New HAWK Hunting Gear for 2016

By Jason Reid

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AmmoLand Gun News

USA – -( Since they hit the market three years ago, HAWK Hunting Gear has grown in popularity since they continue to bring fresh designs to the tree stand and accessories category.

Quality gear built for the rugged hunter. Hunt better by hunting smarter has been the HAWK mantra from day 1. This year, they have not disappointed as usual, and I was lucky enough to catch up with the HAWK team for a few minutes and hear more about the exciting things they have in motion. Here are just a few of my favorites.

HAWK Crawler Deer Cart: Dragging deer is a part of the experience of hunting. Certainly not the easiest aspect of the hunt, but if you are going to pull the trigger, be prepared for the work. If you can haul your deer from the woods via quad, great, use it. In some cases you haul the meat out on your back like an elk or use a deer cart. Sure, there are several versions of a deer cart on the market, but HAWK’s Crawler really is different. How? With a full 360 degree pivot, the Dual Rotating Axels let the wheels rotate over obstructions like rocks and stumps with ease. If you haven’t caught your deer cart on stumps in the past, you are lying. With a carrying Capacity of 500 lbs. and an MSRP of $149.99, it is much cheaper than a quad with a huge advantage over other carts.

HAWK Hunting Gear HAWK Crawler Deer Cart
HAWK Crawler Deer Cart

HAWK Speed Retract Hoist Reel:

Whether or not you think about it, having a reliable tow rope for your gear does help eliminate a bit of frustration. The Speed Retract allows you to reel-up your gear with 30’ of rope topped off with their GearTie. According to HAWK, they have designed the gear system internally to handle the line without issue. The rubberized exterior helps keep things quiet as your enter and exit your stand.

HAWK Speed Retract Hoist Reel
HAWK Speed Retract Hoist Reel

HAWK Ez Sling W/ GearTie:
Bow slings are a great little tool regardless if you are hunting deer or hunting in the West. Unfortunately, other slings can be bulky. The EZ Sling from HAWk is simple as they have created a sling with two GearTies on both ends for simplicity. Instead of having to place the carriers of old slings around the cams, I can twist the GearTies around the limbs or to the riser for transport.

HAWK Ez Sling W/ GearTie
HAWK Ez Sling W/ GearTie

HAWK Warbird LITE Climbing Stand:
Over 90% of my hunts come from a climber since I hunt big woodlands and less agriculture. Mobility is the key to making adjustments based on sign in the big woods. The new HAWK Warbird LITE Climbing Stand weighs in at 19 lbs. and comes with a mesh seat and like the Original Warbird, comes with their Auto-Latch Cable system for silent transport and set up on the tree. Noisy and clanky cables like on my old climber certainly have spooked more than one deer. Of all the features to this climber, I am partial to how low profile it sits on your back. I can’t emphasize enough how frustrating a bulky climber is when you are hiking in deep and trying to maintain some semblance of stealth.

HAWK Warbird LITE Climbing Stand
HAWK Warbird LITE Climbing Stand :

HAWK Stealth Ratchet:
Yes, Ratchets are noisy, frustrating, but necessary pieces of equipment. When They showed me this little gem, I was skeptical at first. But I’ll be darned, they figured out a way through their Noise Deadening Technology to cut around 80% of the noise generated from cranking a ratchet, out of the equation.

HAWK Hunting Gear HAWK Stealth Ratchet
HAWK Stealth Ratchet

Since day 1, quality thought has been put into the gear built. One hunt and you will be able to tell quickly. Find more information on HAWK Hunting Gear ‘s entire new line up at

About Jason Reid:

Jason Reid is a writer and business professional from upstate New York. After deciding to pursue his dream of becoming an outdoor writer, Jason started a blog from his dorm room at Houghton College, growing it and working hard to earn opportunities. While bowhunting big game is his ultimate passion, Jason welcomes all outdoor challenges which force him to push his limits. Jasonís work can be viewed on his website