Team Honey Badger: Raising Fearless Kids in a Cowardly World

Team Honey Badger, Raising Fearless Kids in a Cowardly World available now from Amazon.
Team Honey Badger, Raising Fearless Kids in a Cowardly World available now from Amazon. :
Student of the Gun
Student of the Gun

Biloxi, Mississippi (Ammoland)  The gun culture loves to use the terms “sheep, wolves, and sheepdogs.

Naturally, responsible gun owners like to consider themselves to be the sheepdogs of the world, keeping an armed watch over society’s flock. But what about our children? Our kids cannot move about the world as armed sheepdogs. Nonetheless, we don’t want them to be just another sheep either.

The Honey Badger is not the largest, strongest, or fastest animal in the world but, it has been given the title “World’s Most Fearless Creature”. We like to ascribe animal qualities to people; sly as a fox, wise as an owl, stubborn as a mule.

Our kids must face bullies, both physical and psychological, every day. We live in a world filled with cowards and cowardly behavior. It is our task to equip our kids to deal with the world, not shelter them from it. The animal characteristic we desire our children is for them to be as Fearless as the Honey Badger.

Team Honey Badger: Raising Fearless Kids In A Cowardly World ( )  was written to provide inspiration, motivation, and guidance for raising fearless kids in our cowardly, and all too dangerous, world.

Team Honey Badger Topics Include:

  • Strengthening the Fearless Mind
  • Physical Readiness and Experience
  • Education Principles
  • Maintaining Balance in Life
  • Equipping your little Honey Badger with the mental and physical skills needed to grow into a fearless, productive member of their community
  • Much more.

Order your copy of Team Honey Badger: Raising Fearless Kids In A Cowardly World online at Amazon :

If you have kids or grandkids, know someone who does, or are involved in a youth development program, TEAM HONEY BADGER is must have reading. Paperback and Kindle versions are available from  A limited number of signed copies can be purchased directly from





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5 years ago

America is becoming great at raising kids in sociopaths and psychopaths . A lack of parenting because both parents must work to make ends meet , since government took from the middleclass and made us poor to allow the poor and lazy to live like middleclass Americans. Nothing in the Constitution says I need to raise help or educate someone elses kids. Some may say who paid for your education , my parents did , however 13 years education for a lifetime of property tax doubling every 11 years , how will you pay to keep your home when you… Read more »