The Gunny, Glock & Creedmoor – 2016 SHOT Show Exclusive

Creedmoor Sports Ammunition
Creedmoor Sports Ammunition
Creedmoor Sports
Creedmoor Sports

USA –  -( Creedmoor Sports is proud to announce that Glock will be using Creedmoor’s line of ammunition exclusively on Industry Day at the 2016 Shooting and Hunting Outdoor Trade show (SHOT) being held in Las Vegas on January 18th. Industry Day at the Range is the largest, most influential one-day event in the hunting and shooting industry.

Industry Day has been the epicenter where gun, archery and hunting manufacturers, dealers, buyers, retailers and the media join together for one day on the range where new products are unveiled, tested and analyzed. It provides a hands-on experience that one cannot get anywhere else.

General Manager of Creedmoor Sports, Dennis DeMille, says “Given the significance of this one day event for a manufacturer, it’s imperative that the firearm and ammunition perform flawlessly. The executives at Glock know this, and after visiting our manufacturing facility and testing our ammo they decided our ammunition would do the job.”

“What a tremendous honor this is for us. We are grateful to the Glock for having that kind of confidence in our ability to produce extraordinarily reliable world-class quality ammunition.”

GLOCK, Inc. spokesperson, R. Lee Ermey,
R. Lee Ermey,

We are also proud to announce that “The Gunny”, R. Lee Ermey, is now Creedmoor Ammunition’s Official Spokesman.

The Gunny, probably having fired more types of firearms and ammunition than any other living human being on the planet, knows a thing or two about ammunition.

For him to call Creedmoor Ammunition HIS ammo should tell you all you need to know about our high quality standards.

If you have questions about our dealer pricing, please give us a call at 1-800-273-3366 or visit us at

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walter odinokow
walter odinokow
5 years ago

Is there going to be a GEN5 glock for the FBI gun tests?