Armed Self-Defense for January 2016

By Rob Morse ConcealedCarry

Slow Facts
Slow Facts

Louisiana- (  Honest citizens defend themselves with a firearm every day.  I’m sure you’re shocked at that news since democrat politicians and news media tell us that armed self-defense never happens.  Here are examples from the last few weeks.  These ordinary citizens were thrown into extraordinary situations.

These armed defenders were both surprised… and prepared.  They saved their life and protected those they love.

-A 65-year-old Manchester, New Hampshire woman stopped to buy gasoline after leaving work late at night.  She noticed a dark colored sedan following her as she drove home to her apartment.  She was concerned so she parked as close to her building as possible.  She has her concealed carry permit and the training that comes with it.  She moved her firearm from her purse to her pocket in case she needed it.  She hurried to her apartment stairway but the mugger ran in front of her.  He blocked her path and grabbed her shoulder.  The elderly grandmother then drew her pistol and shot the mugger in the chest.  He ran.  The old woman took shelter in her building and called police.  The mugger and his accomplice were picked up by police at a nearby hospital.

Anti-gun activists said this old lady would be safer if she was disarmed.  What do you think?

-Two cars stopped in front of a home in Houston, Texas.  Six to eight men piled out of the cars and quickly forced their way into a nearby home.  A neighbor who was walking down the sidewalk witnessed the home invasion.  One of the thugs pointed a gun at him.  The neighbor was carrying a concealed weapon and shot and killed the robber in self-defense.  This caused the other men to flee leaving and leave their stolen car behind.  The armed pedestrian and the one person inside the home were not injured.

Anti-gun activists say we would be safer if law-abiding citizens were limited on how many bullets we can have in our guns.  These eight thieves won’t follow that law.

What would have happened if this neighbor had only a few bullets in his gun?

NRA-ILA; Crime

-Two men knocked at the front door of a Memphis home at about 6 PM.  A woman opened the door and one man forced his way inside.  The intruder put a gun against the woman’s neck.  The male homeowner heard the woman scream.  Fortunately, he was armed and stepped toward the front door.  The homeowner shot the armed intruder several times.  The dead assailant had a long criminal record including arrests for aggravated burglary and aggravated assault.

Anti-rights activists say we would be safer if our guns were disassembled and locked in a gun safe.  Did this man have time to open a safe?

-A North St Louis county homeowner heard two men loudly bang on his front door.  The homeowner had recently moved into the home.  He didn’t recognize the men and wasn’t expecting visitors at 10:30 in the morning.  Fortunately, the homeowner was armed when the two thieves smashed through the back door of his home.  The armed burglars shot at the homeowner.  The homeowner shot back and killed one of the thieves.  The second thief ran and was arrested by police a few days later.  He was wanted for several recent robberies.

Drug gangs shoot ten thousand people each year, yet anti-rights activists say we would be safer if honest citizens were disarmed.  Does that make sense to you?

-Three masked men entered a Family Dollar store late at night.  One of the thieves pointed a gun at the store clerk and demanded the money in the cash register.  Fortunately, one of the customers standing in line was armed with a gun of his own.  He pointed his gun at the robbers, but the three thieves turned and ran before the armed customer could fire.  Police in Newport News, Virginia said these three thieves were wanted for a string of similar robberies.

The armed customer saved lives without firing a shot.  Would we really be safer if honest citizens were disarmed?

report on citizen self-defense every week.  My next article about ordinary citizens stopping mass murder will be out in a few weeks.

Rob Morse: Rob writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Clash Daily and on his SlowFacts blog. He co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast. He is an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.

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Antonio Miles

I have collected over 105 news reports from across the country so far this month of people using DGU to protect themselves.

2nd Amender

Take your mere, Paul. And be sure to make an appointment with your psychiatrist.

Your negativism is certainly leading you into despair.

Paul G.

Trolls?? How sad that you cannot endure a mild rebuke to those who only tell one side of a long and bloody story of those who use their freedom for an incredible amount of evil. For every righteous use of a firearm, how many accidental injuries, deaths, murder, including self-murder called suicide. God has bessed America with the commands to repent and submit to His Son. Obey today or perish!!


Paul G sounds just like John C who was trolling this site for a while..Be carefull and don’t feed the TROLLS..I like JonG and his term troll slobber..God Bless the USA.


PaulG : I agree with your first comment, but overall, the condescending tone of your post allows me to dismiss it as Troll slobber. Why don’t you post those numbers and make your point?


I’ll grant that many in the far Left have JEWISH NAMES – but most have NOTHING to do with Judaism, know nothing about it, and are an embarrassment to Torah observant Jews. We observant Jews are uniformly socially conservative; our social values actually resemble those of Christian fundamentalists. If I had to live where Jewish education was not available, I would much prefer to send my child to a Christian school. I have trained a number of rabbis in my synagogue to shoot, introduced them to active shooter drills, and several are planning to purchase handguns. Jews for the Preservation… Read more »


While the image at the top is acceptable one has to ask “What has happened in America that it makes it necessary for so many people to NEED to be armed? Perhaps we need to look at Europe for that answer? They are not allowed to own weapons and now they are over run by RAPE GANGS imported by their own criminal governments. Which is what good honest law abiding citizens WILL NOT ALLOW in America no matter how hard the Zionist Owned Government tries to force them on us. There will come a reckoning and the first page of… Read more »

Mike Murray

The stories are nice, but…
Apparently the woman pictured at the top can’t afford a concealed carry purse, or hasn’t been educated in the necessity of having one. This is not a good picture.


In the email that was sent to me please note that the depiction of the female carrying a handgun in her purse is pointing the firearm at the man walking behind her (that would be anyone walking behind her). That method of carrying should not be depicted and should be discouraged as it clearly is not safe. Please think before publishing these images.

Paul G

Those are sad stories with great endings.
I’m requesting that you also report on the accidental shootings, homicide in the home,
and self-murder that have also occurred by
those who have a FOID card and their legal
guns that come with it. How do the statistics
compare?? Thanks!


An average of 2.5 million crimes are prevented or curtailed each year by armed citizens.
These crimes would otherwise be successful !!!!!
It takes twenty seconds for an armed killer to kill you,
it takes twenty minutes for the police to arrive, “and then draw a chalk line around your dead body” !!!

D. Murphy

The news never reports these stories, does not fit the democrats narrative.

Chuck M

I love these feel good stories, Happiness is seeing the blank stare
of a bad guy laying horizontal, with his heart turned off.