A Secret Service Agent’s Account of Security Failings and the Political Machine

The Fight – by Dan Bongino

THE FIGHT: A Secret Service Agent’s Inside Account of Security Failings and the Political Machine - By Dan Bongino : http://tiny.cc/4fvz7x
THE FIGHT: A Secret Service Agent’s Inside Account of Security Failings and the Political Machine – By Dan Bongino : http://tiny.cc/4fvz7x
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United States -(AmmoLand.com)- How tenuous is the Clinton email scandal? Is there fear that, besides the fact of classified State Department documents on a private email account, maybe they could have been hacked?

Maybe the U.S. got lucky and that didn’t happen to those unsecured thousands of sensitive emails…maybe they could have. New York Times bestselling author Dan Bongino served in the Secret Service under three Presidential administrations. When he left, prior to the infamous 2014 White House fence jumper incident, he was already convinced security failings were coming to an organization he served so proudly for so many years.

What led him to leave the Secret Service, while at the top of his profession, and with no political experience, to run for office? Not only run for office, both for the Senate and the Congress, but against enormous odds nearly pulling off stunning upsets the type of which would have both unsettled the balance of party power in either hall of Congress as well as stamped him as a rising star in the DC Beltway.

His new book, THE FIGHT: A Secret Service Agent’s Inside Account of Security Failings and the Political Machine (St. Martin’s Press, on sale January 12, 2016, $26.99 http://tiny.cc/4fvz7x), is a powerful and disturbing insider account of the failings of presidential security and our political system, as well as a handbook on how citizens can fight back against inept leadership.

Bongino provides the reader with his personal insights on issues from national and personal security to big politics, including key topics and events such as:

  • Sounding the alarm about the Hillary Clinton email scandal and her flagrant violation of email protocol which may be the least of the country’s problems if she’s elected President.
  • The White House fence jumper who may have done the country a favor by exposing the “crisis driven” federal bureaucracy noting the author’s behind the scenes account exposing the reasons behind our collapsing security infrastructure.
  • The drone crash at the White House seen as a harbinger of a dystopian security future where privacy will have to be bought, and your darkest secrets will be available to the highest bidder.
  • President Obama’s insulated ideological life which has forged him into a grossly inadequate Commander-in-Chief, Bongino addressed the President’s failure to understand what “the team” means to patriotic Americans.
  • Bongino was in front of the largest podium in the world while securing the President of the United States, and behind it himself as a candidate for office, where his behind the scenes experiences provide a must have handbook for anyone looking for reasons why our government is failing, and how to fight back.

He has been at the top of one profession (security), and struggled mightily upstream in another (politics). It was those struggles in the latter that helped shape this book.

As Bongino says, “I lost a congressional election as a complete outsider to the political process running against the political establishment and their limited interests. I had a number of opportunities to drink the ”Kool-Aid” and get their support, but I refused. My refusal to sell out on principle likely cost me an upset victory against the richest member of Congress as I fell one point short of winning in an overwhelmingly Democratic district. The book is a cautionary tale for both the politically involved and the casual observer, describing the forces working against us to corrupt the process.”

Praise for Dan Bongino:

“A rare peek inside the DC “bubble” which should be a wake-up call to every American.” -Sean Hannity, host of Fox News Channel’s Hannity, and national bestselling author

The Fight is a lesson plan for fighting back against the Washington DC political machine.” -Mark Levin, nationally syndicated radio host and author of the #1 bestseller, Plunder and Deceit

“Dan Bongino walked away because he is an American patriot and the embodiment of the highest standards of honor, integrity, and character…exactly what we need inside the bubble.” -Allen B. West, Lt Col, US Army (Ret), member of the 112th Congress (for Life Inside the Bubble)

The vast majority of Americans experience only intermittent contact with the security apparatus of our nation and only come in to any type of contact with the world of politics when our evening dinner is interrupted by robo-calls looking for donations to a candidate or party. Dan Bongino has experienced the inner-workings of our national security at the highest level imaginable: the elite Presidential Protection Division. He also knows from his own blood, sweat and tears what going it alone as a major political underdog is like when your own party practically abandons you because the advance polls say you have no choice…even before anyone has gone to ballot box.  Using a mix of current events, an insider’s analysis, and tales from his time protecting presidents and other world dignitaries, he shows where clear and foreseeable leadership failures from our current administration led to grave consequences in a broken political process that threatens our nation’s future.


A Secret Service Agent’s Inside Account of Security Failings and the Political Machine ( http://tiny.cc/4fvz7x )

  • By Dan Bongino
  • St. Martin’s Press
  • On Sale Date Tuesday January 12, 2016
  • 256 pages plus one 8-page b&w photo insert
  • ISBN # 9781250082985 / $26.99 US / $31.50 Can.

Dan Bongino is uniquely qualified to provide views from behind the curtain to warn reader’s about the political system that is failing us and the security future that won’t protect us.

About the Author:

Dan Bongino served in the Secret Service during the administrations of Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama. In 2011, he ran for the Senate, against great odds of winning, and finished a close second. In 2014, he ran for the U.S Congress in Maryland as a Republican in a district that was predominantly Democratic and while being badly underfunded and outspent by his rival, he fell short by just one point. He hosts a radio show on WMAL radio, and guest hosts on the Sean Hannity and Mark Levin national radio shows. He also provides commentary for CNN, FOX, MSNBC, NBC, and others. His first book, Life Inside the Bubble, was a New York Times bestseller. He lives in Florida.

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John Dodd

Jan, I literally have tons of evidence of a humongous ‘Culture of Corruption’ at U.S. Secret Service beginning in 1994. Criminal enterprise Beckett Brown International (BBI) was hatched and launched INSIDE the Secret Service Financial Crimes Division by Regional Supervisor Paul Rakowski just before he retired. USSS Technical Security Division’s #2 in charge Joe Masonis took me on a totally unauthorized tour of that top-secret facility to get me to fund BBI. Take a hard look at “The Price of Shining Light on the Dark World of Corporate Espionage” a/k/a “Baltimore Lawyer Threw Own Client’s Case To Protect Bank-Robbing Banker… Read more »

Jan Gilhooly

Dan Bongino is nothing more than a professional politician trying to capitalize on his own brief time with the Secret Service. Mr. Bongino never held a supervisory position within the agency and never had to either make or enforce policy. As a 29 year veteran of the agency, who held numerous supervisory positions, I am more than familiar with what he did during his career. It was mediocre at best. I’m sorry he has convinced these national journalists that he is an “authority”….he is not. He’s entitled to opinions, but his far reaching stories of his own accolades are pure… Read more »


The man is speaking boldy and encouraging patriotism… the things we all want for our country. I dont hear anything wrong coming out of his mouth. In watching many interviews, its clear this man loves America and is concerned. You… Ive never neard of… just your post here, which is clearly your opinion.. but Im supposed consider your opinion more credible than his? Lol.. Just because someone runs for office it doesnt make them evil or wrong and just because he is selling a book, doesnt make him eeeeeeeevil either. Im grateful when decent people put themselves on the line… Read more »

Clark Kent

Pray tell Eric; how do you drink a hooker? Sounds funky.


@maybe bb guns,maybe !


Drinking hookers and losing firearms in DC …. They should all be given less than lethal devices.