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by Barbara Baird

TeamWON – Here’s Julie (front), with Cheryl Warner, Barbara Baird and Diane Franklin
Women’s Outdoor News
Women’s Outdoor News

Springfield, MO -( It’s that time of the year to focus on the best from TeamWON.

Usually, I scour Google Analytics and highlight the posts that generated the most attention, but this year, I wanted to do something different.

I asked our columnists to choose one of their favorite posts from the past year.

Julie Golob, “Julie G.”

Women’s Waterfowl Hunt

I learned that women can bond in the blind, too! So many people think that hunting is for men, but there’s something that happens in that metal box and has nothing to do with what chromosomes you were born with. Learning more about the challenges and rewards of politics through Diane’s experiences, Cheri’s can-do/will-do attitude and of course spending time with you and our great snow geese adventure, Barb, was not only fun and memorable, but also an experience I will cherish.

Here’s Julie (front), with Cheryl Warner, Barbara Baird and Diane Franklin

Women seem much more reluctant to give waterfowl hunting a try. Maybe it’s all the gear, the cold and the wet that makes it less desirable. Turkey and deer hunting are often the gateway experience, but I think waterfowl hunting, because its so social is a great opportunity too. It was nice to get women who weren’t interested in it before wanting to learn more.

Christine Cunningham, “The Edge”

The 7 Duck Commandments

Christine Cunningham - (Steve Meyer photo)
Christine Cunningham – (Steve Meyer photo)

My favorite column was “The 7 Duck Commandments” because the process of writing it gave me something back. Even when I know a subject, distilling it to the basics and covering the bases so that it has value to readers takes mental work. It made me smile to realize that while dinner table and party etiquette is something I sometimes want to escape when I go afield, there is still a code or set of rules worth following whenever we share time and space with others. Ironically, sharing outdoor rules gave me a better appreciation for the house rules I tend to want to break (why do I have to take off my shoes?).

Vera Koo, “Vera Koo”

Dolls to Guns — My Journey to the Competition Shooting Sports

Vera Koo
Vera Koo

I never would have guessed I would later become a competitor in the male-dominated sport of Action Pistol Shooting, let alone a national and world women’s champion.

I am living proof of Albert Einstein’s mantra, that those who attempt the absurd can achieve what seems impossible.

Annette Doerr, co-author “Armed and In Charge”

What do Do When He’s Just Not Into You: Dealing with a Non-Female-Friendly Gun Salesman

Annette Doerr
Annette Doerr

I had men apologize for the other men I’ve had to deal with, and a lot of women share similar experiences.

Stacy Bright, co-author “Armed and In Charge”

Training Beyond the Requirements of Concealed Carry

Stacy Bright - range instruction
Stacy Bright – range instruction

I feel that there are so many people getting their CCW permits, yet many of them have little to no experience with a firearm. The point of the post is to encourage everyone to seek additional training, not tp stop at one course. Personal protection is more than just having a permit in your wallet.

Marti Davis, “Marti Davis Afield”

Eva Shockey on Women (Hunters), Warthogs and Weddings

Marti Davis
Marti Davis

I kicked off 2015 with an interview and conversation with Eva Shockey, who talked about lots of things – including her wedding plans. I particularly liked her ideas for attracting to new hunters afield.

Lea Leggitt (intern extraordinaire)

7 Things that Will Help You in Youth Hunter Education Challenge

Lea Leggitt at YHEC competition shotgun event, photo by Mia Anstine

I picked this one because I think it’s inspirational to youngsters on more than just a Youth Hunter Education Challenge level. It’s helpful in all competition.

Mia Anstine, “Mia & the Little Gal”

What’s the Best Pistol to Carry?:

Mia Anstine Shooting LCP-380, Photo by Hank Anstine
Mia Anstine Shooting LCP-380, Photo by Hank Anstine

I chose this one because it’s a question I’m asked regularly by both men and women. Of course the answer is “The one that fits YOU best.”

Michelle Cerino, “She Shoots 2”

Women’s History Month: Move Over Annie, These Women Were Great Shooters, Too!

Michelle Cerino
Michelle Cerino

I loved researching the topic of historical female shooters. There are so many lesser known women that played a huge role in world history. Getting their names and stories out there has become a new quest for me. My collection of books has grown to include many books about these women.

I received many notes of thanks on Facebook for bringing introducing these fine ladies to a new generation.

Barbara Baird, “Babbs in the Woods”

Adventure Galore with Rappelling and BASE Jumping

Barbara Baird (Jessica Kallam photo)
Barbara Baird (Jessica Kallam photo)

Wow. What a task I demanded from TeamWON … so hard to choose, but I’m going to go with this adventure post, about base jumpers off the New River Bridge. On a media trip, hosted by Remington Outdoor Company, I got the opportunity to see the thrills (and chills) up close and personal of BASE-jumpers and of folks who rappelled down the sides of the 800+-foot bridge.

Happy New Year from #TeamWON
Happy New Year from #TeamWON

Thank you for reading The WON. We love to hear from you, here or at our social media outlets. May you have a happy new year, and don’t be a stranger to us in 2016.

We want to know what you’re doing out there when you’re hunting, shooting, fishing and leading lives of adventure.

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