Mayor de Blasio: Hypocrite Hooked on Hollywood Cash

by Michelle Malkin

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio
NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio
Michelle Malkin
Michelle Malkin

United States -( Because the crime rate is zero, the potholes are all fixed and homelessness has been completely eradicated, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio now has time to focus on what really matters to Big Apple taxpayers: Racial quotas in Hollywood.

Social justice warrior de Blasio took to Twitter last week to lambaste the 2016 Academy Awards nominations, which did not include any black actors or actresses.

“#OscarsSoWhite says it all,” de Blasio carped. “(Wife) @Chirlane and I are sick of only one kind of America being celebrated.”

Radical race-hustling director Spike Lee is leading a boycott of the awards ceremony scheduled next month in Los Angeles. Actress Jada Pinkett Smith, whose actor/director husband Will Smith was snubbed for his performance in the NFL drama “Concussion,” took to Facebook this week to rally “people of color” not to watch or attend the gala event. Director Michael Moore hitched himself to the whiny wagon of 1 percenters. Pressure is mounting on host and comedian Chris Rock to bow out in solidarity.

A panicked Cheryl Boone Isaacs, the president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (who is black), is promising expedited “change” to mollify the grievance mob led by shakedown artist Al Sharpton.

They'll never admit it, but for the guardians of the Academy, “change” means inevitable quota-based admissions to their elite club, where new candidates must traditionally be sponsored by two current members and demonstrate “exceptional achievement in the field of theatrical motion pictures.”

The transformation is “not coming as fast as we would like,” Isaacs bleated as she vowed to take more aggressive steps to “diversify” as part of the Academy's “A2020” plan.

Is this what “people of color” in the performing arts really want?

Fealty based first and foremost on skin tone and not on talent and ability?

Specially appointed members of the Academy chosen solely because of their race, gender or oppressed status who will be beholden to vote only for fellow tokens from their respective tribes?

What exactly will make the likes of Spike Lee and company happy if not de facto or de jure Oscars quotas and affirmative action points for minority entertainers?

Do they think ghettoized new categories for “Best Black Actor” and “Best Black Actress” constitute progress and equality?

Do they honestly believe that casting doubt on the achievements of all non-white thespians who earn nominations as a result of this politically correct hectoring is good for the profession?

Now, let's call de Blasio and his bean-counting wife out on the red carpet.

If this “diversity”-driven duo is truly “sick” of Hollywood's white cis-hetero-patriarchal oppressors, are they ready to boycott the billions that the entertainment industry pours into New York City until their utopian ideals of manufactured racial parity are achieved?

In an open love letter to Tinseltown in 2014, de Blasio boasted that since 2004, “Hollywood's financial imprint on our city has grown from $5 billion to $7.1 billion.” The self-proclaimed warrior against income inequality enthusiastically doubled down on government subsidy programs to the Hollywood elite, vowing to “maintain the policies and practices that spurred this expansion while strategically investing in new projects to grow and diversify the industry.”

“Investing,” of course, means using the power of government to redistribute the hard-earned tax dollars of lower- and middle-income workers to millionaire and billionaire studio owners in the TV and film industry. On top of the city's subsidies, New York State offers myriad special tax breaks, credits, and rebates worth an estimated $420 million to lure Hollywood to the East Coast.

De Blasio's bowing and scraping bordered on an R-rating.

“In New York City, the TV and film industry has a true partner,” he gushed, “not to mention a mayor who will always be slightly in awe of the work you do.”

Hooked on Hollywood cash, de Blasio's outrage about #OscarsSoWhite is so contrived it bounces like a fake check.

As usual, the left's hashtag warriors are all show and no go.

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Michelle Malkin is author of the new book “Who Built That: Awe-Inspiring Stories of American Tinkerpreneurs.” Her email address is [email protected]


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    1. You mean people still watch these narcissist gather to pat themselves on the back for the trash they turn out? I would rather spend the evening watching my grass grow under the fluorescent lights under my patio while fighting off mosquitoes with a toothpick.

    2. You can expect more reports of ‘alleged discrimination’ as the ‘Monochrome Coalition’ gathers more ‘traction’ politically with the assistance of the media and the Democrat Party.

    3. Why do they think they have a right to a quota in this instance. They have their own BLACK ENTERTAINMENT awards show. I haven’t seen anyone raise hell about no white people getting awards. Spike Lee is a brainless turd anyway and the Smiths are just big mouths trying to look good. THEY find it necessary to keep the racial thing up front and irritating. I don’t go to movies that have these particular people in or directing because I don’t like their style.
      I think they are still a minority in this country but have a bigger mouth than all other people.
      DeBlassio is just a pure idiot, enough said about him.

    4. The fact that a particular minority group is not represented in some area or other, in the same proportion as its proportion of the general population, is never adequate evidence of discrimination against that group, whether intentional or not. This is a simple statistical fallacy. For example, the fact that more Black people are arrested, convicted, and incarcerated, than other groups, despite making up only 12-15 percent of the overall population (and it IS a fact), can be explained equally well by several hypotheses. For example, it could be due to specific values or behavioral norms prevalent in the Black sub-culture, but not in the general population. The wide-spread adoption of “Gangsta” values lionized by the Hip Hop music field, and generally more common among young Black males than among the general population, is at least as good an explanation, and probably a better one, than the current widely held belief that the justice system is racially biased. Why a BETTER explanation? Because for the justice system, nationwide, to be racially prejudiced against Black people, would require the presence of a vast conspiracy, that is most unlikely. Given that it is socially unacceptable to be racially prejudiced, and will typically result in both social and occupational censure, how can we seriously explain the fact that there must be many thousands of Judges, jurors, policemen, DAs, witnesses, etc., all over the country (since the problem is nationwide), and their number must even include thousands of Black people, who somehow manage to secretly (because they get censured or fired if they are found out) carry out this nationwide racial discrimination? Never mind the Kennedy assassination or the Roswell UFO crash, THIS theory requires a belief in a secret conspiracy so vast, not to mention enduring, that it boggles the mind. Occam’s Razor suggests that this would be a poor hypothesis, relative to most others, and the “different values” hypothesis is MUCH more plausible. Unfortunately, in this day and age, it won’t usually fly, simply because it places the blame for the problem, and consequently the ability to correct the problem, squarely within a part of the Black community, and that means anyone who proposes it is open to chastisement as a “Racist,” regardless of the plausibility of the argument itself. And…HORRORS, we can’t have THAT!

    5. There’s a fairly wide zone where both conditions apply, and Deablasio, and demonrats in general, fall squarely in the zone.

    6. News flash for the POS DeBlasio – tweet this – my wife and I are very sick of people like you destroying our country.

    7. Does de Blasio have any sense of ‘depth perception’? It separates the ‘brown-nosers’ from the ‘$hit-heads’.

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