Mission Accomplished

Plano Delivers True Military-Grade Protection and Performance to Archers in the Form of the New Field Locker Compound Bow Case

Plano Field Locker Compound Bow Case
Plano Field Locker Compound Bow Case

Plano, IL -(AmmoLand.com)- Product failure is intolerable when security and lives are at stake, which is why our military and law enforcement communities can’t afford to take chances with their equipment.

In 2015, Plano proudly introduced the Field Locker Mil-Spec Case Series; considered by many to be the finest firearms cases ever engineered, and representing the largest single capital outlay made in Plano’s 80-year history. The robust series consisted of five sizes and configurations for the protection of pistols, long-guns and tactical firearms. These cases were engineered and constructed to meet or exceed the exacting requirements of the U.S. Military and law enforcement. Specifically, each of these five cases were certified by an accredited test facility as meeting military specifications for immersion, dust, vibration and transit drop per MIL-STD-810G.

For 2016, this extreme level of performance and protection is now available to bow hunters and competitive archers in the form of the all-new Plano Field Locker Compound Bow Case, arguably the finest and most durable hard molded bow case ever produced.

The quality componentry and vital features of this new case begin with Plano’s inimitable molding process, which yields a reinforced shell that’s up to any task assigned; from long and rugged travel by truck, boat, ATV or airline, to extreme exposure to rain, ice, mud and muck.

Plano Field Locker Compound Bow Case
Plano Field Locker Compound Bow Case

Like its brothers in the Mil-Spec Field Locker line, the new Field Locker Compound Bow Case is watertight and dustproof. Secure sealing with premium Dry-Loc gaskets coupled with exacting measurements ensure your bow, arrows and accessories inside will not be affected by hostile elements or environments. Plano’s pledge to protection continues with a high-performance Pressure Release Valve, which equalizes pressure divergence caused by altitude or temperature.

Military-grade performance extends to this case’s hardware. Over-molded, heavy-duty handles defy breakage by careless airline workers and reduce fatigue during transport. There’s one centered on top, and another on one end opposite the case’s pair of impossibly smooth, enclosed-ball-bearing urethane wheels. Steel reinforced padlock gates tell would-be thieves to choose another victim, while four heavy-duty, extra-wide draw-down latches have a premium look, feel, sound, durability and performance exceeding anything else on competing products.

Internally, the Field Locker Compound Bow Case suspends its primary cargo between sandwiched layers of double-density pluck foam at each end of the case for a true custom fit. Additional foam padding lines the case’s top and bottom, which feature dedicated areas for arrow and accessory storage.


  • Meets MIL-STD-810G Specification for Immersion, Dust, Vibration and Transit Drop
  • Extra-Wide, Heavy-Duty Latches
  • Heavy-Duty Dri-Loc Gasket Seals Out Dirt, Dust and Moisture
  • Pressure Relief Valve
  • Stainless Steel Padlock Hasps
  • Premium, Ball-Bearing Urethane Wheels for Easy Transport
  • Designed to Stack and Interlock
  • Pluck Foam Interior for Customized Fit
  • Arrow and Accessory Storage
  • Exterior Dimensions: 46.38”x18”x 7.25”
  • Interior Dimensions: 44”x15”x6.38”
  • Fit Dimensions: 39.25”Lx12.75”W
  • Weight: 23.0 lbs.
  • MSRP $249.99 / MAP $239.99

When premium and uncompromising protection of your compound bow matters most – for travel or for transport in and out of harsh environments and reckless hands – Plano’s new Field Locker Compound Bow Case stands ready for elite and uncompromising service.

So call off the comparison shopping and do what it takes to protect your passion.

Shop Plano Bow Cases online at Amazon: http://tiny.cc/t2av7x ~ AmmoLand

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