Doug Turnbull-Restored Parker ‘Lifter Gun’ From 1869 for Auction

Doug Turnbull-Restored Parker “Lifter Gun” From 1869 Offered as SHOT Show “Western Heritage” Shotgun.

Doug Turnbull-Restored Parker 'Lifter Gun' From 1869 for Auction
Doug Turnbull-Restored Parker ‘Lifter Gun’ From 1869 for Auction
Hunting Heritage Trust
Hunting Heritage Trust

USA –  -( A superb Parker side-by-side “Lifter Gun” manufactured in the heart of Gun Valley in 1869 has been restored to new condition to serve as the 2016 SHOT Show Auction “Western Heritage” shotgun and is currently available for viewing and bidding on

The special “Western Heritage” shotgun combines the history of a Parker Brothers shotgun from 1879 with the renowned artisanship and “history recreation” of Turnbull Manufacturing. Turnbull has taken this historic “Lifter Gun” and brought it back to the condition in which it would have left Parker’s Hamden, Connecticut factory in 1879.

The 12-gauge side-by-side features 29 ½” barrels and Turnbull’s signature color-case hardening. Original plans called for Turnbull to create a conventional short-barreled “coach gun” in keeping with the 2016 SHOT Show Auction “Western Heritage” theme. Doug Turnbull contacted well-known classic arms dealer John Puglisi in search of the perfect coach gun and Puglisi suggested Doug should consider this rock solid “Lifter Gun”.

“John was not keen about reducing the barrel length on this classic Parker and when I saw how original and tight it was, I had to agree with him”, Turnbull explained. “Then I thought, heck, there’s no law saying you couldn’t have a Coach Gun with 29 ½” barrels.”

The fine Parker Lifter Double Barrel is a 12 gauge with original 29 ½” – inch Damascus barrels. Butt and forearm are original and have been refinished to Turnbull’s high standards. The original butt stock has nice grain and remains tight to the frame. Steel butt plate also refinished to Turnbull standards. The action is as solid as a vault and the side locks are perfect with strong springs and fine firing pins. All markings on the action, barrel address and water tables are perfectly clear. Checkering is original and sharp on forearm and on the classic round knob pistol grip. Original hammers are in excellent condition. The lifter and pin are tight and the lifter engagement is smooth.

Complementing the Parker is an exquisite hand-tooled shotgun slip by Karla Van Horne of Purdy Gear Custom Leather Goods. Many fans and collectors of fine hand tooled holsters and accessories are familiar with the collector-quality of Ms. Van Horne’s work at Purdy Gear and the reputation she has developed during more than 40-years practicing her craft.

The SHOT Show Auction Parker may be viewed at

The auction will close on the final afternoon of the SHOT Show, Friday, January 22, 2016. SHOT Show auction items will be on display at the booth #15147 at the SHOT Show.

The SHOT Show auction is administered for the National Shooting Sports Foundation by the Hunting Heritage Trust.

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john carr

Alan, I’ll send you a couple buck if it will help you out.


Mr. Turnbull did an excellent job on that fine shotgun and I for one am glad he did not shorten the barrels! Wish I had the spare change laying around to bid on it.

Patrick J Kelly

I’d like to find a reliable gun value appraiser who specializes in Parker shotguns. Can you give me details on who is the best and how to contact them?