A Perspective

By Carolyn Tuttle

GMS is celebrating it's 10th Anniversary and we want you to celebrate with us.
GMS is celebrating it’s 10th Anniversary and we want you to celebrate with us.
GMS – Game Management Software

Waco, TX -(AmmoLand.com)- Ten years, a decade, of GMS! We thank you for the opportunity to provide you with the best ranch management and deer breeding software technology can offer. We thank you for your feedback, input, you suggestions.

On a personal note, I would also like to thank you for teaching me about the deer breeding industry and for your patience. Ten years ago, I had no idea that the deer breeding industry existed until I was asked by a GMS client and friend to enter data into the program for him.

I attended a training session in Waco where Mike and Tom Thomas were introducing GMS, the ranch management software, and was amazed with their client-centered approach to software development. Coming from a corporate technology background, I was on the client side of software and was consistently disappointed in the promptness that client requests and questions were responded to and answered. The GMS experience was a refreshing and exciting change, and I offered assistance to Mike and Tom. A few months later, I was asked to provide tech support, and so a journey began, a learning opportunity from you, our clients, who patiently explained to me about the industry, DNA, banks, tanks, canisters, A.I., cover bucks, and so much more.

Support of the GMS suite of products continues to be a delight since Mike continues to provide the latest and greatest of features and products to help you maintain and access your farm, ranch, and/or deer breeding operation data in the most reliable, easily accessible, and professional manner.

Technology is a moving target. Being on the cutting edge of the industry does provide challenges to the development and client side of the business, so we here at GMS thank you for your patience when we hit the preverbal bump in the road. Mike is committed to you, the client, so those bumps are smoothed out as soon as possible.

The last ten years has not only brought advancements in the GMS product offerings, but it has brought a huge advancement for you, personally, as a client and your knowledge of technology. Ten years ago, the majority of our clients had never heard of a virus software, a right-click, or the safely remove hardware feature. User accounts, Windows Explorer, and other parts of the Windows operating system were foreign terms and places never visited. Smart phones, tablets, Bluetooth, Dropbox, and other wonderful technology advancements were not even on the drawing boards.

Tech support for GMS ten years ago was, therefore, not only a support opportunity, but also a teaching opportunity for me, a learning opportunity for you, in familiarizing you with Windows and how to just live with it and work with it so that it works for you. You’ve been most receptive and patient in learning, and I will add that the student has taught the teacher, as well, especially with the Apple products….you clients know who you are!

GMS product grown and our individual growth as technology consumers has served and continues to serve as an iron sharpening iron opportunity, a reciprocity of sorts where we operate under the technology umbrella, developing software, sharing ideas, and re-developing software.

The future on all fronts is challenging, bright, and exciting, and we at GMS are looking forward to it.

Thank you, again, for the opportunity to serve, help and learn.

GMS Calendar:

  • Jan. 6-7, 2016: Top 30 Whitetail Extravaganza, St. Charles, Mo
  • March 16-19, 2016: NADeFA Convention, Tulsa, Okla.
  • Aug. 17-20, 2016: TDA Convention, San Antonio

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About GMS:

GMS is a two-time winner of the Wildlife Industry Leadership & Development (W.I.L.D.) Awards for Most Innovative Technology. GMS software is considered by most industry experts to be the most user-friendly game management software on the market today. GMS helps hunting operations and land owners manage properties whose focus is on quality deer and game management (including deer farmers/breeders), organize and maintain all of the pertinent information needed to manage a successful ranch. Innovative and comprehensive, the GMS program allows users to begin quality deer management, track all aspects of a hunting property, develop plans to help maximize herd health, quantify herd ratios, compositions and age structures, develop a wildlife management plan, schedule hunts, record information in the field via Pocket PC technology and much more.

To learn more about GMS software, call 254.752.1608, email [email protected] or visit www.wildlifemanagementsoftware.com.