Flambeau Outdoors Releases the A.P.E. – a Silent, Powerful & Intelligent Electric UTV

Flambeau Outdoors Releases the A.P.E. – a Silent, Powerful and Intelligent Advanced Performance Electric UTV
Flambeau Outdoors Releases the A.P.E. – a Silent, Powerful and Intelligent Advanced Performance Electric UTV
Flambeau Outdoors
Flambeau Outdoors

Middlefield, OH -(AmmoLand.com)- Flambeau Outdoors introduces the all-new Advanced Performance Electric UTV for 2016.

Built from the ground up for brutal torque, nimble off-road handling and extreme durability, the A.P.E. is no jerry-rigged golf cart trying to pass as a UTV – it’s an entirely different beast.

Whether it’s getting to the treestand before first light or taking care of business on the back forty, the A.P.E. does it better – without the noise and exhaust of a combustion engine, without the underwhelming performance compromises of lesser electric UTVs.

The 48-volt high-efficiency AC-induction motor produces 26 horsepower, and with peak torque delivery available from a standstill, that translates to an instant, and almost downright intimidating, throttle response. This extremely low-maintenance compact motor doesn’t have a redline to stay below and is even tested submersible to 10 feet.

Three intelligent power modes regulate battery output: LOW unleashes 100 percent torque with a 10-mph top speed, HIGH allows for an 18-mph top speed and MAX RANGE allows for more than 50 miles of driving on a single charge (range varies with driving conditions). These power modes allow amperage output to be tailored to the job at hand, extending the A.P.E.’s range while allowing it to meet head on a variety of different performance demands. A.P.E. also comes standard with a unique Stealth Mode that limits top speed to 3 mph – perfect for silent cruising and harnessing the A.P.E.’s incredible torque in low-traction situations.

Four-wheel independent suspension, on-demand 4×4/2WD with limited slip front differential and four-wheel hydraulic disk brakes lay the foundation for a lively and capable chassis. And after clawing up the steepest terrain, A.P.E.’s regenerative braking helps top off the batteries on the way back down.

“Anyone who manages land for wildlife knows the importance of reducing human pressure on that area and has probably seen how noise and exhaust can spook game animals,” said Flambeau Outdoors Marketing Director Kim Norton. “With our new A.P.E. E-UTV it’s much easier to slip in and out of the woods over any kind of terrain to check trail cams, set stands or work on food plots without broadcasting our presence.”

For farmers, ranchers and other active landowners, the A.P.E.’s silent operation allows work to start at dawn without a loud motor to disturb guests, neighbors or livestock. A.P.E.’s utility features include a dump bed and 1,000-pound payload capacity. A standard onboard charger allows easy plug-in charging anywhere without the need for a special charging station. The A.P.E. is also a street-legal low-speed vehicle, opening up additional avenues for use.

An industry-first, A.P.E. also comes equipped standard with an advanced battery filling system. Insufficient maintenance is the most common cause of battery failure. The A.P.E.’s interconnected, valve-regulated fill system makes periodic battery fluid maintenance easy. Instead of manually filling all eight batteries individually, water flows through a single connection, filling each cell accurately and efficiently. The whole process takes less than one minute.

A.P.E. is being unveiled this month at ATA and SHOT Shows and will be available to consumers July 2017. MSRP is $15,999 for a fully loaded unit with a Mossy Oak Break-Up Country body dip, 3,000-pound winch, quick hitch, removable rear safari seats, brush guard, bow rack and more.

For additional information, contact Chris Hrenko at Pale Morning Media – [email protected], (802) 583-6069.

About Flambeau Outdoors:

Flambeau, Inc. is a member of Nordic Group of Companies, Ltd. Nordic Group (headquartered in Baraboo, Wisconsin) is a privately held holding company consisting of subsidiaries with 22 facilities, and 23 marketing units around the world with over 2,400 associates. Nordic Group companies manufacture and distribute plastic, seating and transportation products worldwide for industrial, commercial and consumer markets. Flambeau Outdoors, a division of Flambeau, Inc., is a widely recognized manufacturer of quality, innovative outdoor products for the hunting and fishing enthusiast.

For more information, visit: www.FlambeauOutdoors.com/en.

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Where can I see one? After all the hoopla about it, where the hell is it?

mike C Rogers

how much for a basic unit

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How much

Patrick Brackey

How much for the basic Wolverine X4 SE electric utv