Firearms Policy Coalition Announces Opposition to New ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban

California Bullet Button
California Bullet Button
Firearms Policy Coalition
Firearms Policy Coalition

SACRAMENTO – -( Today, Firearms Policy Coalition announced its opposition to a new gun control bill that would expand the reach of California’s ban on so-called “assault weapons” to all semi-automatic centerfire rifles with detachable magazines, including “Bullet Button”-equipped firearms.

Assembly Bill 1663, authored by California Assemblyman David Chiu (D-San Francisco), is sponsored by Attorney General Kamala Harris. Harris is running to replace Barbara Boxer in the United States Senate against Rep. Loretta Sanchez and a number of Republican challengers.

Other recent attempts to expand California’s “assault weapons” ban failed passage in the Legislature or were vetoed by Governor Jerry Brown. Senator Leland Yee, the author of one such bill, pleaded guilty last July after being indicted on federal corruption and gun trafficking charges.

“Assembly Bill 1663 is yet another misguided attack on the civil rights of law-abiding Californians,” said Brandon Combs, president of Firearms Policy Coalition. “In the wake of a deadly terrorist attack on our soil, fringe San Francisco elitists like Assemblyman Chiu and Attorney General Harris would rather put innocent people in jail than face up to their own failed policies.”

In her press release announcing AB 1663, Attorney General Harris bragged that “over the last two years,” her Department of Justice “doubled the average number of guns seized annually.”

“We knew coming into the 2016 legislative cycle that anti-gun California Democrats would follow President Obama’s lead and wage war on law-abiding gun owners,” noted Combs. “This might be their opening shot, but we’ve defeated assaults like AB 1663 before.”

“Ultimately, the democratic process is bigger than the Attorney General’s dangerous agenda, and so are constitutionally protected rights like the right to keep and bear arms.”

Concluded Combs, “The Second Amendment is just so crystal clear, there is no debate, no discussion.”

People who oppose AB 1663 can take action or learn more at FPC’s website,

Firearms Policy Coalition ( is a grassroots 501(c)4 nonprofit public benefit organization. FPC’s mission is to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, especially the fundamental, individual Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

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Virgil Maldonado

I’ve seen bouth side’s of this “BILL” and it’s not of credit to. the men and women that have given us ALL the rights of Haveing firearms. This is not Canada or grate British power of the qween. We got our rights buy a fight against the crown. Hello !!! You trader to and ALL those we have loss and shead blood. I love my country and the power of being able to vote. As we did with water gate. OBAMA must be and should be in peaced and tryed as a trader to the people and country. We have… Read more »

Michael L

If anyone believes that the current actions of the elected officials are in the publics best interest are fooling themselves. These are the same people that think the Civil War of 1860-1865 was fought over one issue alone, slavery. Nothing could actually be further from the truth. The War Between the States began because the South demanded States’ rights and was not getting them. After the Battle of Antietam in September 1862, when Abraham Lincoln decided to free the slaves in the Confederate States in order to “punish” those states for continuing the war effort. The war had been in… Read more »


OR… A criminal does whatever he wants.

South Tex

“Safe and Sane” Prop Gun Firearms Act I strongly urge everyone in Cali to force the Movie Industry to follow the same gun laws. If you could add that simple law, the next gunfight will show clips of 10 rounds being swapped out with bullet button legal tools. Such a movie would be funny to watch as the grandfathered AR or AK from the 1980’s go up against a 10 round bullet button AR. I am very serious that you all should push such an amendment on the next new set of annual gun laws your government passes every year.… Read more »

Thom Paine

“California legislators would follow Obamas lead , and wage war on gun owners” . Stand by for a major reversal coming soon, I think! Armed Americans waging war on leftist Democrats and Rhinos. There that’s better ! Yes ,and mark my words they are bringing it to bear !


The Hell with a vote; let’s just put D. Trump in office by Executive Action! That seems to be the only way BHO gets his way, so it must be legal!


That border fence Trump wants to build needs to outline California.
Any questions???


Hey Cody, why not? We’ve already given them the Panama Canal….

