Virginia Lobby Day 2016 Wrap Up!


VCDL members prepare to meet with a legislator
Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL) members prepare to meet with a legislator
Virginia Citizens Defense League
Virginia Citizens Defense League

Covington, VA -( Over 1,200 people attended Lobby Day on Monday, which is a new record!

Almost everything ran like a well greased machine (only real glitch was that our speaker system was not up and running until about 20 minutes into the rally, so the first four speakers had to use a megaphone).

Twenty-one official VCDL delegation teams covered every legislator’s office and many legislators saw three or even four teams come by!  You could not look anywhere and not see Guns Save Lives stickers proudly on the chests of VCDL members.

I happened by one of the anti-gun legislators, Alfonso Lopez, and noticed his office was full of members from one of our teams.  As I walked up to the door to snap a photo, I head the legislator say, “You can’t yell ‘fire’ in a theater.”  I immediately heard one of the group correct him, saying, “Actually, you can” and someone pointed out that your mouth isn’t taped shut in theaters in case you decide to yell, “fire.”  Instead there are legal ramifications if you actually do so with intent to create harm.  I didn’t hang around to hear the legislator’s response, but I’m not sure what he could say to that, anyhow.

One Delegate, Mark Levine, prohibited anyone entering his office from carrying their firearm.  In order to enter his office and talk with him, he required people to unnecessarily handle their loaded firearms in the crowded environment (a potentially unsafe practice).  His secretary would then temporarily store them in a drawer in her desk.  Had I been there, I’d have just requested a Capitol police officer stand in the room and let everyone be armed.

Meanwhile Senator Amanda Chase took the opposite approach of having a special welcoming sign for VCDL members!

The bus from Virginia Beach/Hampton broke down before picking up its passengers, but most of the intended passengers ended up carpooling and making it to Lobby Day anyhow!

Dan Blasberg, my counter-part in Maryland Shall-Issue attended to observe how we ran Lobby Day in Virginia.


  • Senator Bryce Reeves spoke on his bill, SB 610, to honor CHPs from all states
  • VCDL EM Bob Marcellus who was edged out in his run for the Powhatan Board of Supervisors talked about his idea for free concealed handgun permits
  • Prince William County Board of Supervisors Chairman, Corey Stuart, spoke on actions he is taking to implement Bob’s idea for free concealed handgun permits in his county
  • Brendan Mooney spoke about how the importance of being armed came to the forefront when he was in the middle of a public mass shooting in a Seattle,
    Washington mall in 2008
  • Delegate Rob Bell spoke on his candidacy to replace Mark Herring as the next Attorney General
  • Shak Hill spoke about the Ted Cruz campaign
  • VCDL EM John Wilburn spoke about how to expand VCDL’s membership by reaching out to some new groups of people
  • Delegate Scott Taylor spoke about his three pro-gun bills
  • Ms. Shaneen Allen spoke of being prosecuted in New Jersey after dutifully telling an officer she had a permit from Pennsylvania and was carrying.  They locked her up for 40 days, while releasing actual criminals after a few hours.  Her web sites: and
  • Congressman Dave Bratt spoke about the Second Amendment and his upcoming election
  • I spoke on the racist origins of gun control from the Democratic party
  • VCDL Board member Bruce Jackson coordinated our annual “Guns Save Lives!” Lobby Day photo with all rally participants



Bruce Jackson and Bob Sadtler helped with coordination, planning and logistical assistance


Board member Dennis O’Connor did a fantastic job organizing the lobbying teams!

Team leaders for the 21 official VCDL delegation teams this year:

Sean Kennedy, Bruce Garris, Alan Fisher, Brandon Howard, Marcus White, Matt White, Joe Ligon, Chris Karanski, John Wilburn, Jay Templin, Robert Charlton, Brandy Polanowski, C.J. Meidinger, Gary Moehler, Kyle Heath, Kenneth van Wyk, Jerome Gress, Malcom Blundell, Evan Smith, Damian Ljundquist, and Mitchell Copeland

Team leaders for specialized “constituent” teams:

Baxter Stegall, William Heipp, Ed Levine, and Terrell Prude

And all the many un-named members who were assembled as ad hoc teams on the fly as they arrived after the VCDL delegation teams were dispatched


Tess Ailshire and Leyla Meyers handled bus reservations professionally and tirelessly to facilitate transportation of members from other areas.

Ed French, Paul Kent , and Jerry Brunner took on the job of making sure those with reservations were properly seated.


Thanks also to the Capitol Police for their professionalism and cooperation.

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