Gun Crime Convictions Down More Than 33 Percent, but Gun Control Rhetoric Up

By AWR Hawkins

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Gun Crime Convictions Down More Than 33 Percent, but Gun Control Rhetoric Up
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -( Gun crime convictions are down more than 33 percent compared to a decade ago, but the Obama administration’s gun control push has risen sharply.

In fact, Politico reports that next week, Obama is expected to announce executive gun control to broaden background checks and put new regulations on licensed gun sellers.

According to The Washington Times, gun crime convictions “[peaked] at 9,206 a decade ago”–under George W. Bush–but fell “to 6,002 in fiscal year 2015.” And one reason for the lower number of convictions is that prosecutors “are simply bringing fewer cases” under Obama.

For example, “Of the two most common federal gun offenses–illegally selling a firearm or using one in connection with another crime–the number of cases dropped from 11,067 in 2004 to 8,078 in 2014.”

According to Syracuse University’s Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC) Reports, annual gun crime convictions under Obama have never matched the number of convictions secured under Bush in 2008–and 2008 was not even Bush’s best year for securing convictions.

The number of convictions in 2008 topped 8,000. Obama has only had two years with over 7,000 convictions, and the rest of his annual numbers were in the 6,000 range.

Yet the gun control push is relentless. In addition to the highly anticipated executive gun control–coming next week–Obama has been calling on Congress to expand background checks, add the no-fly list to current gun controls, and ban the sale of “assault weapons,” which Obama calls “weapons of war.”

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Masha44 is correct. The treaty that ended World War I included a requirement to disarm all German private citizens. The new German government (the administration prior to Hitler) was slow to implement that disarmament, so in 1923 the Allies (by diplomatic and economic sanctions) forced the German leadership to finish disarming its citizens. Gun-control was already in place when Hitler took final power in 1933, and he initially retained that control unchanged. In 1938, Hitler first strengthened existing gun-control even further, with draconian legislation, for a short time. By the end of 1939, he eased gun-ownership restrictions for “trustworthy” citizens… Read more »


Hippybiker- unfortunately that Hitler quote is an urban myth. He never said that. However, he didn’t need to. It was the previous administration that implemented strict gun control and Hitler expanded on those existing laws in 1938. Hitler never disarmed all of Germany either. He exempted all Nazis from gun permits and registration laws, and only enforced those laws against the Jews and political dissidents. We need to have clarity and truth on our side in order to defeat the gun grabbers. That quote is an urban myth, but Hitler did do everything within his considerable power to disarm and… Read more »

Geoff Martins

You guys ought to try living in Australia…. we have the gun laws from hell. The knee jerk reactions probably started in 1987 following what was known as the Hoddle Street massacre (7 deaths, 19 injuries) when the Victorian Premier at the time was John Cain Jnr., a barrister by profession. He introduced the ban on “military style weapons” in Australia following the Hoddle Street incident where the weapons used were a Ruger 10/22, Mossberg Pump Action 12G Shotgun and a M14 rifle. Following this in April 1996 we had what is known as the Port Arthur massacre in Tasmania… Read more »


I often wonder if all these “Elite” Gov’t officials realize what they are doing, or not doing when defying the constitution, the Bill of Rights, ignoring our Declaration of Independence and simply, going against everything we Americans believe in? I mean, we don’t have a “Royal Family” per say, non that has been crowned by the populace or even by decree from some Gov’t officials. Every 4 years we hold elections and somebody new gets to lead, for the most part anyway. So, by them turning our Gov’t upside down and trying to make us all serfs, they are in… Read more »


More than twenty thousand (20,000) gun laws already exist… making American firearms THE most heavily-regulated industry in the entire world!

The Village-Idiot-in-Chief (well, the current White House resident, anyway) lyingly states publicly that one more law, piled on that miserable trash-heap, will somehow – magically – “do the trick” THIS time! But the Marxist Muslim knows damned-well his statement is an outright lie and that his recommended new legislation will absolutely not be effective in any way in reducing crime. He merely uses that deception to draw attention away from his actual intent… to completely disarm all American citizens.


This upcoming Executive Order is clearly a push for the democratic party for the next election. No one knows more than democrats that many people are sheep who will be thankful “something was done,” despite the outcome and the facts that lead up to it.
It’s so exasperating to be American.

dennis c

dan is exactly correct…..politicians and the media including the so called conservative media keep saying obama doesn’t get it…….they all know that he hates america and will do everything he can to destroy us……they know it but not one of them has the guts to say it……….every politician and there lackeys needs to be thrown out of the white house and we need to start all over……a new law needs to put in place …………it will be against the law for lawyers to be voted into office…………..that would be a good start…….i can think of a few others but that… Read more »


“this year will go down in history. For the first time a civilized nation has complete gun registration. Our streets will ne safer, our police more efficient and the world will follow our lead into the future.” Adolph Hitler 1939

It is estimated that i the 20th century 200 to 260 million people were killed by their own government after first being disarmed. Source JPFO


obama doesn’t give a damn about any crime stats, his agenda is “introducing communism” and turning “free America” into a government controlled society where there is “NO” more freedom without “government approval” and he’s accomplishing it by increments instead of cramming it down our throats in one day, and the “pre-dumbed down inhabitants” are accepting this, [fortunately they are still a minority]. The ONLY way this homo potus can achieve his goal is with complete disarmament of the American people, and turning them into defenseless “sheeple” All we-the-people have to do is RESIST and FIGHT BACK and NEVER GIVE IN… Read more »


Gee, if you put the criminals in jail where they belong, along with basketball fan Eric Holder, there wouldn’t be as much crime and therefore, less to complain about. Except for too many criminals in jail.


It is PAST time to tell “congress”, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!
Let there be NO MORE gun laws made. USE the gun laws that are ALREADY on the law books.
Congress better start performing their DUTIES in REPRESENTING the American People instead of, what it appears to be, filling THEIR pockets. IE: ‘reid’, ‘boehner’, ‘polosi’, ‘mcconnel’.