Peaceful Georgia Gun Owners Belong in Prison – So Say State Democrats

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Georgia General Assembly House Freedom Haters and Gun Banners
Georgia General Assembly House Freedom Haters and Gun Banners
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AmmoLand Gun News

Georgia  – -( Well, according to at least six astute Democrat ladies of the Georgia General Assembly House, they do.

Their names and district numbers are:

  • Mary Margaret Oliver, 82nd
  • Stacey Abrams, 89th
  • Carolyn Hugley, 136th
  • Pat Gardner, 57th
  • Dar’shun Kendrick, 93rd
  • Dee Dawkins-Haigler, 91st

You can contact each one here:

Federal Gun Grab Inspiration

Much of this bill appears to be copied from the Federal “Assault Weapons Ban of 2015-2016” (H.R. 4269) sponsored by 91 Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives. Or at least it was used as a template. Hillary Clinton is also pushing for this Federal ban.

This month, these six ladies above have sponsored House Bill 731: ( ), which bans the possession, sale, and transfer of a boatload of various semi-automatic rifles, shotguns, and accessories. It also bans the possession, sale, and transfer of “high capacity” [aka normal] magazines made for any firearms at all including pistols.

High capacity magazine” is defined as being able to hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition.

In an attempt to paint their bill as being “reasonable“, they’ve also included machine guns, and .50 caliber rifles and ammunition, as well as “armor piercing bullets” as being prohibited to possess.

To give a little context to help bring us back to reality, I’d like to present this bit of history:

In the time of the 2nd Amendment being added to the U.S. constitution, private ships were often armed with cannons to defend against piracy on the high seas. These were not government weapons, but were equal in capability to government cannons on military vessels. With one shot they could sink a ship and drown the dozens or hundreds on board. Talk about mass killing machines! Yet, there was no call for them to be confiscated.

Just because a firearm is of a large caliber (and .50cal is a whole lot smaller than a cannon) does not make it more likely to be used for evil purposes. There is actually a small percentage of gun owners that use .50 cal rifles for sport shooting. And by the way, it is still legal to own your own cannons in Georgia, even in your own back yard! Even without a weapons license!

Oh the shock and horror these Democrat Representatives will have upon learning that!

Also, a very small percentage of crimes are committed with the weapons that these Democrat ladies are proposing to ban. Even President Obama acknowledges that most gun crimes are committed with pistols, and many of those used in crime are 5 or 6 shot revolvers.

If multiple bad guys are breaking into your home, are you going to remove some of the bullets from your gun’s magazine because 10 is the magic number, and any more than that is prohibited just because your politicians say so? Will they be there with their guns to help save you?

Bullet Voodoo

.30-06 cal, and other rifle rounds in use for years for hunting game animals can easily pierce the best bullet-resistant vests.
.30-06 cal, and other rifle rounds in use for years for hunting game animals can easily pierce the best bullet-resistant vests.

And as for “armor piercing bullets“, common lead copper-jacketed .223 cal, .270 cal, .30-06 cal, and other rifle rounds in use for years for hunting game animals can easily pierce the best bullet-resistant vests that are designed to stop pistol rounds.

Yet, this law does not address these at all. So I suppose not all “armor piercing bullets” are eyed for banishment after all, huh?

If bullets capable of piercing vests which are commonly worn by police officers are a safety problem in Georgia, then all of them would be banned, correct?

But not even police officers are calling for these regular, common rifle rounds to be banned. I wonder why? Perhaps because it is not a problem in our state, and because even if criminals did sometimes use them against police officers, that cannot be used as justification for banning their possession and use by non-criminals.

If that sort of justification was used for anything else, most everything would make us felons. You couldn’t own knives, scissors, baseball bats, rope, poison, or even cars, etc…

Actually, criminals – especially terrorists, sometimes wear bullet-resistant armor. If they break into my house or try to shoot up a public place I happen to be at, I’d want to be able to stop them.

Destroy Your Property…Or Else!

Should you happen to own any of the prohibited items listed in HB 731, the only ways to avoid spending years in prison according to this law is to destroy your property yourself or somehow make it inoperable, or give it to the police to destroy for you – with no monetary compensation at all. How nice of these politicians to take your property off your hands tax free! Don’t you feel your burdens being lightened already?

At least the Australian government gave some money to their citizens when forcibly taking their property.

Sweet On The Outside

I’m sure if you met one of these women in person, they’d seem to be absolutely personable and likable. You’d never know behind their smiles that they have a desire for you to be locked in a cage like an animal behind steel bars, separated from your family, with no means to support them. Oh, but once you lose your house, the government will give your spouse and children food stamps. All while you get to be beaten, raped, or murdered by your fellow inmates, hardened criminals that actually belong in prison. Sweetness abounds with these ladies doesn’t it?

