The State of the Deer Union: Inside Field & Stream’s February/March 2016 Issue

The Feb / March 2016 issue of Field & Stream is on newsstands and the iPad on Tuesday, January 19

The State of the Deer Union: Inside Field & Stream's February/March 2016 Issue
The State of the Deer Union: Inside Field & Stream's February/March 2016 Issue
Field & Stream
Field & Stream

New York, NY -( Field & Stream’s State of the Deer Union: This special report documents the end of the “whitetail boom.” In just five years, deer numbers have plummeted in some states. Is this the “crash” some have predicted, or a blip in an era of otherwise great hunting? The good news: it’s not all bad. Field & Stream explores the sport’s latest ups and downs. Page 42

The Wild Chef – Super-Wild Risotto: This is about as muchwild earthy flavor you can pack into one dish. Slow simmered wildduck meat gets folded into a rich, creamy base on wild and Arborio rice that’s spiked with wild mushrooms and leeks. Don’t expect leftovers – this one is a crowd pleaser. Page 28

Why Aren’t You Bowhunting for Gobblers Yet? Ultrarealistic decoys and new tactics are helping bowhunters bag more toms than ever. Field & Stream’s Hunting Editor Will Brantley has all the details about how to get in on the action. Follow these three techniques, and you’ll be on your way to arrowing a gobbler this spring. Page 81

The Field & Stream Fishing Guide Survey: Field & Streamsurveyed 90 of the country’s best bass, trout and great lakes walleye guides to get the straight dope about lures they can’t live without, taboo tactics, the secrets behind hooking trophies on a regular basis, and more. Their answers just might change the way you fish. Page 86

2016 Fishing Gear Guide: Whether you prefer to chase big muskies with a monster stick or flick smaller dry flies for brown trout, this stuff, all of it approved by Field & Stream editors, will help take your fishing to the next level this season. You’ll be covered, from long johns to stripping guards to the rod itself. Page 62

Spear and Trembling: On a frozen Minnesota lake, staring into a hole in the ice, two men watch a vintage fish decoy dance – and wait to feel the ancient rush of stabbing a pike. Their shelter withstands loud cracks as the ice contracts and expands, their backs are so stiff that even stretching sounds painful, until a northern materializes and the fishermen spring into action. Page 74

Family Trees: Fred Silverstein may be the country’s most experienced flooded-timber hunter. He has hunted the last 60-plus duck openers and has no plans of stopping – not when his camp is full of kids, grandkids and in-laws who can’t wait to hunt beside him. Page 54

Last Call: The end of hunting season is never easy to accept – but connecting on your final few shots helps. Field & Stream Editor-At-Large T. Edward Nickens offers the tale of his wrap up in the quail woods. Page 26

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