Rep. Steven Palazzo: ‘If 2nd Amendment Goes Down, All Our Rights Go Down’

By AWR Hawkins

Rep. Steven Palazzo
Rep. Steven Palazzo
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -( Over the weekend, Breitbart News spoke with Rep. Steven Palazzo (R-MS) about his push to censure Obama over executive gun control, and Palazzo said, “If the Second Amendment goes down, all our rights go down.”

On January 7 2016, Breitbart News reported that Palazzo posted the censure to his congressional webpage, writing:

For seven years, the President has gradually expanded his powers through executive overreach. His actions this week to take away the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens is just the latest, if not most egregious, violation of the separation of powers found in the United States Constitution. Congress must go on record to stand up as an equal branch of government – both against this President and any future president who attempts to use his authority to write the law instead of enforce the law.

When Breitbart News spoke with Palazzo, he stressed how important it is that the GOP “not wait till tomorrow to fight the next battle,” but that they “stand up to Obama now.” He said that if people want to see a contrast between conservatives and liberals, the GOP needs to demonstrate it by letting Obama know they have no intention “of rolling over.”

Pazallo added:

The Second Amendment is the amendment that protects all our other rights. And censure is a formal rebuke–the strongest possible action that Congress can take toward the president, short of impeachment. And it is achievable. It would serve Congress’s best interest, in that we go on record rebuking the president for executive overreach. Doing so will protect the separate of powers–which is in the constitution–and will also shine a light on Congress’ status as a co-equal branch of government.

Palazzo said a censure is a way Congress could remind Obama that he has no constitutional authority to write law.

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Bradford Scales

At a minimum Rep. Steven Palazzo, your stance is rather dramatic. The right of self defense and survival is dated from the day of primitive man. This God given cherished right so predates its being enumerated in the Bill of Rights that it literally is simply pen on parchment.

Donald Heater

It is about time that someone came out and said the truth. Once the second amendment goes, we will all be slaves of the government.

Thom Paine

Mr. Palazzo , Dear Sir, I will follow you to Hell and Back , IF you Lead ! This is not a Nation I would leave to the next generation. My Nephew will probably end up fighting wars started by criminals. When is enough enough? How many constitutional crisiss do the Republicans we sent have to sustain before you do your duty and shut our new Nero down? With that I thank you for your efforts ,but must say it’s no longer enough . This administration has verifiably committed treason . And until the Republican. ‘ leadership’ stops being afraid… Read more »


The Constitution was Shelved back in 1933 by Roosevelt and NO Administration since has tried to reverse that treasonous act. No not even the “Rs” or Regan.

You don’t live in a Land of the Free – We all live in a land of Privileges, hence all the Licenses/Permission Slips.

Steve Ryan

We have a given ten that is worthless, there is no longer a two party representation. The republicans are useless and re democrats have won on every front. Clearly the useless government has secceeded in changing how law is changed without involving the constitution. We need to purge the government of all the traitors that have betrayed “we the people” it’s getting closer with each new day, we will have to fight a revolution to remind the entire corrupt government that they need to go. Trump is my last hope for this country… Should he not become president it will… Read more »


Riot brings marshal law brings suspended constitution brings un small arms treaty brings foreign troops to our soil because the nwo aka antichrist kingdom must get started at any cost….. reps ARENT going to do anything to stop it and will help it along….. dont be fooled…. trump is rich and one of them…..





I think the headline should be Executive orders against Amendments , end of the Constitution. We are close now with warrant less searches , spying , detainment ,taxation making people poor.


Obama,Hillary and all other liberal,socialist trash should be sent to prison for ‘high treason’ and upon release be kicked out of the United States permanently as enemies of the state ! Americans are tired of these parasites and it will be coming to a head soon if Republicans don’t get some backbone and end this bs ! If this would had been handled by law and what the constitution mandates we would not be in this situation now !