Interview with a III% United Patriots Leader – Mike Morris

By John Crump

III% United Patriots
III% United Patriots
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United States -( During the Revolutionary War it has been said that only three percent of the population took up arms to secure our country.

This number may be in dispute, but what is not in dispute is the growing number of Americans taking up this mantra to push back against what they are seeing as an overreaching government.

In these American’s opinion the government has started on the road to tyranny. Many of these citizens are former and current military members who see that joining the three percent movement is a way of upholding the oath they took to defend the Constitution of the United States.

The term Three Percenter is said to have originated by Mike Vanderboegh of the Sipsey Street Irregulars. Vanderboegh came to fame by exposing the Government’s role in funneling guns to Mexico under operation Fast and Furious. He did so by connecting whistleblowers to Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) and Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa).

Today the three percent movement has changed, but it still has its roots in what Mike Vanderboegh set it out to be. One of the biggest Patriot groups today is III% United Patriots lead by Mike Morris, who is a 20 year veteran on the Patriot movement dating back to 1999 when he came off active duty as an US Marine.

I had a chance to speak with Mr Morris and ask him some questions.

JOHN CRUMP: Hi Mike, Thank you for taking this time. Let me start out by asking you about your background.

MIKE MORRIS: My background is over 20 years in the patriot/militia movement. I am a Marine I came off active duty in 1999. I was one of the original members and sat on the advisory board for the Tyranny Response Team which also started in Colorado back in 1999. The Tyranny Response Team (TRT) can still be found in various forms today and the T-shirt you will find everywhere even Alex Jones took the design as it was such a popular statement and still holds the same bold touch today. My day job is in the information technology field which has caused quite a stir with some groups as the rumors fly about hacking and inserted government agents.

JOHN CRUMP: How did you come to find the 3% movement?

MIKE MORRIS: The 3% percent movement has been around for quite some time itself. The term was really coined and made popular by Mike Vanderboegh, with the Sipsey Street Irregulars. His organization caught the eye of Bill Clinton and the movement has just morphed from there. The 3% of today is a little different then what Mike [Vanderboegh] had started as it is more of an embodiment of folks from all walks of life and holds something for everyone with being restoration and protection of the Constitution mainly the Bill of Rights as the foundation of the movement.

JOHN CRUMP: Why did you start III% United Patriots?

MIKE MORRIS: I started 3% United Patriots (3UP) because I thought there was things missing from some of the other 3% groups that were already out there. I wanted a group that had a place for everyone from the preppers, to the protestors, to the more tactically minded members. Many of the groups out there also seemed to be more of a social club focused on increasing a Facebook presence. 3UP itself uses Facebook ( as well as Twitter ) but to me that is more of a gateway to the organization and not the reason of its existence. Our existence is in actual activities, meetings face to face, political action, community service, and training.

JOHN CRUMP: What does 3UP do?

Mike Morris wears camouflage, a load-bearing vest and magazines during a Three Percent United Patriots training day in February. (Photo: Mike Morris)
Mike Morris wears camouflage, a load-bearing vest and magazines during a Three Percent United Patriots training day in February. (Photo: Mike Morris)

MIKE MORRIS: 3UP serves the community. We can be found everywhere across the United States lending a hand where needed. We have such a broad reach everything from food and clothing collection for veterans or community emergencies to providing security for citizens that need or have requested it. There is really no limit to what 3UP can and has accomplished. We actively have worked our southern border, we have taught survival and disaster planning at community events. We have worked the Blue Lives Matters gathering and we have done search and rescue.

Now some will say that is not what a 3%er does that a 3%er should only focus on training and more tactical activities.

I disagree, we are our communities therefore we should work with and inside of our communities. We should never let go of the foundation and that is being a force, a voice, and the ultimate protectors of freedom and democracy in the United States but that shouldn’t restrict us from helping others and making this world a better place.

JOHN CRUMP: How many members does 3UP have?

MIKE MORRIS: This is a highly debated area. There is no one sign up sheet and no member’s directory which makes it hard to have one solid number. From looking at all of our websites, Facebook pages, state activities, FTX’s I put the number somewhere close to 60,000 members. The level of participation varies greatly in that number.

JOHN CRUMP: I see other 3% groups claiming they are a Militia. Is 3UP a Militia?

