CAA Introduces Two RONI® Models with the SB® Tactical Stabilizer Brace®

The STAB-RONI® improves single-hand shooting performance, enhances accuracy and reduces felt recoil.

CAA Roni

Tullytown, Pa. ( – CAA, developers and manufacturers of advanced battle-tested firearms accessories, debuts two RONI® models featuring the SB® Tactical Stabilizer Brace®, enabling one-handed firing of the Micro and RECON* by attaching it to the operator’s forearm. The Stabilizing Brace provides controlled support while minimizing the accuracy robbing spin and shift that often accompanies one-handed shooting.

The Stabilizing Brace is adjustable and flexible with a hook and loop fastener for a custom fit for any user. The brace was originally designed for wounded warriors and others with a disability or otherwise incapable of securely holding a firearm. The STAB-RONI® is constructed from high quality elasto-polymers to exacting tolerances. Both models are designed for the GLOCK® 19/17 pistol.

The RONI® platform requires no pistol disassembly at all. Simply drop the pistol in the kit and it locks within seconds. Many of the features on RONI® are ambidextrous, including the trigger-guard safety, a super-fast cocking handle and right and left serrated thumb rests for better recoil control and muzzle rise. Additional features include a forward mounted extra magazine holder, integral forward flashlight mount, Picatinny rails for two sighting devices and additional side rails.

Both the Micro RONI® Stabilizer and the RONI® RECON Stabilizer are available in black. MSRP is $546.00 for the RECON and the Micro will be announced at a later date.

*The RONI® Stabilizer Brace is intended only to be used as designed as a forearm brace. The addition of a stock and/or forward grip to the RONI® RECON would convert it into a NFA controlled Short Barrel Rifle (SBR) and Any Other Weapon (AOW).

Micro RONI® Stabilizer and the RONI® RECON Stabilizer Specifications:

Model:                                MIC-RONIR-STAB             RONIR-STAB
Fits:                                    GLOCK® 17/19                  GLOCK® 17/19
Weight:                               N/A                                     49.4 oz.
Height Max:                        6.3”                                     6.3”
Length:                                                                          22”
Length Extended:              N/A”
Length Collapsed:             N/A”
Width:                                N/A”                                    2.5”
Material:                            Poly/Aluminum                   Poly/Aluminum
MSRP:                               N/A                                    $546.00

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About CAA:

CAA is the exclusive distributor of world-class, operator-tested firearms accessories. Our products are specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of tactical solutions required by the world’s armed forces, law enforcement units and weapons professionals. CAA product line includes advanced light and laser devices, bipods, handgrips, Picatinny rail systems, tubes, butt stocks, cheek rests, nonlethal personal protection and the patented RONI® pistol-carbine conversion.