CAA RONI® Civilian Pistol Carbine Conversion with 16” Barrel

The RONI® Civilian includes all the features of the original RONI® but WITHOUT the NFA paperwork!

the RONI® Civilian pistol carbine conversion for the GLOCK® 17
the RONI® Civilian pistol carbine conversion for the GLOCK® 17



Tullytown, Pa. ( – CAA, developers and manufacturers of advanced battle-tested firearms accessories, is proud to announce the RONI® Civilian pistol carbine conversion for the GLOCK® 17*, the only RONI® model that is available to the public without NFA control.

The new RONI® Civilian has a sleek “bullpup” look and has many of the features that RONI® fans have come to know and appreciate, such as easy-to-install and quick lock, four rails for lights, lasers and NVD. The Civilian also features an innovative muzzle shroud and a 16” threaded barrel. The trigger guard provides additional safety, especially during tactical moves. The collapsible buttstock has an adjustable cheek piece and a magazine holder that allows the user to quickly access and make a tactical magazine change effortlessly. Optional flip up backup sights are also available (FRS/FFS). The RONI® Civilian is available in black for an MSRP of $625.00.

*The RONI® Civilian fits the GLOCK® 17 9mm using 124 gr. +P ammo only. 

RONI® Civilian Specifications:

Model:                                RONI-C-G2
Fits:                                    GLOCK® 17
Weight:                               56.79 oz.
Height Max:                        5.5”
Length Extended:              30.3”
Length Collapsed:             27.2”
Width:                                2.5”
Material:                            Poly/Aluminum
MSRP:                               $625.00

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About CAA:

CAA is the exclusive distributor of world-class, operator-tested firearms accessories. Our products are specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of tactical solutions required by the world’s armed forces, law enforcement units and weapons professionals. CAA product line includes advanced light and laser devices, bipods, handgrips, Picatinny rail systems, tubes, butt stocks, cheek rests, nonlethal personal protection and the patented RONI® pistol-carbine conversion.

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Nicky Jose Singson

Hi Im from the Philippines just inquiring Am I allowed to order this product G2 Glock 17 16 inches barrel conversion kit from your online website? If this is allowed for civilians and it is legal and no permits needed is it possible that you can ship or transport this product internationally? Thank you.

William White

Hurry up and make one for the glock 19 please!!!wanting to buy one asap..but not wanting to spend the money on a glock 17 to use it..i have the 19 already…


I’m with you, I bought a G19 wanting it to do everything, I can buy a polymer80, but the g17 slide negstates the savings.
Im with.


Gabriel Saldana

I have the civilian and got it in my Glock 22 gen 4 .40
If that helps


Where can I find a Roni civilian model for a Glock 22 gen.4 ?


Please come out with the glock 22 version soon.

Harvey Pearson

Do you have one for a glock 21


Hi Harvey ,
We have a Roni for Glock 21 , please check here :

Thank you ,
Raphael Team


i would buy one for a g2 10mm will a barrel come with the conversion? if there is can you make it the double diamond…


do they have this for the g34?

Muneka Poya

need contacts to order the RONI C-G2


You all are insane to spend that much for what that is


When will s&w M&P version be available?


Why so darn expensive?? Do I need a threaded barrel for my glock 17 gen 3? Also… Is the above picture the actual 16″ barrel or is their more to it? I want this just for recreational use.


Yes, there is a 16″ barrel, but it’s hidden inside the plastic shell. I agree it’s expensive, but the Roni SBR kit wasn’t cheap, and this just adds even more to it. It’s not just a longer barrel, it’s boosted too. Fwiw, it doesn’t really raise the price to have a threaded muzzle, but it’s super valuable to anyone who owns a suppressor. I’m thankful for factory threaded barrels. I spent about $250 at a custom gunsmith to have one of my pistols modified with a threaded barrel. Now Ruger sells a threaded version for about $30 more than… Read more »


Need more types models for other pistols. Would love one for my glock 19!!!!!

Taylor A Ray-Jones

Any idea when there will be a g22/40 s&w version?

Franklin Nance

Anyone knows when they will come out in the 10mm?(G20/G40)
Ronni civilian.


I need one for my G22. Any idea on when it will be available?


How is that there not a video but one in you tube about the Ronni c g2 16″ not SBR so , no stamp on this Ronni for guns. Do any one know where can I find more video?


I saw a video on