Howard Wolf

It’s amazing! Those politicians who would deny us the right to defend ourselves, our families, our neighbors and our country, have glazed over eyes when it comes to providing Iran, a declared enemy of our country, with $150 billion. That money will allow them to purchase the a wide assortment of advanced, sophisticated weaponry that will ultimately be used to kill Israelis and Americans.

Take your pick. This is either a profoundly evil group, or a devastatingly stupid one. In either case, they must be gotten rid of in the next election.

Randall Scott

O.K. Donald Trump has some rough edges. But do you really want Hillary Clinton to be your President? E-mails on an unauthorized server, Bengazi, early resignation, etc.. We do not trust her. Absentee ballots count, too. Now more than EVER, your vote counts!!!!

Randall Scott

In 2002, I thought that Hayne vs. Pleasanton addressed this issue. Most “assault” weapons used in crimes are stolen and can be obtained in ANY state. Hi-cap magazines may be purchased legally in AZ, NV, OR, WA, etc.. Hollywood creates some of the most violent movies and TV shows. Game manufacturers, too. But lawmakers don’t even attempt to curb “entertainment” violence because it would effect donations from their Hollywood friends as well as profits from violent entertainment. Maybe CA should “ban” real and prop weapons used in movie prop houses. Hawaii-Five 0 has the latest and greatest firearms gadgets! And,… Read more »


It really doesh’t matter whether our side votes or not. All those illegal aliens and imported Mujahedin vote Democrat, which is the reason for allowing them to enter and stay here. I don’t even regard the Demokratik Peoples’ Republik of Kalifornistan as part of America.


The people of California better learn who to,and who not to vote for, real soon !

Cody s

Lets just trade california to china and call this whole debt thing even. That fixes 2 major problems at once. Fix the debt, and make an honest state out of California.


For those of you that “stereotype” all Californians as nut jobs; DON’T. It just shows how ignorant you are. There are many of us that support, defend & fight for our 2nd Amendment rights every day. If we give up they win. Make no mistake that will not happen as long as I am taking in oxygen.


Ii live in Mexicornia and own several Firearms that are not compliant with state laws and never will become as long as I own them. I have never converted them and never will. I Will never comply with their Commie laws. All the legislators can pound sand and take permanent Dirt Naps.


I have been told that California was the land of Fruits and Nuts and now they have proved it.


Actually, the magazine release button, to be compliant in CA, has to be depressed with a “tool” which can include a bullet. The center of the MRB is recessed so it requires a tool to detach the magazine. It’s supposed to slow down the changing of magazines and prevent exactly what happened in San Bernadino.


Commiefornia does not allow its law abiding gun owners to have sporting rifles with normal magazine release buttons. The rifles have to be modified so magazines are semi-permanently attached and have to be removed with tools, and not by hand. (I’m paraphrasing the law here) Clever gun smiths came up with the “bullet button” modification that meets stata laws. A tool, in this case the bullet tip, is used to push the mag release. It was their solution to draconian laws from the liberals who were trying to get rid of evil-black-sporting rifles.


I’m long out of California , best I can do is just shake my head at what the leaders are doing …. Take note folks, OREGON has a couple of real BONEHEADS drafting a new law that gives ANYONE the chance to turn you in to the Government if they think you are having a “mental health emergency ” ……. two of those folks are Ginny Burdick and her best friend Pozanski ( both having mental health issues ) … these two need to be working at Walmart not in Salem ! This is Germany all over again, I’ll pack… Read more »


So tahts what they call the Magazinw release now is the “bullet button”! I never knew in the 60 years of owning guns that us what it was called. I guess I should become a Democrat, see how much smarter I would be? Actually changing the name of a part dies not make it more dangerous and only adds fuel to the fire of how absolutely dumb Democrats really are. Dens! Get a life, get a real job, in fact get a Mental Health check cause you people truly are nuts!


We own these firearms , they are our property , we have a right to property . Make all firearms owners criminals , we should just have a civil war then. There is no more compromise, no more permitting , no more allowing us to enjoy our property . This is about freedom and we are far from free in this Socialist Fascist government our parents and grand parents allowed to infect this country. Through income tax , property tax , permits , zoning and redistribution of wealth from the middle and upper class to the poor. Giving poor so… Read more »