone who opposes him on this is insane. No problem, he’s got that group slated for a federal gun prohibition, too. And yes, of course without full legal protections for the accused equivalent to a jury trial.

So if he suspects you’re a terrorist, and no, he's not going to tell you how and why, because that's a secret, too bad.

Naturally, the “crusading watchdog media” is beside itself with tail-thumping ecstasy at the prospect of master being pleased. Veteran political blood dancers, like Connecticut Gov. Dannell Malloy, can’t wait to start in with dictated prohibitions and confiscations. Ditto for ambitious New York State Senator Jeff Klein (may we assume, as the failed Sheldon Silver defense maintained, that he, like all NY politicians, is corrupt?).  Neither has seen fit to mention the overwhelming noncompliance with existing Intolerable Acts in their respective states, and how adding another unconstitutional edict that invites mass defiance will impact any but those inclined to obey out of fear.

Certainly real terrorists won’t skip a beat, and they'll probably appreciate the heads-up that they've been made.  And that brings us to just who the “terrorists” are, at least according to the indignant weasels who don't like you owning guns.

If you listen to the hyperventilating libel at The New York Daily News, NRA’s Wayne LaPierre fits the bill. Lest you think that’s just idle hyperbole, do a Google search for keywords “NRA” and “terrorist.” Then note the influential “progressive” advocacy group,, is hosting a “Declare the NRA a terrorist organization” petition, a sentiment echoed by The New York Daily News’ resident Stasi, the same sick harpy who equated a conservative San Bernardino murder victim with his Islamist executioners.

If they’re ready to call NRA members terrorists, can calling for the detention of gun rights advocates more hard core than Wayne LaPierre be far behind?  That’s old news.

“These town hall terrorists could be declared enemy combatants and bundled off to Bagram with the stroke of a pen,” tyranny fanboy Ted Rall said of lawful open carriers. “If ever there was a reason for suspending civil rights, this is it.”

So then what of colleague Mike Vanderboegh, pegged an “extremist” by the Southern Poverty Law Center, as AP noted in a Friday report.  What of me, his friend and associate? What of our hosts here at AmmoLand?  What of you who read this site, agree with much of it and share its posts?

We are the people the totalitarian lobby is itching to disarm. And that’s why this latest bit of “official” domestic terrorism masked by the noble-sounding goal of keeping us all safe is so insidious, and has the potential to get extremely dangerous for everyone. Especially considering the confiscations being called for, and what that means to those who will not surrender their property or their rights to oath-breaking usurpers.

To quote poet Dylan Thomas, some of us will “not go gentle into that good night.” I’ve actually had repeating that line held against me before. But it’s true, particularly for original Second Amendment intent advocates smeared as “insurrectionists.”

As things stand, the immediate danger is being intensified by prominent Republicans siding with the concept of watchlist prohibitions, notably by some of the presidential candidates, including one who’s been forgiven for past betrayals and supported by the “terrorist” NRA. Barring unforeseen developments taking precedence, I expect to address that inexcusable sellout, along with a developing potential disappointment, in my next offering.

UPDATE: The follow-up article anticipated in the previous paragraph will still happen, but there's no hurry and there are some other stories I want to get to first.

David Codrea in his natural habitat.

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.

He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” and also posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

  • 33 thoughts on “So-called ‘Terror Watchlist’ Gun Ban Poses Greatest Danger of Any Current Proposal

    1. obamma is bringing in though the refuge program tons of terrorist, and signed an executive order making it easier for foreigners to buy guns, allowed thousands of guns to go to Mexico, all the while trying to take law abiding Americans guns, as I see it obamma wants two things, to destroy America which is treason on his part as well as those whom agree with him,, and allow islam to rule the entire word again treason on his part as well as those whom agree with him, the second amendment details what an how to deal with this, MAY GOD BLESS AMERICA

    2. Nice picture, the no class, phony, communist, queer, illegal alien, muslim a.h. in the white house is giving America the finger..well back at you, you worthless TURD!

    3. Congress should pass law requiring that all persons on terror watch list must be notified so that they can have name removed if it doesn’t belong there. They should also require that all persons put on such a list get compensated a million bucks taken out of the salary and pension appropriation for the agency putting them on the list.

