Cannon Safe, Inc. Promotes Gun Security at CES 2016

Providing Gun Security and Safety to Families for Over 50 Years

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Las Vegas, NV -( Cannon Safe, Inc., the leader in home safe design and technology and the largest manufacturer of secure organization safes, this week showed its ongoing commitment to providing crucial gun security and safety in the home by exhibiting at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to provide products related to gun security.

Cannon Safe, Inc. has been providing gun security and safety products for 50 years and through its subsidiary, GunVault, Inc. for 25 years, and Cannon Security Products for 5 years respectively, making them a foremost expert in gun security and valuables protection for the home.

Due to recent and ongoing political and economic uncertainty, current world events, national news related to gun control, and combined with the need for gun security in the home, demand for gun security products have risen dramatically with no foreseeable drop in the near future. Confirming this demand, Cannon Safe, Inc. in Q4 alone of last year, and through one major U.S. retailer, sold more than 80,000 units of one its more popular pistol safes, ending the year with double-digit growth over the previous year with that same retail partner. Overall sales of their large ‘Cannon’ branded home safes, built for secure, centralized organization, and their smaller quick-access safes, like the GunVault SpeedVault, MiniVault, and MicroVault brands remain in high demand.

“Americans are electing to arm themselves for personal protection amid the politically charged gun control and Second Amendment discussions that are going on throughout the country,” states Aaron Baker, CEO at Cannon Safe, Inc. “Our products provide ‘A Safer Way of Living,’ as demonstrated in our GunVault brand tagline, so that our fellow citizens can have gun security and greater safety in their home, for their children and family.”

Cannon Security Products, a subsidiary of Cannon Safe, Inc. is exhibiting at the Consumer Electronic Show running January 6-9 in booth # 20331 in the Tech East Venue at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Cannon Safe, Inc. is also showcasing their commitment to providing ultimate safe protection by announcing their “Protect Your Tech” initiative for 2016.

Thanks to Cannon Safe, Inc. the home safe now becomes a secure, organized, and centralized location for backup hard drives for maximum protection of the new, digital-age irreplaceable family keepsakes such as digital photos and digital documents.

About Cannon Safe:

Founded in 1965, Cannon Safe is the most trusted name in protection and the leader in home safe design and technology. Designed to be part of everyday life, Cannon Safe products offer ultimate protection from fire, natural disasters and theft. Cannon Safe is the only safe company to offer free parts, free labor and free freight for safes damaged by burglary, natural flood or fire for the lifetime of the safe.

Cannon Safe Inc. subsidiary brands include Cannon Safe (, GunVault (, and Cannon Security Products (