ATN Revolutionizes Rifle Scopes Again with the X-Sight II Rifle Scope

The ATN X-Sight II, powered by the new Obsidian II Core, utilizes High Definition Optics and the first ever HD micro-display, turning this Day / Night Rifle Scope into a true powerhouse.


ATN X-Sight II Rifle Scope
ATN X-Sight II Scope on Crossbow

American Technologies Network CorpSouth San Francisco, Calif. ( – ATN, innovators of advanced night vision, thermal imaging and digital Smart HD optics for hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, military and law enforcement, is pleased to introduce the latest innovation from its Smart HD optics line: the ATN X-Sight II in 3-14x and 5-20x. The new ATN X-Sight II is powered by ATN’s latest iteration of the Obsidian II Core, which is a highly specialized computer that is designed to run a suite of sensors and crunch huge files in the blink of an eye. It also utilizes HD optics and the first ever HD micro-display turns this day / night rifle scope into a true powerhouse. Hunters, long range shooters and tactical professionals can now make shots at ranges previously undoable with a digital or a night scope.

ATN X-Sight II on a rifle.
ATN X-Sight II on a rifle.

In regards to the original X-Sight, James Munn, President of ATN stated “One of the best features of Smart HD Optics and the Obsidian core is the upgradable firmware. This means that customers who already have the original X-Sight will be able to take advantage of some of the new features of the X-Sight II. The original unit will be fully supported and owners should expect a new firmware to be released in the coming months.”

Just like the original X-Sight, the X-Sight II takes pictures and videos, which can be uploaded to social media via Wi-Fi so that family and friends won’t miss out on the latest adventure. The X-Sight II of course still comes with a day / night vision mode, allowing the user to hunt deer during the day and hogs or predators at night.

The new ATN X-Sight II combines HD lenses, HD sensors and HD displays to give the user a full HD resolution system, creating crystal clear images and capturing millions of colors. The X-Sight II introduces the Recoil Activated Video (RAV) to help record those perfect shots. Set the video record to RAV and the system will buffer everything the scope sees. As the trigger is pulled, the user is left with a full video of what was seen before the shot was taken, the moment of and as much video after as desired. With more important things to worry about then remembering to press the record button before each shot, this new feature will revolutionize the way shot footage is taken.

Also new with the X-Sight II is the Gyro Range Finder. This patent-pending smart range finder will make the user’s life easier than ever. With only two clicks and a simple shift of the scope, the user will be able to range the target. Once ranged in, the reticle will automatically adjust its point of impact. No more guessing, chart memorization or complex calculations. Included with the new X-Sight II is ATN’s Smart Shooting Solution. Range in with the Smart Range Finder, enter the wind readings and let the Obsidian II Core do the rest. Turn through the wind, change the incline angle, adjust distance and instantaneously the point of impact will shift to provide the perfect shot every time.


Other unique features include the E-Barometer, Gyroscope and E-Compass. Activating the built-in gyroscope and image stabilization gives you a smooth image that makes it easier than ever to spot game. The E-Compass lets the user know exactly what direction to head in so one can move a little closer and get a better shot at that monster buck. The X-Sight II is also Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (4.1) enabled so the user can connect his or her phone or tablet and view everything the scope sees on their electronic device.


ATN X-Sight II Features:

X-Sight 3-14x X-Sight 5-20x
Sensor: HD 1080p ATN L130 Sensor HD 1080p ATN L130 Sensor
Magnification: 3-14x 5-20x
Field of View at 1000 Yards: 460 ft. 240 ft.
Angle of View: 9 degrees 5 degrees
Objective Lens Focal Length: 50 mm 85 mm
Display: HD Display HD Display
Day Mode: Yes Yes
Night Vision Mode: Yes Yes
Core: ATN Obsidian II ATN Obsidian II
System Resolution: 160 lp/mm 160 lp/mm
Adjustment / Pixel: ¼” 1/8”
Eye Relief: 65mm 65mm
Waterproof Rating / IP Rating: Weather Resistant Weather Resistant
Video Record Resolution: 1080p at 30 fps 1080p at 30 fps
On Board Memory: 4GB 4GB
MicroSD Card: Up to 64GB Up to 64GB
Wi-Fi (Streaming, Gallery & Controls: iOS & Android iOS & Android
Bluetooth: 4.1 4.1
Battery Life (LI-ION): 8-12 hours 8-12 hours
Battery Pack Life (16000MAH): 22+ hours 22+ hours
Dimensions: 11.56″×3.1″×3.4″ / 294×79×87 mm 11.36″×3.50″×3.45″ / 289×90×88 mm
Weight: 2.15 lbs. 2.55 lbs.
Warranty: Two Years Two Years


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      1. You can select the sights through the menu. There are multiple options available. More can be had with updates to the firmware as they make them available.

      1. Warranty is 2 years, $599 for 3-14 & $699 for 5-20. Or at least that is what we sell them for. A must have is the external battery pack for longer use, plus can charge other things for another $99. Battery pack comes with stock pack.

          1. It will not work as a you need to be able to have your eye directly to the eye cup to use the scope. There is no other option available. You would be better served by a clip on type system that allows you to use a scout scopes eye relief. That way you would not have any issues. Of course your cost would be more than this type of digital system. In fact any digital system will not work for you.

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