    4. II am behooved, In recent years, Thousands of Somalians have been brought into the USA and were never vetted for any ties to Al Shabaab . They were granted Asylum and benefits by order of this Administration. Some went back to take part in the Nairobi Mall massacre then returned back to the USA.
      Obama’s policy towards the Syrian Muslim refugees is the same. They cannot be vetted before entry into the USA.
      Security agencies claim they are next to impossible to vet clean now or later.
      Is Obama counting on Radical Islamist Terrorists to booster the ranks of those already present within our country to backup his Executive Order on Gun Control?
      This is contrary to the need of armed citizens to confront any terrorist attacks from the ranks of the Radical Islamists already here.
      The only answer for his contraindicated executive order for disarmament is his intent to stand with, conquer and rule over us along with his solidarity Muslim Brotherhooders.

    5. This is why so many on the right who did not object to Obama drone striking US Citizens were wrong. How much longer until “terrorism” consists of these types of columns?

    6. As far as i’m concerned, just because you are on a no-fly list or are a prohibited person for buying guns, that doesn’t mean that you should go out and turn them all in. Fuck them. They have no idea how many guns are out there and who has them. Let it ride. Your life could depend on it. You don’t think the criminals are going to turn theirs in? Molon Labe. If the fucking tyrants want to get them, let them come and get them. Just because you are ordered to turn em in, doesn’t mean you have to. When they come for them take as many of the tyrants with you as you can. An old lady that lived through Nazi Germany said that if they knew then what they know now, they would have been waiting for the Gestapo with pitck forks, hammers, sickles etc. Whatever they could get in their hands. There is more of us than there is of them. Soon with that line of thinking, they are gouin to start thinking hmmmm, do I want to bother nice Mr. ****, or do i just want to live and go home another night and see my wifi and kids. And when you add home made boom boom, you force multiply like the dickens. Happy Trails. Paul

    7. And if they can get this through the courts–and as Marxist-infested as the judicial system is these days, I doubt something this bald and brazen would pass constitutional muster, but I’ve been wrong before–wait and see. Look for a sudden vast expansion of the size and scope of the secret government list to include, well, everybody, everywhere. “Stroke of the pen, law of the land. Kinda neat, innit?”

    8. David, I just watched a Hallmark movie, “Debbie Macomber’s Dashing Through the Snow” starring Meghan Ory. She was denied a flight; no one would tell her why. We see the FBI involved.

      Turns out she was on the ‘No Fly’ List. She didn’t know that. Someone had stolen her wallet – she was a victim of Identity Theft.

      ID Theft; that never occurred to me. I wonder if that can get you on that List for real?

    9. Ernest Meyer, there will never be national unity as long as there are people who think like you. Because I will not take advice from those who live in “your” country, and particularly not from your “president.”

    10. From what I understand, those secret government “no-fly” and “terrorist” watch lists work by name match only. If a name on the list matches yours, you are denied. There is no date of birth, address, SSN, or any other identifying criteria that will prove it’s not you, and allow you to board a plane, and if the tyrants get their way, purchasing a firearm. IMHO, if these lists are to exist, they need to be erased, re-created, be difficult to add citizens to, made totally public, and have reasonable mechanisms to get removed if you get on it in error. Then, and ONLY THEN….can the lists be considered for denial of air travel or firearms.

      But the tyrants think they are in charge. The day of reckoning fast approaches, when the tyrants names and remains will be unceremoniously dumped in an unmarked mass grave and forgotten to history.

    11. “Right now, people can apply for a fiancé visa, which my administration made easier to acquire, using a place of birth in Pakistan that doesn’t exist and come into America with the intent of committing mass murder in the name of Jihad. That is insane.”
      Said Barack Obama never.

    12. The “No Fly” list is dangerous and something of a joke, to me. My 14 year old neighbor girl is on the list! Flying back from Mexico, she was detained and only allowed to get on an airplane because she was flying with her parents, who are not on the list. How she got on the list is anyones guess, but getting off it is darn near impossible. Where is the protection offered under the Constitution and legal system for natural born U.S. citizens? Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it.

    13. @Ammoland– I am unable to reply to any comment.

      @ Ernest Meyer, So you are saying we should all go down to the local police department and give them our guns. It sounds like you would have us all bow down to obama, and live under your form of slavery. Well Ernest, that shit ain’t gonna happen. I thank you for your service, but to not understand your surrender. Where would we be if the founding fathers surrendered? For my family, I will fight with every breath to keep our country, and the freedom it gives us.

      @Kevin McGonigal, I agree with your point totally. People are so blind in today’s world that they do not see how our freedoms are be diminished. They need to be slapped, and shackled, before that notice the world they live in is different.

