Team Honey Badger Jumps to #1 on Kindle Parenting

Team Honey Badger, Raising Fearless Kids in a Cowardly World number 1 in Kindle "Parenting"
Team Honey Badger, Raising Fearless Kids in a Cowardly World available now from Amazon. :

Student of the GunBiloxi, Mississippi (Ammoland) Just two weeks since its release, “Team Honey Badger: Raising Fearless Kids in a Cowardly World” has moved to the top position in the Kindle “Parenting and Relationship” category.

“This topic has really struck a cord with parents and grand parents” said the author, Paul Markel.

“People are sick and tired of being told to lie down, shut up, cower and hide. They see cowardice in the world and they do not want their kids and grand kids to be a part of that.” Markel continued, “If the United States of America is to be preserved as our founders intended, we absolutely must instill courage in our children. It is they who will save or lose this nation.”

Team Honey Badger goes to number 1 on Kindle Parenting.
Team Honey Badger goes to number 1 on Kindle Parenting. :

On Dec. 23 2105 Team Honey Badger was listed as the #1 “Best Seller” and the #1 “Hot New Release” in the Amazon Kindle parenting and relationships category. The book is available in paperback and Kindle from Amazon and a limited number of signed copies be had directly from the Student of the Gun online store.

Team Honey Badger Topics Include:

  • Strengthening the Fearless Mind
  • Physical Readiness and Experience
  • Education Principles
  • Maintaining Balance in Life
  • Equipping your little Honey Badger with the mental and physical skills needed to grow into a fearless, productive member of their community
  • Much more.

Lastly, Paul stated, “I am indebted to all the people in the gun culture who are supporting the Honey Badger project, standing behind it and telling their friends about it. Thank you to all who helped make this happen.”



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5 years ago

Ordered 2 copies on spec, based on Amazon reviews. Good stuff. Will incorporate the philosophy into what influence I may have in raising my grand kids and pass a copy to the parents. Wish my folks had taken this approach with me when I was growing up, but it was not in their frames of reference. Would have made my childhood a more positive experience for me. Or at least, in retrospect, I think so. But then, I’d be a somewhat different person now, and I’m happy with that outcome, so things can work out I guess, even without the… Read more »

5 years ago

I work in an environment full of Millennials who are lazy weaklings that openly call themselves Socialists and “Progressives” and want everything handed to them. Because I am a security consultant with a long list of credentials in places like Iraq, Afghanistan, Kenya and other places, they expect me to be a little more “hard core” than they are, and come to me for guidance on security and personal safety issues. That is a good thing. But what always amazes me is how these kids have been raised to be naive Liberal weaklings who couldn’t take care of themselves if… Read more »