HEVI-Shot Reveals New Products at 2016 Shot Show

HEVI-Shot: 2016 HEVI-Duty Bullet
HEVI-Shot: 2016 HEVI-Duty Bullet

Sweet Home, OR -(AmmoLand.com)- Day 1 is here and we thought that if you can't make it to the show than you should at least get to have first peek at our latest development.

This product has been in our R&D department for years. We have been perfecting it so we can provide you with a reliable, low cost, non-toxic bullet. At this time we are starting with hand gun only. As you know though, we aren't one's to sit back on our heels and watch the grass grow. Who knows what is next?

Please click on the link below to check out our coolest new product since, well, HEVI-Shot was invented!

2016 HEVI-Duty Bullet Sneak Peek

Stay tuned for the announcements of some cool new turkey products and fantastic waterfowl offerings. This will be our week of revealing to you what we have been doing for the last year!

Happy hunting!
Kelly Sorensen
VP of Sales & Marketing

About HEVI-Shot:

The founders of HEVI-Shot were long-time waterfowlers frustrated by the poor performance of 1999-vintage waterfowl loads. In December 1999, they decided to launch a company to commercialize a revolutionary nontoxic tungsten-nickel-iron alloy developed by Dr. Darryl Amick of Albany, Oregon. Within a year, the company began producing and selling HEVI-Shot brand shotshells from a small rented space in Sweet Home, Oregon. Within two years, HEVI-Shot received national exposure through a co-brand arrangement with Remington Arms Co. In 2005, ENVIRON-Metal, Inc. took back the brand and began production and sales of HEVI-Shot products from our Sweet Home facility.

For more information, visit: www.HeviShot.com.

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