O’Reilly ‘Reasonable’ Gun Law Bluster Doesn’t Factor in Principled Defiance

By David Codrea

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O'Reilly's “reasonable” gun laws are to the left of what Barack Obama and Michael Bloomberg will admit to wanting. (Bill O'Reilly/Facebook)
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AmmoLand Gun News

USA –  -(Ammoland.com)- Adhering to a pattern he routinely employs to make it look like his opinions occupy a sensible middle ground, Fox News commentator Bill O’Reilly lulled some viewers into believing his “The Truth About Guns in America Talking Points Memo” on Obama’s executive actions on guns offered solutions both sides could accept. All it really did was further illustrate O’Reilly’s total misjudgment of both sides, and bolster the impression that the guy is basically a clueless blowhard doubling down on a poorly concealed fascist streak. Again.

“Mr. Obama is obviously sincere in his quest for more public safety, but he’s missing the big picture,” O’Reilly assures his viewers. That’s a pretty generous presumption considering that, despite his convenient crocodile tears and Alinsky Rule 5 ridicule at the thought that anyone would think he wants their guns, Obama’s political record on guns has pointed to exactly that conclusion, including supporting bans on semiautomatic firearms and handguns.

That’s not being sincere about public safety, that’s being an oath-breaking, power-usurping authoritarian. That’s being a deceptive opportunist whose motives are personal gain, along with a creepy obsession to “fundamentally transform” America into something he’s never defined beyond “progressive” (collectivist) platitudes.

O’Reilly does score points bringing some perspective into the gun statistics game, and especially on the need to segregate “hard core criminals” from the general public. But while his tough-on-crime rhetoric no doubt resonates with the “law and order” crowd, it runs into two major problems.

If you’re going to tack additional time onto sentences for ALL “gun crimes,” those include acts of principled civil disobedience defying edicts that subvert the supreme Law of the Land. Keep a gun they say you may not or bear it where they say you can’t, and good luck relying on a “shall not be infringed” defense. And as long as we’re talking about the Constitution, perhaps best selling American history-citing author O’Reilly can explain the principles of federalism, and point to the article and section delegating to any branch of the national government the authority to concern itself in such matters.

“Talking Points understands public safety, and reasonable gun registration laws should – SHOULD – be on the books,” O’Reilly continues, directly calling for something Michael Bloomberg himself feels the need to hide behind the less-draconian sounding “universal background check” deception.”But perspective is important, and restricting law-abiding Americans from acquiring guns is obviously unconstitutional.”

Not according to rhetoric from the “progressive” left it isn’t. No one wants to take our guns? Of course they do, and they’re going after them one incremental step at a time.

“The truth is, terrorists are not going to submit themselves to background checks,” O’Reilly correctly observes. “Neither are dangerous felons or insane people. They’re not going to sign any paper when they buy a gun. Do we all get that?”

Yes, some of us do. Some of us have even pointed out (proper) Supreme Court precedent saying prohibited persons can’t be required to register guns, because that would violate Fifth Amendment protections against self-incrimination.

What we don’t get is what requiring the rest of us to rat ourselves out has to do with public safety, and why O’Reilly considers that “reasonable.” Why is it when he uses that word, a scene from The Princess Bride comes to mind? Probably because of what he says next.

“On the other side, the NRA and the gun owners should be reasonable,” O’Reilly declares. “The FBI should background check anyone buying a firearm in America. That just makes sense.”

Why? He just got done telling us the bad guys were going to bypass the system.

“If you are paranoid and believe the government is stockpiling information so they can come to your house and take your guns, that’s your problem,” he sneers. “Your problem.”

No Bill, it’s your problem too. And it's the problem of everyone who ignores the very real record of abuses and gun-grabs and demands for bans and calls for government to use registration lists to confiscate “assault weapons” (or in both Obama’s and Hillary’s cases, to endorse an Australian-style “buyback” of property the government never owned in the first place).

The problem belongs to everyone demanding enforcement against a growing “I will not comply” paradigm, because some of us are committed to making them try.  That defiance has manifested itself through overwhelming civil disobedience in places like Connecticut and New York, with some noncompliance estimates at over 90%. Imagine how it'll play in the Heartland.

This is hardly the first time O’Reilly has been a pinhead on guns. He used the same MO after the Umpquah killings, where he started out sounding like he had his act together on guns, but then quickly turned, and showed his true colors.

“Now reasonable gun control, the laws about registration, and you can’t have an AK and all that, reasonable people say ‘Yes,” he opined.

Hardly.  Reasonable people, some of us would counter, say “No. Your move.”

It’s instructive to note “reasonable” Bill O’Reilly couldn’t see a motive behind the administration’s Fast and Furious “gunwalking” cover-up, whistleblower retaliation campaign and stonewalling, other than to say it was ‘a screw up.” And before that, he thought it perfectly “reasonable” to disarm citizens trying to survive in times of public emergencies like Hurricane Katrina.

It’s also instructive to note this is the guy “progressive” media wants us all to think of as a “conservative.” I guess that way, anyone who doesn’t believe in registering guns can more easily be pilloried as an “extremist” and worse.