MIKE MORRIS: 3UP itself is not necessarily a militia. We are a patriot organization with a tactical training and operating side that can function as a militia should the need arise. We are more like the close cousin of the militia, maybe militia evolved.

JOHN CRUMP: What is the purpose of the Arizona border ops?

MIKE MORRIS: Arizona border operations is our chance to help protect and secure our southern border with Mexico. We keep it in perspective though we know that a few trips a year will not end the issues at the border but to us it is a duty that we perform. It has allowed us to work closely with Border Patrol agents, and gives a chance for members of 3UP to meet up from across the country. We have had an overwhelming positive response from Border Patrol and the local citizens. We have really been able to go down and we feel like we have made a difference like we have given something back to the community to the country and have done our small part.

JOHN CRUMP: What is the response from law enforcement?

MIKE MORRIS: The response I have received and have heard about from others has in general been very positive. We held a national FTX in Colorado last summer and many members of Law Enforcement show up and they were 100% onboard with what we were doing. We got a lot of encouragement from them. We get great feedback from Border Patrol, and have many interactions with Law Enforcement when doing Search and Rescue and some of the community events that have gone on. Again this is why the community aspect is so important to 3UP it allows people to us for what we really are and not what liberal media wants to portray us as.

JOHN CRUMP: What do you think of the state of the country?

MIKE MORRIS: This country is quickly becoming unrecognizable. It’s a sad state when a single generation can notice massive changes to their liberties and the general feel of what it is to be an American and that’s what I can see for my children’s generation. We have seen a total decay in the country of our identity as Americans. This is by design. By destroying our history, and customs and culture the liberal movement can in essence remold America into the liberal utopia they desire. This will not happen on my watch and the thousands of other patriots out there will never stand for this. This is a slow erosion and many feel that time is short before we are left in a position that we can no longer do anything about it.

III% United Patriots
III% United Patriots

JOHN CRUMP: Where do you see the country going?

MIKE MORRIS: We will take our country back. Americans have never stood for oppression and have throughout history risen to the occasion when it was time to defend what is ours, I do not think that has changed. I think as more people wake up to what is going on around them that the ability of the liberal movement to destroy our country is reduced. Our country will survive and will be a bastion of freedom once again it just may take the sacrifice of many patriots to get it there.

JOHN CRUMP: Where do you see 3UP heading?

MIKE MORRIS: 3UP will continue to grow. Our recruiting and expansion is really exploding around the country. We will continue to train others and to educate Americans that are ready to embrace their duty as a Patriotic American.

JOHN CRUMP: Who should get involved?

MIKE MORRIS: Everyone should get involved. This is not the stereotyped only old fat white men allowed. We have people from all walks of life in this organization. We want everyone from the old to the young, from the trained to the untrained we will work with you we will help you and we will accept you into our organization.

JOHN CRUMP: What are the requirements?

MIKE MORRIS: Be an American with a strong desire to restore our rights protect our rights and an unwavering sense of American pride and determination.

JOHN CRUMP: Thank you, Mike.

III% United Patriots can be found at


About John Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. He is the former CEO of Veritas Firearms, LLC and is the co-host of The Patriot News Podcast which can be found at John has written extensively on the patriot movement including 3%’ers, Oath Keepers, and Militias. In addition to the Patriot movement, John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and The Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and is currently working on a book on the history of the patriot movement and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss or at

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Ken Hahn

Can I come help please. Business owner and fit 48 and ready to defend the land and freedoms my grandfather fought for.

John subbie

I’m sorry, what years did you serve in the Corp. And, what specialized training do you have?

randy l norton

what are the requirements for being a member and who do i contact for more info


Meal Team Six

Larry Barr`
John Crump

I would suggest going to the link and contacting that state’s rep. What state are you in?


The 3 percent who took up arms to actually fight in our War of Independence is 99% correct based on historical fact. Basically at the time of our fight for Independence 40% of the population was for the king, 40% for independence and about 20% undecided fence riders. Pretty much near identical as to how our current population thinks. We are so screwed…

Christopher Lacasse

Interested in learning more. 28 year Army vet (NG, AD, Res) getting close to to retirement. Would like to know more about your organization. Thank you.