Camouflaging Our Differences Documentary Makes a Statement

Camouflaging Our Differences ~ Documentary
Camouflaging Our Differences ~ Documentary
Camp Compass
Camp Compass

Allentown, PA -( The Camp Compass documentary Camouflaging Our Differences has been officially released.

The documentary is based on blurring the color lines in the hunting and shooting sports. Camp Compass founder John Annoni assembled a team of both newcomers and veterans to make this piece different from the traditional everyday outdoor message.

“When you have been in the game as long as I have you get really bored with just animal focused content with no substance. We wanted to bring a real issue to the table, and reached outside of the box to do it.”

From World Champion duck caller Antonio “Duckman” Jones to hip hop video production Sargas Media Company (Vincent Chapman and Lawrence Chase) the team set out to tell a story never approached and brought to light in the outdoors.

“I mean let’s face it mainstream society thinks the outdoors is for a specific segment of the world and it’s simply not true. We titled the documentary Camouflaging Our Differences because we all get along in the outdoors and the media has done a horrible job showing that the color line is blended when it comes to competing with Mother Nature. When you put on a hunters uniform all that stereotypical negative stuff goes away.”

The idea originated after some youth from camp compass were invited to Stuggart, Arkansas to hunt ducks and all of the different ethnicities and differences in camp became evident. The documentary which is 10 minutes in length has been receiving positive reviews not only form the hunting and shooting community but from mainstream America.

Annoni added, “This documentary will serve as a beacon of light for us all in the hunting and shooting industry. The bad rap of exclusiveness the shooting and hunting sports is portrayed to have is wrong and we just proved it.”

To watch the documentary and do some good click here: Camouflaging Our Differences.

About Camp Compass:

Camp Compass (CC) is a nonprofit program comprised of a unified effort to assist urban, disadvantaged youth with life through a structured program. Founder, John Annoni, and his staff make a difference in the inner city by providing hunting, fishing, archery, tutoring, social guidance, and other outdoor youth activities. CC also works to foster self-esteem through positive role models and assistance in making positive life choices.

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