David Codrea in his natural habitat.

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.

He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” and also posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

  • 30 thoughts on “O’Reilly ‘Reasonable’ Gun Law Bluster Doesn’t Factor in Principled Defiance

    1. I saw his true colors clearly when he thought the gun confiscation from law abiding citizens during Katrina was OK.
      The NRA spokesperson said that the 2nd Amendment can not be repealed by the mere stormy weather.

      There are no expiration dates, nor exceptions, nor conditions in which the 2nd Amendment does not apply.

      O’Reilly, who was some kind of teacher should know better.
      What’s “Reasonable” to him and the president may not be reasonable to the rest of us.

    2. Everyone starts out judging everything they see from their own point of view. That includes you, me, David Codrea, Mike Vanderboegh, Barak Hussein Obama, and yes, Bill O’Reilly. So it’s important to know just what their point of view is. Bill O’Reilly is not just a Catholic. He’s a Jesuit. Many things have been said over the years about the Jesuits, some true, and some false. But one thing is undeniable. As a military order, they have never ever been fans of either democracy or constitutional republics.

      O’Reilly believes it “reasonable” to have some supreme authority set rules for what the common folk are allowed to have, do, believe, and say. The priests don’t get to set policy or talk back to the Pope. The parishoners don’t get to set policy or talk back to the priests. That just wouldn’t fit Bill O’Reilly’s or the Jesuits’ view of what the world should be like. It just wouldn’t be “reasonable”.

      Cue Inigo Montoya.

    3. Quoted from David’s Article: “If you’re going to tack additional time onto sentences for ALL “gun crimes,” those include acts of principled civil disobedience defying edicts that subvert the supreme Law of the Land. Keep a gun they say you may not or bear it where they say you can’t, and good luck relying on a “shall not be infringed” defense. And as long as we’re talking about the Constitution, perhaps best selling American history-citing author O’Reilly can explain the principles of federalism, and point to the article and section delegating to any branch of the national government the authority to concern itself in such matters.”

      As an active participant in the movement since 1994, I can say with authority that it will not matter. Once you commit to such actions, expansion of laws or further threats of penalties are meaningless. Just like the career criminal with the mile-long rap sheet that always seem to have easy access to firearms, so will I. I still have my items and the tyrants don’t know. If they want to come look they better have a warrant and they better knock first. However, as we have observed, the tyrants are frightened into total inaction. They don’t want to be responsible for starting CWII. As has been stated many times before….”Come for our guns, and WE WILL KILL YOU.”


      Your move….tyrants!

    4. The son of a bitch thinks guns should be confiscated during natural disasters,civil disobedience,government tyranny(firearms confiscation),etc !?!? TAKE OUR FIREARMS WHEN WE NEED THEM MOST ? To hell with Oreilly !

    5. The Canadians tried registering guns in Canada for 15 years. There was massive non-compliance because anyone with an IQ over 80 knows what happens when you register your guns to the government. The Canadians scrapped their registration scheme 2 years ago. It cost many millions and solved zero crimes. That is why O’failure want to pattern after Australia and the UK where massive numbers of guns were confiscated. He wanted to ban millions of semi-auto rifles and pistols thus HE DOES WANT TO TAKE OUR GUNS. It should now be evident to everyone that watches O’Reilly that he is a brain dead gun grabber that does not believe that laws abiding citizens can be trusted. So my fellow citizens why should we trust him? Do you see how logic escapes O’Reilly?

    6. Create Bullet Policy Laws Into Gun Control

      Shawn Hannity And Many others say – “Its not the gun that kills people, Its the people who kills people.”But I say to you right now – that you are “all” wrong! It is the bullets that kill people and innocent children and students, and our police officers. It is the Bullets that we have to put the lid on; It is the bullets that can trace the location of the gun.
      Last week a crazy man who robbed a hand gun, waited on a side of a building for a police cruiser to pass him by. Then he shot the officer in the cruiser 13 times before the officer managed to get out of his car and return fire, shooting the assailant in the butt; you all know the story. It is a well known fact, that when you put your gun away, you put an empty gun away and the bullets separately, right! I do the same thing.

      After my research it seems that thousands of guns are stolen each year and many are not reported. Moreover, the dude that robbed an empty gun has to find bullets for the gun. So he goes on the internet the world wide web and buys all the bullets he needs. Can you see where I am headed? For every gun that wants bullets needs to register the serial number of your gun to the dealer in order for you to buy bullets! That is how it should be. Police officer Jessie Hartnett would have never been shot last week, and the jerk that shot him would have never had that gun to do his crazy work, because after he stole the gun he would have to find bullets for the stolen gun, and chances are if this law would be in affect the bad guy could have never find the bullets; who knows? Think About It! In order to have bullets for any gun no matter what type of gun – “you must register your guns serial numbers in order to buy bullets! The greatest way to find every gun in America.

      Think About It Mr. President.

      Me, I’m just sharing a vision, what I see that should be for the future of our children. God Bless America. God Bless our Babies and Children……..RCOLON.

