Gun Control and Rape Facts

By Don McDougall

Woman Attacked
Gun Control and Rape Facts
Don McDougall
Don McDougall

United States -( One of the Presidential candidates commented that an increase in rapes was one of the results of the Australian gun confiscation.

The Anti-Gun left jumped into full swing to discredit this candidate’s comments. I read some of the most bizarre and inventive discussions as to why the candidate HAD to be making it up.

One reviewer gave the original statement 4 Pinocchio’s base solely on the concept that the reviewer was incapable of reading at a 3 yr grade level. Dear Anti-gunners…Not liking a statement does not make it untrue.

So below are two tables, once showing the RISE in rapes in Australia from 1997 to 2007. The other shows the drop in rapes in the US. No spin just facts.

Rapes in Australia – 1995 to 2007, the source, is the Australian Institute of Criminology:

Rapes in Australia – 1995 to 2007
Rapes in Australia – 1995 to 2007

The following table is of crime in the U.S., including rape and murders, the source if the FBI unified crime report. The rapes are in BLUE:

The following table is of crime in the U.S., including rape and murders, the source if the FBI unified crime report. The rapes are in BLUE
The following table is of crime in the U.S., including rape and murders, the source if the FBI unified crime report. The rapes are in BLUE


This simple fact is Australia had a massive gun confiscation and rapes increased by half or more over the next decade. While the US saw a fifty percent drop in rapes while the number of guns owned by American DOUBLED.

A woman in Australia is now FOUR TIMES more likely to be sexually assaulted than in the US!

As yourself this question. What would a fourfold increase in rapes do to American Society? If you’re a woman why are you voting for a candidate that would prevent you from protecting yourself?

Crime and Guns is a complex relationship; it is not as many people expect. Many on the Anti-Gun tell us all that more guns equal more crime. Seemingly willing to ignore that the number of guns has increased by 50% since Obama was elected while crime continues to drop.

25 years ago I had a beer with an old retiring Sheriff. He told me a story of how the price of initiation for the local gangs was to kidnap a girl. The younger and prettier the better. No one wants to think about what happened to her in the week or so they held her before her body was found. Strapped for manpower and with a code of silence bottling up any leads the LEOs put up ads in the local papers, in English and Spanish, announcing they were now going to pass out CCWs to women. Classes were announced and Refuse to be a Victim courses were also schedules.

Before a single permit was issued the local gangs stopped the kidnappings. The fear that a woman might have a gun was enough to change the actions of the criminals.

SO buy a gun, learn how to use it and store it safely, add to your own protections. Our Law Enforcement are the bravest and most selfless men and women we have. But they cannot be everywhere at once.

About Don McDougall:

Don McDougall is an NRA instructor and member of the Los Padres “Friends of the NRA” committee. If he’s not at the range you will find him setting the record straight with on gun issues and gun safety on AmmoLand Shooting Sports News.

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Lopping off limbs is covered in Sharia law for theft. Muslims are not supposed to kill Muslims only Infidels. Just enforce the laws on the books and honest citizens will still be honest citizens. Nothing is going to stop a bully but brute force, Nothing is going to stop evil but death. Any thoughts to the contrary is a waste of time and effort. Trying to REASON with a progressive is also a waste of time, you treat them as bullies and beat the crap out of them with as big a club as you are capable of wielding. It’s… Read more »

don in la

If you remove suicides and gang killings the number of gun death is in the US is under 2,000.


Pete, who are you saying has 29 per 100,000 gun homicide rate? Australia is 1.1, and the U.S. is 3.8, per 100k It would be interesting to see what would happen to the U.S. numbers, if you removed all homicides committed with illegally aquired/owned firearms. The gun homicides per 100k would drop SIGNIFICANTLY. Ironically, as well, most of those homicides committed with illegal guns, take place in cities with the most restrictive gun laws in America. Even in Washington D.C., when the Supreme Court over-turned DC personal firearms restrictions… within 1 year of those gun law repeals, violent crime in… Read more »


Who cares whether we draw any conclusive correlation or not. In the U.S., violent crime went down in near correlation to the rise in states passing Conceal Carry laws. Until the economy tanked… the FBI Violent Crime stats showed a near 50% reduction in violent crime, from the levels FBI tracked in 1995. People can believe what they want. In Kansas, folks were freaking out because of the passage of “Constitutional Carry” and carrying on about how it was going to be like “The Wild West”. I like to point out, that good ol Bernie Sanders state, Vermont, has had… Read more »

Author OP

Most of the anti-gun comments here do nothing but SUPPORT the original article. Fewer guns in Australia equals more crimes. More guns in the US equals less crime. You can spin and nip pick all you want but the basic facts remain the same.