Oh, but they would protest;

“Just obey the confiscation law, and you can avoid the consequences. After all, this is for your own good. You cannot be trusted to own certain mechanical items because you might accidentally hurt yourself or others. Or you might snap and do it on purpose. You see, mere citizens cannot really be trusted by the government. Government must use the threat of force to make you comply.”

I was being a bit tongue-in-cheek with their imagined reply above, since they would never be as direct and transparent with their answer.

Something Else On The Inside

Democrats War on Guns

These sweet looking and talking Democrat women who sponsored HB 731 don’t really hate the firearms and ammunition magazines they are trying to ban. They only hate for you to own them. They are quite happy for government to possess them. They are quite happy for agents of the government to possess and use them against you, and to have them to take away your property and liberty at the barrel end of a gun.

They are willing to send local police officers and other government agents to your home and have their blood and the blood of citizens be shed in the enforcement of a law that is a clear infringement of the 2nd Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms, just so they can score political points.

For this reason, they are not sweet at all. They are despisers of liberty and a free people. They desire to enslave you to their wishes. Like all dictators that came before them, they desire to disarm you bit by bit if they can’t do it all at once. This goes to the heart of why we have the 2nd Amendment in the first place, to guard against tyranny – whether foreign or domestic.

However, they are lawfully elected representatives of our great state of Georgia, and regardless of how much we may disagree with them, they deserve our respect and courtesy. Any correspondence with them should reflect that. After all, we responsible gun owners are gentleman and gentle-ladies.

We are not trying to put them in prison.

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Ollie Prophet

Thanks, ladies, for helping Trump win the great state of Georgia. Keep up your pudd’n headed efforts, keep alienating the general public with anti-liberty nonsense like this.


First off take a look at the main players on this bill, Mary Margaret Oliver, Stacey Abrams, Carolyn Hugley, Pat Gardner, Dar’shun Kendrick ALL WOMEN. Who obviously have a severe yeast infection that has caused brain damage and 3 of the 5 are black. It needs to be pointed out to them that 90% of ALL gun related crimes are committed by blacks. It will be a matter of time before those 3 pull their race card out and use their African “sympathy” tactics to try and get their way, just as they do when things don’t go their way.… Read more »


There are not words to describe this bill, if this passes, we can just start to count the rest of our rights as worthless. I have contacted the NRA, I am also getting my fellow start Vets together. I have also contacted my rep and emailed Mr. Deal. These ladies should be removed from office to even suggest that we the people be oppressed.


Amen, I feel the same way. I WILL Continue to live free and will not go easy when they try to take away liberty, Freedom, God Given Rights Away… There are traitors and treasonous people amongst us. Live Free and Die Free


They ain’t my mother!! Gaggle of idiots!! They know not what they say or do!

Tim Toroian

Time to stop being nice and ,make them tell us why. None of the controllers have done that. And they can go pound sand along with that Bloomberg jackass. All they need to do is look at Mexico, where average citizen cannot own a firearm while cartels import full autos from all over the world and probably get a few from crooked Mexican military members. Will they give up the first, fifth and 14th amendments. Not having them would make catching criminals easier. Don’t have name strong enough to use on them. Let them imagine.

Bob Sadtler

Four words: No. Your move, bitch.


@John Dunlap W.H., Exactly sir. For too long WE THE PEOPLE have tolerated the treasonous attempts to disarm the people by these pussilanemous finks who get elected, swear an oath, and then do everything they can to infringe the 2A. It’s way past time to start charging these carpetbaggers with TREASON. Their aim is to bring the USA into compliance with the UN Agenda to disarm the world. We can see how that is working out in Europe today with the rapes and pillaging being done by invaders from North Africa and the Middle East. And they are being brought… Read more »


All I can say is Come and take them!!! I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery!!! I will take care of myself! I will defend my freedom to the death!!


The voters of Georgia SHOULD be trying to put these traitors in jail. They took an oath to uphold the Constitution, INCLUDING THE 2A, and now they are reneging on their duty. THEY ARE DYED IN THE WOOL TRAITORS. They need to be charged with TREASON !!!!! Our only hope if no one has the guts to bring them to justice, is for them to have to go to a hospital for some health reason. Then maybe they will get an in-hospital infection that kills over 100,000 Americans every year. Or maybe they will be snuffed out in a car… Read more »


When the British Military still used the.303 cal Enfield bolt action rifle, in order to receive a marksmanship ribbon he had to put 20 rounds in the target in 20 sec. The Enfield held 10 rounds and the target was at 300 yards. It was called 20 in 20.

John W.H.

I for one am getting fed up with all these little commie wantabes, That take an oath to defend the constitution when they are elected, and then try to pass laws that are against the constitution !! These retarded chimps need to be recalled, and replaced with folks that know what the hell they are doing !!


