One Bullet, Two Barrels: Horner Threads the Needle on New Impossible Shots

Two Barrels. One Bullet. Daniel Horner Threads the Needle on Impossible Shots
Two Barrels. One Bullet. Daniel Horner Threads the Needle on Impossible Shots
Shooting USA
Shooting USA

Nashville, TN -( Shooting USA’s Impossible Shots – Thread the Needle

This time, SSG Daniel Horner has combined with the Army Marksmanship Unit Gunsmiths to set up the ultimate Impossible Shot. One bullet shooting through two barrels to pop a balloon. It’s definitely threading the needle off-hand.  Plus, Randy Oitker switches to a crossbow to set up his Annie Oakley, over the shoulder challenge. Julie Golob is your guide to some of the most amazing exhibition shots ever seen.

Shooting USA – USPSA Multi-Gun Nationals  

Multi-Gun Challenge on Shooting USA
Multi-Gun Challenge on Shooting USA

This time, the fastest practical shooters race for the USPSA Multi-gun National titles using pistol, rifle and shotgun. We’ve got the action from Las Vegas. Plus, the rare breechloader prized by the Confederacy, the Terry Carbine. And juniors compete with dreams of Olympic Gold as the Army hosts the Junior National Air Rifle Championship.


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Shooting USA’s Impossible Shots:


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Special SHOT Show 2016 Coverage

As you read this, we’re on the floor at the Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas, discovering the hot new products being released this year.  It’s our four-day, whirlwind production tour to bring you our annual SHOT Show Hour Special. Follow along for behind-the-scenes action with our crew, including videos, podcasts and photos.

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