Universal Huntress TV Hosts Up for Outdoor Sportsman “Favorite Host” Award

Universal Huntress TV
Universal Huntress TV
Universal Huntress
Universal Huntress

United States -(AmmoLand.com)- Jen O’Hara and Norissa Harman, the fierce and fashionable duo behind the iconic outdoor fashion line Girls with Guns Clothing, have travelled across the globe for the past two years, filming for Universal Huntress TV, which aired on the Sportsman Channel for their first two seasons in 2015.

Sisterly love met heart-pounding excitement as each week, the girls took on new species, new terrain, and new personal challenges, forcing them to test their physical and emotional limits. Each episode was not only a learning experience and an opportunity to share their love of hunting and passion for conservation with their viewers, but as a platform to build their clothing brand, Girls with Guns Clothing and encourage other women to get outdoors.

The show is produced by Emaneul Kapp, owner of Universal Hunter Magazine, and with his unique and creative concepts, he portrays the true meaning of the hunt, filming in real time and capturing the true trials and tribulations that come with hunting. This journey is captured in a short 90 second video (attached), but it is impossible to sum up what they have accomplished with GWG in the past 6 years and how far they have come since the filming for UHTV began in 2014.

The girls look forward to continuing on this once-in-a-lifetime journey and sharing all of the victories and setbacks with their viewers, not shying away from the hard facts and raw emotions that accompany a true hunting experience. The Outdoor Sportsman Awards allows the public to vote for their favorite show host on the Outdoor Channel and Sportsman Channel for 2015. Voting closes December 6, 2015.

Universal Huntress TV
Universal Huntress TV

You can vote for Universal Huntress TV’s Jen O’Hara and Norissa Harman as your favorite show host at the following link: http://www.thesportsmanchannel.com/vote.

About Universal Huntress:

UH presents you with two small town country girls, Jen O’Hara and Norissa Harman. They are not pretending to know it all when it comes to hunting, but are determined to learn, while having fun and entertaining the audience. While Norissa is the careful and cautious planner, Jen fearlessly jumps into whatever wild idea producer Emaneul ‘Kappie’ Kapp throws their way.

For more information, visit: www.UniversalHuntress.com.

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It’s ok for women to hunt and have a t.v.show , but tight close Botox and silicon is not. I’m so tired of putting sex in every thing on t.v. , from doughnuts to dear hunting. This is a problem in America , there is more to life than T and A . This is offensive to me and my family , WE will not support or watch this station or show . Thank you and GOD BLESS

Dave from San Antonio

Uh…I forgot the question, but…I’ll take the one on the left there, Bob….