These Nancy Pelosi wanna-bees are all new to the GA House… So either they have NO idea what they have just done to their political careers in this state, or they have political aspirations reaching beyond our state lines. Either way, this thing has zero chance of passing. Still ticks me off to see them try it though.
Funnier still, if you read the list of weapons named specifically, many are rare items indeed thanks to the FIRST AWB. Feather AT-9? Daewoo K2? Really???


It would be wise to remember that the SCOTUS, in its 1939 “Miller” ruling, specifically found that the 2nd Amendment actually protects SPECIFICALLY those firearms that are used b y, or particularly suited to use by, a military or militia branch. Hence, it is already, by SCOTUS ruling, unconstitutional to ban “assault weapons” because of their military suitability. That is EXACTLY why the are specifically protected from banning by the 2nd Amendment!

Bosko Dewlapp

Folks who think that their hunting rifles and shotguns are safe from confiscation will be sadly confused when their “Weapons of War” are rounded up. Nearly every semi-auto or pump action rifle and shotgun of the last 100 years has been procured and tested by the military, thus, making them “Weapons of War”. A future “Obamaesque” president could easily order his Secretary of Defense to even procure old double and single barreled guns for testing to facilitate confiscation. Your single shot H&R will be chopped up into pieces.



Where are their husbands?? Can’t they talk any sense into these Bra-burners? OR, are the husbands busy cleaning house, doing the laundry, washing the dishes, etc…. As the TV ads want us to believe. I really have nothing against women, but do they have to take positions of authority when they have no experience whatsoever? Oops, they’re probably all lawyers. Talk about the inexperienced!!!

Fat Mike

My enemies may take my life, But never my freedom!!! Come and take it!!!!


Ballot Box folks!

Gregory E. Seybold

Well Ladies, and I use that term as respect for your gender, not for your obvious misguided political affiliation. As a life time Georgia citizen of nearly sixty years, I can assure you without any doubt this kind of blind, miss guided and reckless devotion to your Democratic party line is why our state is majority Republican and will continue to vote as a Blue state from now on! I am a proud to be from Georgia and I am the NRA!

Fat Mike

I don’t care what law passes, They will never take not one of my ( black rifles) high capacity mag or one round of ammo without one hell of a fight! I’m sure they will send enough agents to take them by force, but that afternoon in the locker room when they are taking off their swat gear, they will be saying, “we got that SOB’s guns, but it was one hell of fight” we lost a lot of men doing it!! I hope there are many more people who feel the same way about freedom!! I will take dangerous… Read more »


umm, John Paul Jones put a cannon on a row boat and sank a queens ship, and bragged, i have yet not begun to fight..correct me if i’m wrong, but didnt the Patriots start rifleing their barrels?..if so, then their weapons were better than the army they was fighting

Raymond Miller

Take note of What they are. They will support Demon-crats no matter how often or how bad the Dems screw them. They obviously don’t have enough brains between them to wipe their A–. Helping the Dems murder their own race and not only enslave them but import more greasers to take what little work is available.


The majority of cops and military will never help the government “confiscate” weapons. This is what makes America great.

Jay S Leonard

Who asked the B&TCHES????…..GO BAKE A PIE!!!


As I say to all gun grabbing liberal idiots. Get off your high horse and come to my door if you want them that bad. It will be my choice of what part you get first. Molon Labe.


Really, the hateful six don’t look smart enough to come in out of the rain. Glad i don’t live in Georgia, because of uninformed morons such as this is why i am changing political party’s i have voted for my last Dem.


Hmm, if they manage to pass it, I am sure the good citizens of Georgia plan to misbehave like their forefathers.


Take away their pots and pans–because they might burn somebody, see how the girls feel about that.


This panel of women from the Georgia General Assembly probably don’t know their ass from an AK47. They likely just want recognition and a pat on the back from the other misguided cronies in the Georgia General Assembly. They are also likely being hypocritical where firearm possession is concerned. I wouldn’t be surprised to find that each of them have a gun at home for protection against their respective constituents. If they don’t, then they are acting as foolish as they are misguided. I don’t know why some politicians want to take away the one immediate device that may offer… Read more »

Jacob Opperman

Again here it is all of these idiots who are yelling about gun control while they stand behind there body guards with guns in there pockets. I am tire of these idiots who think they know every thing. Some day they will have to live with out there body guards and have to fend for themselves. I hope that when that day comes is see these idiot back pedal and say what did we do and why are we being exploited by the criminals.

2nd Amender

and where do their constituency live and work?


This one is EASY…..Georgia can stick Georgia up their pecan tree !


They know nothing of the Constitution and the right to own property. These same Democrats most likely are pushing for more property tax for more socialism to support their kids because they are too poor to do it on their own. Turn in rifles and Machine guns tjhat have values that may exceed their homes values . I think not not They talk about the 30-06 as armor piercing , while a 30-30 will go through a vest. Almost any rifle round will go through a vest without level 4 plates. They don’t have a clue that 80 million firearms… Read more »