    7. Based on a very long and painful history, their “a few common sense laws” once we knuckle under and allow them, suddenly become “a good first step.”
      It’s never enough, their common sense laws disarm the victims while leaving the criminals, terrorists, and government thugs armed to the teeth. So when things get worse rather than better there they are come back for yet another bite out of our few remaining freedoms.
      But people are done. We’ve started believing our lying eyes instead of the self serving BS that spews from our leaders lips.

    8. O’Reilly needs to be asked if he would like his children to be among the police sent to enforce gun registration or confiscation. Or, would he rather your kids be sent out to resisting gun owners. He must know that it won’t be pretty.

    9. Flapping head self important media pundits are about a wonderful ad a dead prostitutes moldy crotch. Bill Shut your pie hole you have not value nor a real clue to the reality in America.

    10. A while back O’Reilly railed, for three days, about “heavy weapons” exposing his ignorance with every pronouncement. Numerous instructors, including yours truly, contacted him to try and correct him. He ignored all. His knowledge of the Second Amendment and firearms is so limited and his arrogance so far reaching it’s pointless to even attempt to discuss this with him.

    11. O’Reilly is an example of the “New York Values” comment from Ted Cruz on the debate last night. I am sure that O’Reilly is passionate and believes his statements. However, people that live in the very liberal parts of our country do not have the same basis to make value judgements. When all you hear or see is “criminals using guns to kill innocent people”, the idea that law abiding people use guns for self defense is just not understood.
      Exactly, why I have some reservations about Trump.

    12. O’Reilly has said guns should be registered like cars and is Ok with confiscation during a crisis like what happened in New Orleans during Katrina.

    13. You all might be aware that there is no right to gather the news. Therefore, why not make all “news an media people” apply for a license? Why not subject anyone that wants to work in an industry, where truth is so important, to licensing and strict ethical standards? Why not make anyone even tangentially connected to media or news pass a national ethics exam prior to getting a media license?

    14. The problem is this. When the term “reasonable” is used politically, the true meaning is transient and can and DOES mean what ever the polititian WANTS it to mean. The PURELY political idea that the constitution is a “living document” is not only a lie but an attemt to destroy it through political coniving. The purpose and meaning of the constitution is, was and allways will be to LIMIT the power of the federal government. The “living document” idea has but ONE purpose and that is to, through lies and deciet switch the meaning to allow the government to use it to oppress the citizens.

    15. Reasonable would be allowing individuals to manufacture full auto on form 1 application approval. Reasonable would be locking up all the marijuana growers and sellers in accordance with federal law.

    16. America, keep watching this fool every night and reading his revisionist “historical” accounts.
      Bill is not a conservative by any stretch. Just another garden variety progressive who is making tons of money because of his perceived conservatism. I turned him (and FOX News) off long ago.

    17. Well, with sexual harassment problems plaguing him in the past, Maybe he should leave his unregistered personal peter at home so the women will be safe. Come to think of it he might have been compelled by NY law to register it for his safety record.

    18. It’s a shame that people like this are in our media. It’s equally as sad when you realize how easy the American people can be brainwashed.

      We have the 2nd Amendment so that we can protect all of our other rights.

    19. I don’t trust O’Reilly when it comes to gun control. He made a comment a few months ago regarding semi-automatics “assault rifles” in his words. Saying, some should be banned.

    20. Obama could save 480,000 tobacco deaths a year yet and does nothing but if gun control would save 1 life he’d do it.
      If it doesn’t make sense it’s not true….

      And he and both doj a/g dont care bout no dead white kids…. the nwo needs your guns… or food

    21. Jerk is the first word that comes to mind mixed with know-it-all good catholic boy…. tow the line
      He is a big giver to the rcc and so they go after his wife over communion while he tries and have That marriage annulled of 15 years….. has kids but marriage never happened…ok …. scum bag leaves all blame on ex wife and the rcc is more than happy (remember big giver) to give him the “all clear” signal

    22. He also said last week if we register cars, so should we guns. Then last night he said Obama is a patriot.
      Done with him.

    23. Bill is one of those guys who arrogantly believe’s, “It hasn’t happened to me yet, so it can’t happen!”

    24. California initially excluded SKS semi-auto (fixed magazine) rifles from their version of the Federal “Assault Weapons Ban”, back when the Federal AWB was in force. So, a lot of people in California went out and bought SKS rifles. A short time later, California did an about face, deciding that SKSs were “assault weapons” after all, and called for all of the people who had purchased and registered them to turn them in.

      Bill O’Reilly has always been a fascist who has tried to pass himself off as being a conservative, but he doesn’t come close. He is just a closet progressive.

    25. Foxnews is full of gun banners, so OReilly is hardly unique. Given his sexual harassment history, maybe we should start giving members of the press background checks before they blab on tv? Or register members of the media? Just think of all the criminals we could stop!

      As a side note, the recordings of O Reilly sexually harassing that poor employee are beyond creepy. No wonder why he paid her off to go away, just like bloomberg and Bill Clinton did.

    26. ‘Shall not be infringed’ is our ONLY defense. ‘Soap box, ballot box, cartridge box’ – Abraham Lincoln. Wake up, Mr. Codrea.

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