State Republicans Defiant, Still Blocking Concealed Carry Bill

Wisconsin State Capitol
Wisconsin State Capitol
Wisconsin Gun Owners
Wisconsin Gun Owners

Waupaca, WI -( As we alerted you last week, gun owners have an opportunity right now to pass a MAJOR IMPROVEMENT to Wisconsin’s concealed carry law … by allowing concealed carry on school grounds for the protection of students.

But state republican leadership doesn’t think it’s a priority. So it can wait. Yep, that’s right. Protecting kids in schools is not important, say state republicans.

“…it is not a high priority for Republicans … In fact, it is not a priority at all…” said Assembly Speaker Robon Vos (R). (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Jan. 14, 2016)

“I’m not sure we need that … I haven’t heard any of my constituents ask me to have that,” said State Senator Luther Olsen (R). (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Jan. 13, 2016)

The bill would empower school boards to allow carry inside of buildings.

“Not a priority at all,” says Vos.

It would create a deterrence to mass shootings and wouldn’t place parents picking up kids at risk for prosecution if they carry.

“I’m not sure we need that,” says Olsen.

School boards could make the same Technical College firearms module that all police officers learn in the Police Sciences program available to their staff and teachers.

“Not a high priority for Republicans,” says Vos.

With friends like these, who needs enemies?

Right now kids are not being protected. Parents and schools boards cling to a false sense of security, entrusting student safety to responding police (who are minutes away when seconds count).

It is completely irresponsible for state republicans to fail to act on Wisconsin Campus Carry legislation. They’re leaving students sitting ducks.


  1. Click here to Sign the Online Petition urging Assembly Speaker Vos to make Campus Carry in Wisconsin a priority.
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What are state republicans waiting for?

While politicians play games, claiming no one cares about protecting schools, some mass murderer could be planning his next attack.

Republicans have no guarantee of maintaining a majority after this fall’s elections, and need to take action right now.

This is not legislation that can wait.

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Gordy Petersen
Gordy Petersen
5 years ago

Just who or what is WGO (Wi Gun Owners) anyway? Never heard of them. Just what do they do with the money they are requesting? The BIG question is: How much of every Dollar received by them is spent on pro-firearms work?

Spencer J. "Pick" Lyman
Spencer J. "Pick" Lyman
5 years ago

Has Anyone Finally Figured Out that There is No Such Thing as the Republican Party Any Longer?
At Every Turn, the Right is Conspiring with the Left, Congress is a Perfect Example as it Has NOT Opposed Any Measures Taken by the Obama Administration, Despite His Constant Violating the US Constitution and Exceeding His Authority…