Armed Robber Killed by Concealed Carry Permit Holder – VIDEOS

By AWR Hawkins

Armed Robber Killed by Concealed Carry Permit Holder
Armed Robber Killed by Concealed Carry Permit Holder
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AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -( On January 22 2016, a barber and a customer opened fire and killed one of two armed men who allegedly entered the business to rob patrons.

The incident occurred around 7 pm at Next Up Barber and Beauty in Columbia, South Carolina.

According to the Columbia Police Department, customers said “two armed men wearing masks demanded and stole money from them.” And in the course of moving around to collect money and valuables from patrons, the “two armed men” were met with gunfire from two concealed permit holders who were in the barbershop. One of the permit holders was Master Barber Elmurray Bookman and the other was a customer sitting in a barber chair.

Bookman told WLTX one of the masked men asked the customer for money the customer told him it was over by another chair. When the men moved toward the other chair to retrieve the money, the customer opened fire and Bookman opened fire as well.

Bookman described it this way:

When he came to him for his money, he told him that his money was over there in the chair. When the guy walked over to the chair, that’s when he came out and shot. Then when he started shooting, I came out and started shooting.

The Columbia Police Department said, “One of the suspects was shot multiple times before running from the business and collapsing outside” and the second escaped. The one that collapsed was later pronounced dead. [Another happy ending.]

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I love movies with happy endings. This video is kind of like Clint Eastwood, Charles Bronson and Bruce Willis rolled into one.

Tom Servo

The excerpt below is from an article in the New Jersey Herald. The story of Muller is one where he was kidnapped and he escaped. His captors were involved with gang activity. Fearing for his life that retribution was at hand he applied for a concealed carry permit. New Jersey has some of the WORST gun laws in the nation! You have to have “Justifiable Need.” Our Anti-Gun Democrat State Senator Stephen M. Sweeney has a Concealed Carry Permit. What could his “Justifiable Need” be? Maybe Mr. Sweeney wrote down “I sponsor and pass Anti-Constitutional firearm laws against the law… Read more »


I wonder if the turd (bad guy) in the video got his firearm through a background check ? Do you think the turd in the video even cared about background checks ? Do you think having universal background checks would had prevented the turd from acquiring the firearm used in this crime ?

Phil Elliott

Mark,wrong Barber shop robbery. the one the First 48, the Barber was the one killed.


This is one for the good guys! On the other hand if the barber and patron had been white it would have been a hate crime and that town would have been on fire, literally and it would have been on EVERY media outlet. Then Obama would have gone on TV and said “they could have been one of my children” then cried like a little bitch and played it into some sort of gun control issue. Only 11 more months of the idiot!


Excellent….no long trial, no stupid pleas, no rehab…just justice.


My kind of justice, Bruce Willis-style.


And another one bites the dust.


I believe that barbershop incident was on the tv show “The First 48” and the barber was killed and the man getting his haircut was the intended “victim” in a revenge attack.


The only bad thing about this story is that the gun grabbing media will never report it and let people know that our guns save people’s lives and rid us of the scum on our streets. If you have a permit always carry and stay alert. A piece of paper with no gun to back it up never stopped anyone.

Eric V

Smart customer, good shooting. I hope the 2nd jack wagon gets caught, if he hasn’t already. Perps ain’t that smart and tend to run their mouths and honest folks let the police know. Hopefully that thug gets put away so good people (especially the kids who had to go through that) get their full justice .

Chuck M

Now that was a fast thinking brother, to bad they did not get the second perp.
More and more folks are protecting what’s theirs, and the bad guys are the
ones that will pay.