5.11 Raven Range Tights. – Review By Amanda Lynn

By Amanda Lynn
5.11 Raven Range Tights Review

Amanda Lynn models 5.11 Raven Range Tactical Yoga Pant
Amanda Lynn models 5.11 Raven Range Tactical Yoga Pant
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AmmoLand Gun News

United States -(AmmoLand.com)- As I crouch down, rifle ready, with the snow dusting in my face, anticipating the next few moments of my coyote hunt in Southern Ontario, the last thing on my mind is my comfort level.

One of the most popular items at SHOT Show this year were the 5.11 Raven Range Tights, and I speak from experience as I was continually stopped by many, women and men, asking where, and when they will be available. The phenomenon is the comfort of this material allowing the flexibility, durability and compression where you need it most. My knees suffer from having a lack of cartilage to support my daily routines so wearing these tights and putting on the miles I do, I do not notice one bit any sort of irritation or discomfort when it comes to my knees.

5.11 Raven Range Tights

I am an athlete, Motorsports enthusiast and hunter so this Raven Range Tight will suffice as an all around in a layering system and as a stand alone pant.

As an athlete, the 5.11 Raven Range Tights has become the perfect training partner in running and lifting weights, allowing for 100% free range movement and support. This also is available in a capri which will be my next purchase for the summer months.

5.11 Raven Range Tights
Amanda Lynn warm and supported with 5.11 Raven Range Tights underneath her snow camo.

In my hunting world, these tights are great under my bibs for the winter season giving me support and warmth or as a stand alone pant in the spring and fall seasons.  Question is : Do they come in camo yet?

I do participate in fishing events, and this same incredible tight is the perfect combination under my Cabela’s Guidewear for protection, warmth and support on the water in the early and late season derby events.

Motorsports! I cannot wait to jump on my Kawasaki Ninja or my Polaris ACE and be absolutely 100% comfortable riding for many hours at a time, I have already replaced my regular riding boot with the 5.11 Tactical boot and now there is no doubt this is the perfect match for riding season.

YES! 5.11 Tactical Yoga pants are aptly named with their broad elastic waistband that provides great belt support at the range or on the water.

For my lifestyle there are so many uses that I plan to have the 5.11 Raven Range Tights in my wardrobe in every color.

5.11 Raven Range Tactical Yoga Pant
5.11 Raven Range Tactical Yoga Pant

About 5.11 Tactical:

With offices around the globe, 5.11 Tactical works directly with end users/operators to create purpose-built apparel and gear designed specifically to enhance the safety, accuracy, speed, and performance of first responders and tactical enthusiast worldwide. 5.11 Tactical products exceed rigorous and exacting standards, which have allowed the brand to establish a reputation for innovation and authenticity, and become the premier choice for Duty-Driven professionals. Connect with 5.11 Tactical on Facebook, #511tactical, Twitter @511Tactical and on Instagram @511Tactical.

Learn more about 5.11’s best-selling tactical gear and accessories at www.511tactical.com.

About Amanda Lynn:

Amanda Lynn is a proud Cabela’s Canada Pro Staff member, Outdoors & Fitness Ambassador, Official Ambassador of the Toronto Sportsmen’s Show, 5.11 Tactical, Bear Archery, FXR Outdoors, Skechers and Polaris. For more information, visit: www.amandalynnmayhew.com.


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That ass is amazing! She clearly works very hard for it.


These pants obviously have high tensile strength across the horizontal axis. ….

Bill Butler

That is one wide load of yoga pants.


Sadly that image makes it look as if Amanda just got off a cattle drive.


Yup.amanda is a friend of mine and she faithfully wears this line of clothing.very cool stuff.