CAA Micro RONI® Conversion Kit for GLOCK® 19/17 Pistol

The most compact and lightweight in all the RONI® line available in two models.

CAA Micro RONI Conversion Kit for GLOCK 19/17 Pistol
CAA Micro RONI Conversion Kit for GLOCK 19/17 Pistol

Tullytown, Pa. ( – CAA, developers and manufacturers of advanced battle-tested firearms accessories, announces the release of the most compact RONI® yet produced. The newest addition to the CAA line of pistol-to-carbine conversion kits is an extremely compact, lightweight, side-folding RONI® in two versions: the Micro RONI® and the Micro RONI® RECON*. Both conversions are fitted for the GLOCK® 19/17 pistol.

The Micro RONI® requires no pistol disassembly at all. Simply drop the pistol in the kit and it locks within seconds. The right-folding stock allows for easy concealment and carry and the pistol can be operated with the stock folded (grip, cock and shoot). Many of the features on Micro are ambidextrous, including the trigger-guard safety, a super-fast cocking handle and right and left serrated thumb rests for better recoil control and muzzle rise. A forward mounted extra magazine holder, integral forward flashlight mount, Picatinny rails for two sighting devices and additional side rails are just some of the many features packed on this compact conversion kit.

Both the Micro RONI® and the Micro RONI® RECON are available in black. MSRP to be announced.

*The purchase of a Micro RONI® and Micro RONI® RECON fall under NFA controls and state and local laws. Export of these products are controlled by the US State Department and ITAR.

 Micro RONI® and the Micro RONI® RECON Specifications:

Model:                                MIC-RONI                          MIC-RONIR
Fits:                                    GLOCK® 17/19                  GLOCK® 17/19
Weight:                               49.38 oz.                            49.38 oz.
Height Max:                        6.1”                                      6.1”
Length:                                                                           13.7”
Length Extended:              22.3”
Length Collapsed:             13.7”
Width:                                2.5”                                      2.5”
Material:                            Poly/Aluminum                    Poly/Aluminum
MSRP:                               n/a                                      n/a

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About CAA:

CAA is the exclusive distributor of world-class, operator-tested firearms accessories. Our products are specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of tactical solutions required by the world’s armed forces, law enforcement units and weapons professionals. CAA product line includes advanced light and laser devices, bipods, handgrips, Picatinny rail systems, tubes, butt stocks, cheek rests, nonlethal personal protection and the patented RONI® pistol-carbine conversion.

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Narie lopez

Is this legal in Connecticut ?

Wild Bill

This is a very old thread, but yes it functions like all the others. Why, are you feeling scary emotions?


The frame for the G17 & 19 are the same as the G22 &23. Will the G22 or G23 work in the Micro-Roni, or will the recoil be too much for the parts?


Because they do not for the other glock, I have the 21 and that does not work for me

Ted Baxter

Can you buy this without the stamp? Throw it in the attic until you get your stamp and handgun engraved.


My solution was just take the stock off but I’m not sure if that’s allowed.

Aurangzeb khan

I like this kits and I need two kits my idrs: Aurangzeb khan shalimar house #20 st#3 guldhan-e-Iqbal town university road Peshawar KPK Pakistan

Rigoberto argente

When delivery be available?


I have bought from this website , arrived in 10 business days from overseas :

byung y sung

questions as below: (for glock19)
1. price including tax stamp.
2. when delivery available.


1. No
2. I have bought from this website , arrived in 10 business days from overseas :


Where or should I say how will you add the new # to the existing pistol. There is not room on the metal plate that holds the serial # ???


What new serial number… its the same gun, just converted into a SBR, so same serial number plus it requires a tax stamp.


Is this product legal in New Jersey ?


Jrd93, yes. It’s an SBR kit, and you will need to have your tax stamp to install it.


Do you need to get an NFA tax stamp in order to use this with a glock 17/19?


You need a NFA tax stamp for thus article , HOWEVER , you have the Micro Roni Stabilizer which does not require the NFA tax stamp :


“A forward mounted extra magazine holder”

Hahaha! Nice way to integrate a forward hand grip into the Recon without it being a ‘forward grip’. Bravo CAA, bravo!

On the other hand, since the ATF is now using ‘by use’ to determine NFA status for those use arms braces…

ATF: “Its not a forward grip, unless you grab it with your off-hand. Then it is a forward grip.” 😀