Anderson’s No Lube Rifle Receives Prestigious Award

Anderson's No Lube Rifle Receives Prestigious Award
Anderson's No Lube Rifle Receives Prestigious Award
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Las Vegas, NV -( Anderson's No Lube Rifle received the Rifle of the Year Award at the American Outdoors 12th Annual, Media Night at the Range event presented during Shot Show 2016.

The rifle was recognized for never needing lubrication, its ease in clean up and a more accurate rifle because of zero carbon build up.

“We shoot a lot of rifles during the course of a year and this rifle is truly revolutionizing the shooting sports industry,” says Bill Rogers, executive producer of the television show American Outdoors. “Because of their nano technology, that embeds at the molecular level in the gun, their treatment reduces friction by 85% and forms a protective barrier that eliminates the need for lubrication. And because the gun requires no lubrication, there is no oil present which would normally turn into tough-to-clean carbon once the gun is fired. As a result, the gun runs cleaner longer, the rifling in the barrel remains true and the gun cleans up in minutes in just soap and water. I see this as the #1 selling rifle in 2016,” adds Rogers.

Anderson Rifles are manufactured in Hebron Kentucky in a state-of-the-art facility which was showcased on the television show History of the Gun. In addition to complete rifle systems, they also manufacture and sell uppers, lowers and all of the parts for the AR.

We knew we had something good the first time we did a cleanup after firing our Anderson Rifle treated with RF85,” says Anderson Sales Manager Tom Steffner. “There is absolutely no carbon build up which is the real nemesis of any gun. Now we have tens of thousands of happy Anderson customers that sing praises about our rifles every day.”

In the Shoot-Out of the Century, the Anderson Rifle recently beat out the competition that resulted in an unpredictable and amazing finish:

The Shoot Out:

The Shoot-Out was quite a revelation,” comments producer and director, Chris Swainhart. “The fact that the Anderson Rifle outperformed even our wildest expectations not only confirmed that the technology was good but it also made for some very compelling video especially when we followed that up with our own 5000 rounds without oil and 5000 rounds without failure and cleaned it Anderson Style.”

Anderson – 5000 Rounds – No Lubrication:

Not only have I enjoyed firing the Anderson Rifle but I actually got to take one apart and clean it after 2000 rounds,” stated Rogers. “It was truly amazing. Clean up was fast and easy.”

Rogers, who is also a Certified Law Enforcement Armorer, was quick to point out that, “There was little to no carbon build up in the entire gun. Normally cleaning an AR can be a laborious job that your wife makes you do in the garage or even outside because of the solvent smell. I inspected and cleaned the BCG to include the the gas key, the firing pin, the gas rings and the bolt all of which had little to no build up and cleaned up with a soft toothbrush and dish soap. “This is significant,” points out Rogers. “Bolt cleaning tools that are used to scrape carbon from the gas key and other parts of the AR ultimately scrape away and shorten the life of the gun. The Anderson system will extend the life of the gun by years, keeping it more accurate and more fun to shoot. This is very exciting news.”

VideoAnderson Receiving Award at Shot Show:

About Anderson Rifles:

Anderson Rifles are proudly built in America employing a number of veterans in Hebron Kentucky. If you would like to learn more about about Anderson's No Lube Rifle, you can log onto their website at:

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4 years ago

can this be done on an existing gun or is it part of the manufacturing process.

3 years ago
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Thanks Jamie, I would like to know as well.

4 years ago

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