Announcing an All-New Website –

Announcing an All-New Website -
Announcing an All-New Website –
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United States -( Announcing the launch of a brand new website called Holster Wizard is basically a Google Shopping for handgun holsters.

The online catalogs of holster manufacturers are indexed and users can search all of them in a single location. It is completely free for both shoppers and manufacturers. As you can see in the table below, Holster Wizard’s database already far eclipses even the largest retailer websites. As more manufacturers are added over the next few months, it is expected to more than triple in size.

Website Holster SKUs Holster Models 59,493 737 3,186 65 6,887 244 ~15,000


  • Some retailers display each SKU (i.e. holster model X for handgun model Y) as a separate item.  Others display each holster model as a separate item with the handgun model as a product option.
  • Amazon’s category for holsters contains many duplicates and items which are not holsters.  The number listed is an estimate based on the percent of unique holsters in a small sample.

For years I have been frustrated by the difficulty of holster shopping. A lot of very nice and very unique holsters are made by small “Mom and Pop” shops who only sell their products online and have no retail distribution. Browsing through each separate website is a long, tedious task and a lot of great holster makers seem to be in perpetual obscurity. If you have ever shopped for a unique holster design or a holster for an uncommon handgun, I am sure you have shared my experience.

A few months ago, I was trying to find a high-riding cross-draw holster for my HK USP .45 Compact. After hours of frustration, it occurred to me that I should combine my firearms hobby with my career in software development. The result was

I hope you find Holster Wizard both personally useful and interesting enough to share with your readers. If proves popular, there are many planned enhancements to the website including branching out into firearms, firearms accessories, and ammunition.

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How about Right or Left Hand Carry?


You may have or may not have noticed the little arrow next to the mfr name, click it and it will open a secondary menu such as “automatic” and “revolver” but it could still use an additional category refining further.
For instance I searched Smith & Wesson,revolver and got 73 results (all pics of holstered pistols, not revolvers) so there could be a better search based on a particular gun. An L-frame and a J-frame aren’t going to fit in the same holster obviously.


Why not include pistol model, like Walther P 38? If one selects brand Walther, they are still overwhelmed by the numbers of holsters!

Dale Kayser

Are you really going to let Google know what guns you have….give this some thought before you search for a holster!


Nice site, could not find Honor Defense listed.

bob payne

I don’t use facebook tried to sign up and couldnt