Xecutioner Broadheads Introduces Lightweight 75-Gr. Xpandables

Xecutioner Broadheads Introduces Lightweight 75-Gr. Xpandables
Xecutioner Broadheads Introduces Lightweight 75-Gr. Xpandables
Xecutioner Broadheads
Xecutioner Broadheads

Weatherford, TX – -(Ammoland.com)- Xecutioner Broadheads (www.xecutionerbroadheads.com), a cutting-edge innovator and producer of premium grade broadheads, is proud to announce the addition of 75-grain Xpandable Broadheads to its growing list of razor sharp, big game stopping products. 75-gr.

Xpandables are available in value packs consisting of 6 cut-on-contact mechanical broadheads complete with the same 3 O-ring positions for light poundage bows, heavy poundage bows and crossbows.

Bowhunters can also expect the same rugged durability and premium quality present in all of Xecutioner Broadheads' existing products.

Whether you decide you need a lighter overall arrow setup or a heavier arrow with a lighter, blood-letting, cut-on-contact broadhead, Xecutioner's new 75-gr. Xpandable answers the call. While most broadhead companies have curtailed head weights to cut costs or support their notion that you don't need lighter broadheads, Xecutioner has decided to keep the choice in your hands and at the end of your arrow. It's your equipment.

You make the call. Xecutioner is simply there to put that lightweight broadhead choice BACK in your list of options for better flight and optimized kinetic energy based on your individual arrow setup… and with one important difference – you still harness Xecutioner's hunt-proven, field-point-accurate, heart-stopping performance along with an extra-large 1.5″ cutting diameter and ultra-tough, razor sharp, .040″ stainless steel blades!

About Xecutioner Broadheads

Xecutioner Broadheads walks the leading edge of broadhead innovation with razor sharp field-point accuracy, bone splitting peace-of-mind performance and jaw-dropping penetration. With cutting diameters up to 2.5-in., and easy adjustability for low and high poundage bows, as well as crossbows, the only thing missing is a time-consuming blood-track. Xecutioner Broadheads' lethal lineup includes fixed, mechanical and hybrid heads, and the mind-blowing Slocker small-game collar perfect as a standalone or in combination with any other Xecutioner product.

For more information about Xecutioner Broadheads, visit www.xecutionerbroadheads.com.

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