Seeing Is Not Believing, 4th Estate Making It Up in Indiana

Seeing Is Not Believing, 4th Estate Making It Up in Indiana
Seeing Is Not Believing, 4th Estate Making It Up in Indiana
Second Amendment Patriots

Indiana –-(  I want to thank all the friends who showed up at the Meet You Legislator Meeting Saturday morning to provide support for me. It sure means a lot to Margie and me to have some cover in the crowd. For those who have never attended one of these, you can’t appreciate what I’m talking about.

Last month I told the audience that before they contact a legislator on an issue, if they’re basing the call or email on what they’ve read in the paper or see on the local news to hold up and read the bills for themselves because generally the news is distorted, deceptive, misleading and quite often completely inaccurate.

Those assessments must have been a little to thorny for our local paper, whose editor was in the crowd, because they did a fictional story about me a few days later. That satirical story that was put together by one of their toadies with a crippled imagination appeared in their paper inserted in the middle of actual news reports, not on the editorial or opinion page. Based on the number of emails and phone calls I got from readers who were outraged by the insult to their intelligence and who notified the paper to terminate their subscriptions, it appears that was not a real good business decision.

It makes a person wonder why any newspaper that is on life support and has to post people at shopping centers on a somewhat regular occasion to hand out free papers and contract with an out of state group to do robo calls to gin up some new subscribers would be willing to play a prank on what few readers they have left. But then again when you read some of the larger city newspapers that don’t check their spelling or syntax, then that kind of foolishness seems to explain it all.

Anyway at Saturday’s meeting I was the last legislator to make closing statements. I did use the occasion to illustrate exactly what a disservice the media is willing to provide and it all ended with a nice applause. I know the general rule is don’t get into a duel with the newspapers because they buy their ink by the barrel, but the fact is that much of the media all across this country has decided they’re beyond reach, and maybe they are, if people keep subscribing to and believing in the lame and bogus pseudo tabloids that’s referred to as “daily news”. Look at the orchestrated effort put forth to make the United States of America’s presidential election look like a script like a pie in the face from an old comedy show.

My assessment of today’s 4th estate is not from a personal standpoint, but from an objective observation over the years of the disfigurement of reporting by the industry. One thing I will grant the media however, is their success to convince, program and indoctrinate so many to think and react with flawless repetitious reaction.

Indiana State Senator Jim Tomes
Indiana State Senator Jim Tomes (R-49)

Hope to see you at the end of the month at the Patriots meeting.

“All I know is just what I read in the papers, and that’s an alibi for my ignorance.”  ~ Will Rogers

Jim and Margie
2nd Amendment Patriots

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