NASP Announces New Academic Archer Program

The National Archery in the Schools Program establishes NASP Academic Archer program to promote and recognize academic excellence among 2.23 million NASP student archers

NASP Academic Archer Program
NASP Academic Archer Program
National Archery in the Schools Program
National Archery in the Schools Program

Nashville, TN -( Since its inception in 2002, NASP has been proven to be a powerful motivational force for millions of participating students.

As an extension of the classroom, NASP continues to demonstrate how in-school archery is a great way to engage students and help many of them become motivated to succeed academically…many for the first time! MASP Academic Archer is intended to be another tool for today’s NASP educators to use for student motivation.

Continuous feedback data suggests that the excitement of being a part of their school’s NASP team is a significant factor for enhancing student success wherever the program is implemented. In November of 2015, National NASP leadership and a group of NASP educators and students met to discuss ways to further enhance the 15 year old program. One recommendation was to establish a uniform incentive and recognition format to recognize and promote academic achievement for participating NASP students. The concept of a NASP Academic Archer was recommended.

The status of being recognized nationally as a “NASP Academic Archer” was discussed and the NASP advisory recommended that the designation should involve the following:

  • The NASP Academic Archer program is an optional program, available only to participating NASP schools – participation is a local decision and in accordance with existing local school policies.
  • NASP BAI certified teachers/coaches can enter eligible students into for Academic Archer status using their BAI number.
  • All students that fully participate in an in-school NASP archery class or participate on the archery team at a recognized NASP school and meet local academic criteria for recognition, are eligible to be entered for Academic Archer status.
  • The Academic Archer program is independent from any/all forms of tournament participation.
  • Each student that is entered/registered into as a NASP Academic Archer, will be automatically registered for a chance to win 1 of 10 free Genesis bows and specially marked Easton arrows – which will be given away each year by NASP. Names of winners will be announced at the national NASP tournament.
  • The NASP advisory offered the following guidelines if no local school criteria exist for Academic Archer recognition:
    • The Student should be/have been a full participant in their school’s “in-school” NASP archery class during the time period where academic recognition and recommendation is considered.
    • Academic Archers can also be members of the school archery team (if one exists) during the time period where academic recognition and recommendation is considered.
    • The Student should have no D’s or F’s (or equivalent), in order to qualify as a NASP Academic Archer.
    • The designated Academic Archer should maintain a grade point average that establishes them well within existing school GPA criteria for high academic scholarship.
    • When no school academic recognition criteria exists, the local NASP coach should consult and collaborate with the school principal to establish such criteria, before designating students with Academic Archer status.
  • Each Academic Archer may be provided with a certificate suitable for framing at the local NASP banquet or school sponsored student academic recognition ceremony according to local practices. LINK TO TOOLKIT
  • NASP teachers/coaches can also designate eligible students for Academic Archer status when utilizing for any NASP tournament – See for instructions regarding designating for NASP Academic Archer status when registering.
  • The NASP advisory also suggested that an optional recognition symbol be established for participating NASP Academic Archers. NASP and our partner Electronic Awards have developed a low cost, iron-on shoulder patch that can be purchased by any school. To order the iron-on shoulder patches click here: LINK TO TOOLKIT – Patches are inexpensive and can be purchased in bulk for team applications.
  • Reminder – all decisions on designating students with Academic Archer status are local decisions and should involve collaboration between the NASP educator and the principal of the school.
  • Without existing school criteria, NASP recommends that schools follow the recommendations of the NASP advisory.
  • National NASP will support any/all local NASP Academic Archer status designations and will recognize NASP Academic Archer designees as a group at each flight of the NASP National Tournament.
  • NASP will promote the Academic Archer program on the web site, social media and industry media outlets.

Please find the files associated with the NASP Academic Archer program at the following toolkit link: LINK TO TOOLKIT


  • Link to order patches
  • Copy of the document above
  • Links to downloadable PDF versions of the certificates
  • Link to for coaches to enter their NASP Academic Archers

For fifteen years, the National Archery in the Schools Program has positively impacted 14, 000,000 students. As an extension of the classroom, NASP continues to be a highly engaging and motivating force with participating students.

For more information or if you would like to get involved with support for the NASP Academic Archer program, please contact: Dr. Tommy Floyd at: [email protected]

Or find additional information at the NASP website:

About National Archery in the Schools Program:

The National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) promotes student education, physical education and participation in the lifelong sport of Archery. The mission of NASP is to promote international-style target archery as part of the in-school curriculum, to improve educational performance and participation in the shooting sports among students in grades 4-12.

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