Sportsmen’s Alliance Files Brief in Great Lakes Wolf Case

Wild Wolf Pack
Sportsmen’s Alliance Files Brief in Great Lakes Wolf Case (img credit unknown?)
Sportsmen’s Alliance
Sportsmen’s Alliance

USA –  -( On Dec. 8 2105, the Sportsmen’s Alliance Foundation and our partners filed its brief before the U.S. Court of Appeals in the long-running Western Great Lakes wolf lawsuit.

The case, brought by Humane Society of the United States and their anti-hunting allies, sought to reinstate federal Endangered Species Act protections for gray wolves in Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin. The Alliance and our partners are fighting to ensure wolves are delisted and returned to state management.

“The science is settled and the experts agree, wolves are recovered, period,” said Evan Heusinkveld, head of government affairs and interim president and CEO of Sportsmen’s Alliance. “We should be celebrating this as a great victory of the Endangered Species Act, but instead we’re forced to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars fighting anti-hunting interests in court just to ensure the ESA is applied correctly.”

Despite wolf numbers at record levels well-beyond what was required when originally listed as endangered in the late 1970s, U.S. District Court Judge Beryl A. Howell returned wolves to the endangered species list in late 2014. The ruling effectively requires wolves to be recovered in their entire historic range before they can be considered recovered in the Great Lakes states.

“It makes absolutely no sense to require wolves be reestablished as Judge Howell ruled. It was never the intent to have wolves returned to places like New York, Chicago or Seattle,” continued Heusinkveld.

“This ruling not only contained both legal and factual errors that could spell disaster for the future of the Endangered Species Act, but if allowed to stand, wildlife management efforts — specifically endangered species recovery — will be greatly impacted.”

Joining the Sportsmen’s Alliance in the appeal of the lower court’s decision are Safari Club International, National Rifle Association, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association, Michigan United Conservation Clubs, Wisconsin Bowhunters Association, Upper Peninsula Bear Houndsmen Association and the Michigan Hunting Dog Federation.

About the Sportsmen’s Alliance:The Sportsmen’s Alliance is a 501 (c) 4 organization that protects and defends America’s wildlife conservation programs and the pursuits – hunting, fishing and trapping – that generate the money to pay for them. Sportsmen’s Alliance Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 organization that supports the same mission through public education, legal defense and research.  Its mission is accomplished through several distinct programs coordinated to provide the most complete defense capability possible. Stay connected to Sportsmen’s Alliance: Online, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Own it. Sorry lies and propaganda. Killing vermin pest like wolves is called common sense you do it to protect you food supply. Oh yes and human safety. A psychopath wants the wolves protected to kill people.


No one hunt wolves for sport. You kill vermin wolves for the same reason you kill rats to protect your food supply. That is called common sense.


Wolves are worthless vermin pest.


No one kills vermin wolves for fun. Wolves are like rats you kill them to protect you food supply. In America we kill 10 million rats a year to protect our food supply. Wolves are just like rats worthless vermin pest.


You need to sue the USFWS for failure to follow the ESA. It’s illegal to list any animal by zip code.
The animal rights groups are suing to get rich off the tax payers. Their lawyers are collecting $500 an hour suing this is nothing about wolves but greedy lawyers getting rich off the hard working tax payers.

Old fart

Hunting did not put the wolf on the endangerd species list . Poison did farmers put poison on meat in the winter and left it on the wolves main hunting areas. Get your facts straight then use your constitutional right to free speech.


People who kill for fun are called psychopaths. Own it.


There are more game animals in the US than ever before and you want to know why Mary ? Hunters/fisherman/trappers spend billions of dollars annually on licenses which is in turn used by each state in the management of these animals . A required part of this management practice is taking a portion of them each year. Without the harvesting of a portion of the population these same animals suffer from disease, starvation and an overall reduction in their numbers. Please educate yourself on the facts regarding hunting ,fishing, and trapping before you make uninformed, emotionally driven comments about people… Read more »


” It was never the intent to have wolves returned to places like New York, Chicago or Seattle,” continued Heusinkveld.”

Might be amusing…


Hunting fishing trapping has been man kinds means of survival for thousands of years. Today it is controlled so numbers are not pushed to extinction. You seem like the extremist bunny hugger. You also don’t seem to know how much work it is to process hides and meat. Maybe you should see where your chicken and steak come from and see whats bad.

Mary Church

Hunting for sport or pelts is evil and cruel. Get your rocks off doing something else. We will not have any wildlife left due to extremists like you. Sleep well