Vote Cruz in Iowa as if the Republic Depends on It

By David Limbaugh

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz
U.S. Senator Ted Cruz
David Limbaugh
David Limbaugh

USA – -( I keep hearing from supporters of other GOP candidates that Ted Cruz can't win the general election because he is too conservative and too preachy.

These same people criticize him for not being authentically conservative and also support others who are preachy.

I have long lamented the conventional wisdom, swallowed whole by many nominally conservative Republicans, that a true-blue consistent conservative can't win a general presidential election because he can't attract moderates, centrists, independents, Perotistas, Trumpsters, disaffected Democrats and certainly not women or minorities.

Why is that the accepted thinking, when Ronald Reagan won in two landslides and the moderate GOP presidential candidates from George H.W. Bush to John McCain to Mitt Romney lost? George W. Bush's compassionate conservatism barely won in 2000.

Would someone please have the guts to tell me in what ways Ted Cruz is too conservative? What does that even mean?

Is your objection that he is socially conservative as well as an economic and foreign policy conservative? Hallelujah! So was Ronald Reagan. Remember his three-legged stool?

We hear from Trump supporters that Ted Cruz is not likable or electable and that he's an opportunistic follower of Donald Trump on the immigration issue. Thus they'll support the more likable, electable, real-deal immigration hawk.

But polls say otherwise. They indicate that both Cruz and Rubio could beat Hillary Clinton but that Trump would have more difficulty, probably because of his astronomical unfavorability ratings. The charge that Cruz is in the Trump slipstream on immigration is bunk as well. Cruz was fighting in the trenches on immigration before Trump brought his megaphone to the issue — a megaphone we nevertheless appreciate — and Cruz remains a more reliable bet on the borders and amnesty.

I repeat the question: How is Ted Cruz too conservative? Don't you really mean that Cruz is too committed to his principles, that he will actually fight against the establishment and thus he is a thorn in their side?

The establishment claims to be just as conservative as we are yet they have an unmistakable, visceral contempt for Ted Cruz, who is one person who has actually refused to “grow” after being elected. This should thrill true conservatives endlessly.

Can you imagine what Cruz could get done if he were elected with a mandate to implement conservative ideas — the only antidote to the destructive path Obama has set us on? We've seen what we get with conservative lite, and it doesn't work.

We need an unprecedented reversal to get us out of this mess, but we mustn't — forgive me the cliche — throw the baby out with the bathwater.

We must elect someone who not only will radically reverse our course but also has demonstrated his commitment to conservative principles, understands the United States Constitution and intends to honor its prescription for limited government.

I don't support Ted Cruz because he is by far the most learned constitutional scholar of all the candidates, though I am grateful for that bonus. It can't be solely a matter of head knowledge, but one also of the heart. Ted Cruz, in his heart, soul and mind, and with every fiber of his being, loves the Constitution and the system of ordered liberty it establishes.

Cruz intends to reverse the ravages of the Obama wrecking ball not through extra-constitutional means, but precisely within the constraints of the Constitution. That's because as a constitutional conservative he understands that the end — even the noble goal of reversing Obama's destruction — does not justify any means. We can't blow up the Constitution in the name of saving it. We can't issue lawless executive orders, pass overreaching legislation and implement unconstitutional regulations in furtherance of our agenda. We have to take special care to reverse Obamism through lawful means, lest we just kick the can down the road until the next lawless progressive comes to power to hammer the final nail into this republic's coffin.

There is nothing extreme about Ted Cruz except for his commitment to the American idea, to free enterprise, to ordered liberty, to limited government, to national solvency, to America's national security and sovereignty and to policies designed to unleash robust economic growth to benefit all sectors of society.

There is nothing extreme about Ted Cruz, because there is nothing extreme about Reagan conservatism other than a sincere commitment to reignite America's uniqueness and greatness.

As we've watched this GOP contest unfold, we've seen in Cruz a man under fire from all quarters who has maintained his cool, his dignity, his resolve, his faith, his integrity, his presidential demeanor and his unwavering dedication to restoring America — the America that we know and love, the shining city on a hill that has been the most benevolent, decent and prosperous nation in history.

