Crow Hunting Featured on Arkansas GFC’s YouTube Channel

Glen Wunderlich Crow Hunting
Crow Hunting
Arkansas Game & Fish Commission
Arkansas Game & Fish Commission

Arkansas -( Crow hunting provides one of The Natural State’s most liberal migratory bird hunting seasons, stretching from September 1 through the end of February each year.

There’s no daily limit, and hunters may use electronic calls. Many landowners consider the birds a nuisance because of the damage they inflict on agricultural crops.

Crows are also known to prey on the nests of songbirds as well as game bird species. For the wingshooter looking for additional prospects in the field, crow hunting can provide plenty of action.

Check out this segment from Talkin’ Outdoors, the AGFC’s weekly television show to learn more about this misunderstood season.

Talkin Outdoors Crow Hunting Segment

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They need to be managed, just like most animals. Leave that up to professional wildlife biologists, not your precious, fragile emotions.


,we are talking about crows !!!….. Crows !


Not good.
I am all for hunting for food, but killing for the sake of killing?
Killing Crows is an especially bad idea, they have a reputation for a reason…
I can’t find the article I read a while back, however, it pretty much provided “proof” that Crows communicate with one another AND remember… both “good” and “bad”