Jesse James and NRA Instructors tonight on an all new NRA All Access


Fairfax, Va. — ( Head to Austin, Texas, on tonight’s all new episode of NRA All Access to meet Jesse James and find out how the master craftsman has applied his skills and talents to the firearms industry.

Later in the episode, discover how the NRA was founded on the principle of marksmanship training way back in 1871 and see how we still emphasize safe firearm education and training with NRA Instructors to this day.

Watch all new episodes of NRA All Access Presented by Franchi Wednesday at 6:30pm EST on Outdoor Channel.

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Yeah, Jess needs to get back in line and try to just get along. Where the hell does he get this “individualism” crap anyway. Needs to be more polite; like Ted Nugent.

Bob Noxious

Jesse James is probably not the best NRA advocate. They need someone a lot less of a douche bag.