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Camp Compass Academy
Camp Compass Academy
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Camp Compass Academy

Pennsylvania –  -( Please read the below letter from a retired teacher that has decided to volunteer in our charity, Camp Compass Academy.

I hope it paints a picture that makes you smile and want to keep helping me.

Know together we are making a difference!

John Annoni
CEO Camp Compass Academy

“Camp Compass is a class act non- profit organization that truly benefits kids. I have been able to witness this first hand by volunteering this year on Monday afternoons. I have watched the kids eagerly enter Mr. Masacarri’s Carpet building to attend the after school academy. The smiles and eagerness to be in the presence of Mr. Annoni and the volunteers really speak volumes. Each week I watch and help mentor center-city youth that beam with pride to be a part of Camp Compass Academy. I have seen Mr. Annoni teach respect, pride, ownership and loyalty. These are key components our youth need to become good people and citizens in our community, and they are learning it here on a weekly basis.

Mr. Annoni and Mr. Groover have both brought first hand knowledge about wildlife and hunting to the classroom. Mr. Groover shared a lesson of a deer ‘s hindquarter. He actually cut steaks and a ball roast out of the meat right before our eyes. The kids were amazed!!!!! Then, the next week he brought in some smoked jerky for us to try from the same deer. I kept thinking here I was in the middle of center-city, and Mr. Annoni brought the great outdoors to our classroom. I would have never ever thought this could be possible.

Then, another week Mr. Annoni and Mr. Groover took a few students pheasant hunting. Mr. Groover did a lesson on pheasants, and he brought in some meat for us to try. It was delicious!!!!

These were experiences that completely amazed me. First, I was thinking it is a life changing experience for these students to go on hunts with such engaging mentors. Then, to bring their hunt back and share it with their class. Where on earth does a child get an experience like this – especially a child from the city that may not have a lot?

I beam with pride knowing Mr. Annoni and his program are consistently helping so many youth in Allentown. Some of the students that started with Mr. Annoni have continued to stay in the program even though they have moved fairly far away. That is another testimony in itself. One young lady takes the bus from Bethlehem weekly so she does not miss academy, and another young man rides his bike from the high school across town. This shows dedication and speaks volumes!!!

This is not just an after school program, but a living testament about life and how people can and will help children make some outdoor dreams a reality!!!”

Retired Teacher: Denise Mitton

About Two Million Bullets:

Two Million Bullets (2MB) is a campaign that serves all hunting and shooting enthusiasts who have used and benefited from our nation’s outdoor heritage and want to see its traditions continue for generations to come. Every dollar is used to fund the organization’s operating campaign expenses, to offer youth services through the Camp Compass Academy and establish an endowment to fund America’s future expansion of our youth hunting and shooting activities.

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About Camp Compass:

Camp Compass (CC) is a nonprofit program comprised of a unified effort to assist urban, disadvantaged youth with life through a structured program. Founder, John Annoni, and his staff make a difference in the inner city by providing hunting, fishing, archery, tutoring, social guidance, and other outdoor youth activities. CC also works to foster self-esteem through positive role models and assistance in making positive life choices.

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