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By Dean WeingartenUSA Today Quick Poll

Dean Weingarten
Dean Weingarten

Arizona – -( A USA Today editorial against citizen disarmament is in the latest edition.  It is written by Robert Farago, in defense of an armed population.  It is a companion piece to the pro-disarmist piece from the USA Today editorial department.  There is a poll on gun control with each opinion piece.  Words have enormous power.  The poll for the disarmist argument is almost split, with about even numbers agree and disagree.  It will not surprise you that I believe that there are many distortions and fabrications in the piece.  I recommend that you read both editorials.  Much can be gained by considering what arguments the opposition is using.

In Farago’s response, there is the same poll, with responses from strongly agree to strongly disagree.  In that poll, 79 percent of the responders strongly agree with the Second Amendment supporting position.

Here is Robert Farago’s closing paragraph:

As the French terrorist attacks proved, gun control doesn’t work. Worse, civilian disarmament leaves innocent people defenseless against killers. Gun control enables — rather than prevents — homicide.

Poll results for the Second Amendment supporter, Robert Farago’s response:

Strongly agree  79%
Agree   5%
Don’t Know 1%
Disagree   3%
Strongly Disagree 12%

 Link to the poll (right hand side) on Farago’s article

Here is the summation paragraph from USA Todays article:

The work of reducing the gun carnage that has come to define America in the rest of the world will not be done quickly, but it has to begin.

Poll results for USA Today’s argument for more, strict, gun laws:

Strongly agree  35%
Agree   11%
Don’t Know 5%
Disagree   13%
Strongly Disagree 36%

Link to the poll (right hand side) on USA Today’s article 

Notice that the assumption of the article is that it will take many years to get the solution that they want.  To anyone who has studied the issue, what they want is to reduce the United States to an essentially gun free society, much like England has become, where the allocation of who can own a gun, and for what reason, is left up to the people in charge of the instruments of state power, which most certainly will not be the mass of the American people.

USA Today is owned by Gannet.  Gannet publications have been reliably pushing the disarmist agenda across the board.  It is a sign of some balance that USA Today allows for contrary views to be carried by their publication.  They are to be commended for their willingness to allow the opposition space in their publication.

Much of the debate on imposing more and more infringements on the Second Amendment, versus removing infringements imposed over the last century, comes from radically different assumptions about reality.   It is my belief that the editors of USA Today are not consciously evil people.  They simply have false assumptions about the nature of reality.

One of those assumptions seems to be that ordinary people cannot be trusted with firearms.  Another is that governments are always beneficent and the American government could never turn against large segments of its own population.

People with false assumptions about reality cannot change them easily.  They have built their entire lives based on them.

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About Dean Weingarten;

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of constitutional carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and recently retired from the Department of Defense after a 30 year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

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It really doesn’t matter how anyone feels. We have a Constitutional right to arms with no restrictions at all. All gun laws are illegal. Just try and disarm the American people and see what happens. We are getting very tired of criminal justices and politicians thinking that they are our lord and masters. We own this country and they work for us; or at least are supposed to. Many politicians should be in prison for their actions against our rights and their oath’s of office.

Grey Beard

D. Murphy,
That day is MUCH closer today than it was 8 years ago, MUCH, MUCH closer.
Turn all empty brass into loaded, accurate ammunition.


that first link you mention to the USA today article is incorrect it points to “*/index” NOT USA today…


There Should be Harsher Penalties for Criminals in Gun Violence Cases. Should Have a Concealed Weapon Allowance for All Americans. Theses Violent attacks conspired by Our own Government Would not Be. Less Innocent People would not be Killed. Picture a Gun Men going into a School and the Teachers and Staff all have a Side Arm. See what Happens Then.Hahaha. I don’t Think there would be as Much of those Crimes and if the One that would happen. Would have Much Less Deaths. Cause a Teacher or Staff would Shoot His Ass. Nuff Said. GOD BLESS AMERICA..


I received a phone call once for one of these “polls “. The person asked multiple choice questions and the answers were worded in such a way I could tell they were trying to get a desired result, which was anti – Second Amendment. I told the guy I knew what he was up to. I refused to anymore questions and hung up.

L.L. Smith

I suppose those who believe only the government should have guns also believe that all honesty and integrity belongs to the government.

Eric Weder

Tough talk of impeachment and civil disobedience is all fine and dandy but remember that there is 45% of the population, granted mostly in the big cities, that are quite happy with big government running their lives. As mentioned in the article here, it it tough to get a liberal to change their mind. If we are to avoid civil war and worse, we need to work hard to educate those whose grasp of reality is weak, I think even a contrarian view and poll result like this is a step, small as it is, but still a step in… Read more »


We have a few LEO’s in our family and all of have done what is needed to take care of said family, so that should tell you it would be a GREAT idea for everyone to either start or continue getting ready for the day SHTF.


Protecting family, one must do what is necessary. This government will not do what I must. My views on gun control is this, “Hold your rifle stock to shoulder, steady your breath, squeeze trigger”. Gun laws that are on the books now are not being enforced. All major cities that are regulated by these laws are a joke, CA included. Gun Control Isn’t the answer.


Confiscation and total disarmament is the ultimate goal and there is no denying it. They clamor for ineffectual control now as it is just a building block. They know it won’t work or do anything, but it adds momentum and precedence to their cause. They don’t care about the deaths more than superficially, they need them (and more) to bolster support for their cause. They use these atrocities to hold up as examples of failed “piece meal” style gun control and as impetus for further “common sense” controls all the way to the end game. They are trying to erode… Read more »


Newspapers are dying. Why spend your money on a publication who’s editorial staff believes you should be disarmed? This poll is just an attempt to sell more newspapers. USA Today is going the way of other Liberal media outlets. Bye Bye!

Jesse Scott

USA Today is libtard trash. Only presents news they need to hear.

D. Murphy

When the government takes away the right of self defense it is the people’s duty to take away the government’s ability to govern. General/President George Washington.


Any more laws to try and control guns will only lead to confiscation which is there main objective.


Agree! Americans are waking up and smelling the gun powder! What other endorsement does our government need then history for the 2nd amendment! Have they not learned anything! I remember Japan would not invade because their leaders knew that they would “find an armed citizen behind every tree!” Now, granted, there is not much we could do about a Nuclear Attack or tanks but at least we would be able to go down fighting. “Live free or die” !

Richard T. Walsh

I like your article very much. I have always found that pollsters can pose the questions in such a way as to lure poll respondents into resoonding to poll questions the way the pollsters or the pollsters’ client wants the survey to turn out. We are all for reducing deaths due to violence. Taking away liberty using the lure of a false sense of security is the most evil and fraudulent scheme that the anti-gunners have. The media screams for more of the same ineffectual gun control measures that have failed to prevent gang violence, terrorist violence, and murders by… Read more »