Media Experts Try to Explain Trump Away

By Roger J. Katz, Attorney at Law & Stephen. L. D’Andrilli
Edited by Brian Anse Patrick

Brian Anse Patrick Rise of the Anti-Media
Brian Anse Patrick Rise of the Anti-Media

USA –  -( With the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries fast approaching, centrists of both parties are squirming because the so-called extremist candidates Trump and Cruz command an imposing lead over Republican Party status quo moderates Bush, Rubio, and Christie. Meanwhile on the left, extreme socialist Bernie Sanders is giving Democratic darling Hillary Clinton a run for her donors’ money.

The curious thing is that, for months, mainstream media have operated to discredit the “extremist” candidates, extremist here being defined as those who have not fallen into lockstep with status quo party Bigwigs and major donors.

Recall how mainstream media such as the über-liberal New York Times and the big business-oriented Wall Street Journal had for months previous pointed to the impossibility of a Trump primary victory.

Propaganda thrives in the realm of hopeful interpretations such as the above. These interpretations, stories we might call them, tend historically to reflect the wishes and dreams of the people doing the interpreting. Media professionals may call this “reporting” or “analysis,” but it is merely an attempt to bias perceptions.

For an excellent example, during the entire decade of the 1990s, New York Times consistently reported in straight news and editorials how the National Rifle Association was defeated, dwindling and in decline. We all know, however, that NRA was anything but, and came out of the 1990s stronger than it went in in terms of membership, influence and finances.

But media professionals tended to hate NRA and acted as cheerleaders for its destruction. So much for the notion of objective news!


Read the rest of the article at : Anti-Trump Propaganda, Wishing and Hoping

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Bruce Dsnley

Donald Trump is not a pollination and the American people are tired of being lied to,it is sad when they take away from Social Security from Americans that have worked all their for this Country,to take care of another Country Problems that why we don’t need the Political we have know! American needs to take care of Americans first not every one else people.


I think Americans know that the candidate that is shaking up the government, gun grabbers, and all other anti-American groups is the candidate they want and are going to vote for. The more the media attacks Trump, the more Americans think that he is right and their man for 2016. The more it shakes up Hillary and Sanders, the same hold true to the American people. We are not going to let the media, government, liberals, gun grabbers, or anyone else tell us how we feel and should think. Like Trump, we have had our fill of Obama and Hillary’s… Read more »