Finally, it's important for me to emphasize that I don't idolize Ted Cruz or support him as part of a cult of personality. I support him because I believe he is the best hope for America for the many reasons I've underscored and more.

David Limbaugh is a writer, author and attorney. His latest book is “Jesus on Trial: A Lawyer Affirms the Truth of the Gospel.” Follow him on Twitter @davidlimbaugh and his website at

  • 12 thoughts on “Vote Cruz in Iowa as if the Republic Depends on It

    1. 1st off, not one politician can be trusted today. Cruz has flip flopped on every decision he has ever made, not to mention that he is not US born and gave up his Canadian citizenship 18 months ago. They all have polished and politically correct positions to win votes. None of them have truly created jobs, have a clue as to what things really cost (without kickbacks), or are backed by undeclared funding. Trump is the only one who has a clue of what a Gas Station, hotel, Bridge, roadway or pretty much any other high dollar project would cost. This Good Ol Boy situation in DC at our expense has got to end. Everyone coming up for election should be fired. Every one who has over 8 years should be training his successor to replacing him/her. Career politician, is as much a hindrance to successful government as ignorance. Everybody knows each other’s secrets. Why do think Hillary hasn’t been crucified when Petraeus was sent to prison for a single email. He didn’t have damning evidence against a hundred members.
      No! Cruz is not the answer. I don’t like New Yorkers. So if I’m for Trump it would have to be because I have found enough evidence to trust him.

    2. Another freshman senator, claiming to be a constitutioonal scholar. Loves to lecture, debate and doesn’t get along with anybody in government. We are just about to be relieved of the present one, and we should replace him with his twin brother, from another mother! What am I missing?

    3. Is the Republic in danger of failing regardless; don’t be silly. Okay I’m kidding, we are and we will, can’t pull out of this Obama intentionally created mess just try to limit the damage no matter who we elect from the conservative side. From the socialist and communist side-it will be like dumping gas on a fire…

    4. Oh, I’m not voting at all, and I think you’re all fools for putting your hope in this. Cruz is owned by Goldman Sachs, Trump is an ego-manic and kinda lefty. One of the two of them is heading for the nomination. If it looks likely Trump will win the establishment will threaten his family the way they did to Perot. Specifically Bush’s people told Perot that they’d leave him alive, but they’d kill all his children and grandchildren. Perot was only in the race to split the vote for Clinton, and as repayment he’d get contracts from Hillarycare once that got going, so that wasn’t enough incentive to sacrifice his entire genetic legacy over. The CIA murdered a sitting president in the middle of the street in broad daylight, they won’t hesitate to take out a nominee if it’s that important. You think you have choice? You don’t, you have owners. And until you grab one of the AR’s and then actually put it to use things are going to stay that way.

    5. If part of being a conservative is “carpet bombing” then he is too conservative. Warfare is not warranted at this time and certainly not wholesale bombing of civilian occupied areas. There are several candidates who would be better leaders and who are electable. Look at the former Governors as they have the poise and skills to run our country and the experience to represent us to the world. I am for Kasich at this point.

    6. Oh yeah it is always good to suggest Americans vote for a candidate who is not legally qualified to be president because that always does a lotta good now doesn’t it?


    7. Cruz and Trump, They get to much publicity, so im under the impression they are stoolies, Rand Paul is either ignored or cut and edited to sabotage his campaign, everybody should know that if Cruz gets the nomination, Libs will file suit on his eligibility leaving every body scratching their head, and i am wondering if Trump at the last minute pulls a Ross Perot or Rudy Gulliani..

    8. Hey ” Truth be Told” we will lose the Republic with attitudes like yours. We need conservative ideals brought back into our government or we will leave our children with a country that is more broken than it is now. I don’t want that for my children and grandchildren.

    9. Asinine and misinformed comments about Heidi Cruz notwithstanding, Cruz is the obvious choice if you are conservative. Trump is a joke if you’re claiming to have conservative principles. As great as Reagan was, Cruz has the potential to be even greater. He has the heart and soul of Reagan, with the bonus of being a bona fide constitutional scholar and originalist.
      If we don’t elect Ted Cruz as president we will miss an incredible opportunity.



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