    14. Secret ‘Watch Lists’ are just Obama’s idea of a “More Transparent Government”. They can ‘see through’ you and curtail your personal freedom. Since there’s no ‘due process’ it’s a ‘one way street’ with no options for you.

    15. Ernest Meyer: I believe a few sessions with the good doctor strange love might be in order. No one cares a fig about the no fly list and if you don’t want to buy a gun, well fine, you’ll just end up as one more sheep that, unfortunately, will either become someone else’s responsibility or will fall to some other bad guy. What we do care about is the fundamental right to self defense. You’ve given up, we haven’t.

    16. Former Senator and Olympic swimmer, Teddy Kennedy was on the No Fly list for a while. Even with all his contacts it took him nearly a month to get off the No Fly list. A sitting US senator.

    17. Obama is just trying to take guns piece by piece so they wont have as many americans to fight…..

      Scum bags of the nwo…..

    18. Ernest… I am glad your not allowed to have guns either…… only one crying about flyin is you…..

      You can return your liberal tray to it’s upright position……

    19. Re the photo of Sheikh Hussein of Obamastan: May I suggest he use the same middle finger to diddle himself? For what I hear from Chicago, this is hi “pacifier.”

    20. The best way to fight this is to tell your friends you agree with the idea but that it does not go far enough. Those on the No Fly Lists and Terrorists Watch List are obviously so dangerous that none ought to be allowed to have any civil rights at all. Why should they be licensed to teach in public schools? Work in day care? Licensed to practice medicine? Drive a big rig? Why should these two lists be secret? Shouldn’t all prospective employers know that they might be hiring suspected terrorists? Should not neighbors know when one moves in next door? Why are suspected terrorists permitted to have drivers licenses, the most common form of secure identification? Anyone declared too dangerous to fly is too dangerous to be working at anything in America. Make the lists public so that we can take the appropriate precautions. Now if you are asking why advocate all these other restrictions, it is to show that there are enormous dangers to denying rights based on one’s name onto a “secret” list. Only when the public, much of which cares nothing for gun rights, sees that other rights being denied because of this secret list will they then comprehend the enormity of the danger of secret lists whose membership could be manipulated to deny anyone essential rights by having the “government” declare them dangerous people with no due process procedure to protect themselves from arbitrary, punitive treatment..

    21. You are a bunch of wet babies who dropped your baby pacifier floor and are curing for someone to pick it up for you. Grow up. Do you realize what other people have suffered in the name of unity in the war on terror? There’s many more Americans that could say the same thing, but it’s me now, and I will tell you. I was threatened with life in prison, without trial, and seizure of all assets because I wanted accountability for torture and the use of depleted uranium during the iraq war. Since then 145 nations have declared depleted uranium aWMD, so I had good reason. But the DoD did not imprison me as a known terrorist sympathizer because I am too poor to be a threat, as long as I never act on it again. I lost my job. My wife divorced me. But in eight years of suffering for this country, I became convinced that national unity is more important in the war on terror. I dont seek anything further for myself, but you people complain because you cant go duck hunting. The moment anything in the war on terror is not convenient for YOU, you complain like the wet lax rubberball cowards you are, hiding behind guns to bolster your courage. You are beyond despite. You are too pathetic. Sell your guns, go see a doctor, and get some zannax. Yes, I cant fly, I dont complain about it, and I certainly should not be able to buy guns as I am regarded too dangerous to board a plane.

    22. This is not going to end well. Do the so-called progressives really think that gun owners will just roll over and turn in their fire arms if the government tells them to do so? The dirty little secret in Connecticut is that only about 25% of the estimated guns got registered in spite of a law saying the owners needed to register them. The government there just pretends that everyone is compliant since they, someone in the foggy recesses of their minds, understand the consequences of actually enforcing that law. So, was it really for show or is it just a deferred enforcement until they feel they have the mechanism in hand to confiscate weapons from the citizenry, i.e. martial law or something equally as drastic.

      Heck, if they are going to call you a terrorist, it might be that some will figure they have nothing to lose and go ahead and fit the bill. That is when things get really ugly and maybe that is the motivation for declaring martial law. They poke their finger in your eye often enough that you fight back and then they have an excuse to suspend everyone’s rights. That is the only logical end game that I can see at this point. I ain’t going to be pretty…

      1. The reason the Founders put the Second Amendment in the Constitution was to protect the citizens against a tyrannical government! Seems like this bunch who are in power now fit that bill!

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