There’s No Place Like Kansas for a Late Season Pheasant Hunt

Kansas Outdoors; Photo courtesy of Pheasants Forever
Pheasants Forever
Pheasants Forever

St. Paul, MN -( Here in Kansas, we’re excited to report great conditions across the state have laid the foundation for an excellent pheasant season.

As a result, our biologists report that farmers are seeing more pheasants than they have in years. Improved habitat, good weather and a delayed wheat harvest provided ideal conditions for pheasant nesting across much of Kansas. And the prognosis is looking even better for bobwhite quail, if you’re interested in a mixed bag (which only adds to the fun).

That’s why I invite you to Kansas before the season ends. Our winters are more temperate here than they are in the northern states. That makes Kansas a great destination for hunters who want a winter hunt without freezing solid themselves!


Here are a few more reasons why Kansas is a great upland game destination:

While opening day has a strong tradition with bird hunters, mid- and late-season hunts can be more productive. Opening weekend crowds are gone, and colder weather and maybe a little snow will bunch the birds up in heavy cover and provide better scenting conditions for your dogs.

Won’t you join us? Please come to Kansas for a great hunt!

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