There are a number of assumptions and misunderstandings made in this article that could be clarified. The term sexual assault covers all forms of non consenting sexual behavior in Australia not just rape. If you look at the Australian Criminology Institute’s figures before 1996 sexual assault was rising steeply then in 1996 stopped rising until 2000 when it increased then plateaued out again What actually was restricted in Australia in 1996 were semi automatic and high powered assault rifles in response to mass killings of which went from about 1 a year to none since 1996. Hand guns have… Read more »


So! The rape in Australia went down then? Is this what your saying when you say “very dishonest”


Rick, “…who completely agree that we desperately
need a way to minimize the chance that guns will get into the hands of bad guys”.
I have a very simple solution. When a “bad guy/gal” is caught with, or using a firearm, cut off their hands. This will literally keep guns out of their hands!


I think the best supporting evidence to prove that anytime you take weapons away from civilians that CRIME, including Rape and Sexual Assaults will increase is what is currently happening in Europe with the “syrian refugee” or more accurately “muslim refugee” crisis. Why do you think these islamic thugs think they can just go around sexually molesting women without fear of people defending themselves? And not just defending themselves with lethal force but even with something as simple as pepper spray! Because of the strict anti- firearm (and anti-pepper spray) laws that exist there! These thugs exploit the fact and… Read more »


Do you have any fire extinguishers? Ever have need of one and not have it?. A personal weapon is in a higher category than that. You may never need it to defend yourself or others, but should that occasion arise, don’t be like Dr. Hupp (survivor Luby’s Cafe massacre)

What ya going to do when one of “o”boy’s refugees decides to shoot or slice up everybody in the mall? allah akbar don’t mean “hit the floor and pray he gets tired before he gets to you. Remember Charlie Hebdo and the later Paris butchery.

OP author

The confiscation by the Australian government took about 20% of their guns. As those guns (mostly old and obsolete) have been replaced with new modern firearms the number of rapes has DROPPED back to mid 1990 levels.


Well said Pepe. Would we even be having this discussion if it were being suggested that only politicians should have free speech rights or miranda warnings? Whenever our rights are chipped away there is a quantum shift in equality between those who have political power and those who don’t. Our Founders attempted to enshrine certain “unalienable” rights and safeguard them against government intrusion. “We the People” have failed to protect them as some of the most important freedoms we have. The time to push back is long overdue.


The anti’s will pry them “Out of My Cold Dead Hands”


its not about enthusiasm, its about protecting our-selves..if you want to keep a bad guy from hurting people, stop putting road blocks in front of the good guy..


Straight from Australia Government.
Sexual Assaults (called rape in the U.S.) went up and did not drop again until around 2004, which, by the way. is when the number of guns was back to pre-confiscation levels.
There are now more guns in Australia than before the confiscation.


As already pointed out the alleged support for this article is statistical sleight of hand of the highest order.

A. Comparing different time frames. Especially poor is showing Australia from essentially when they introduced strict gun laws provides no opportunity to see if the numbers were already rising. That chart proves nothing
B. Showing Australian raw numbers versus US rates. With Australia growing at about 5% per year it’s natural for total numbers to also rise.

In all a very dishonest piece.


Rick, the charts show crime going down while gun ownership went up in America and rape going up after guns were removed from private ownership in Australia. The fact that 2 different countries use different ways of showing the stats, shouldn’t make a difference, when looking at the results. Are you saying that the number of rapes could have gone down if the chart was written differently? I don’t see how that’s possible. You also state “Left extremists want no one to have guns – for any reason whatsoever ever ever.” wrong, the left wants a special superior class of… Read more »


A few questions about your tables. Not about their authenticity but about specific data points you chose to use. The problem with isolating data to prove a point is that it rarely tells the whole picture. This is a problem on BOTH SIDES – not just yours. My first question is why you chose to show the two charts from the two countries over different time periods. You show the Australian chart running from 97 through 07 – You show the American chart from 91 through 2010. If you take your American chart show it from 97 – 2007 (same… Read more »